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Thread: Survey for class -- Please fill out??

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    Survey for class -- Please fill out??


    Teacher is making us do this over SPRING BREAK where students are going home/on break/etc.. Its for one of my classes and its about relationship satisfaction and academic grades. I now only need 6 more male participants.

    You can post your answers here or if you're not comfortable, than please PM me your answers! It'd be a big help if you can help me out with this.

    Requirements: College students

    1. Age: _____ (years old)
    2. Gender: ___ Male ___ Female
    3. Ethnicity: ____________________
    4. Class level: ___ Freshman ___ Sophomore ___ Junior ___ Senior ___ Graduate student
    5. Who do you live with? ___Alone ___Parents ___Roommate(s) ___Romantic partner
    6. How many units are you taking this semester? _____
    7. How many units did you take last semester? _____
    8. What is your overall GPA? _____
    9. What was your GPA last semester? _____
    10. Have you returned to college after a period of time off? ___No ___Yes (if yes, how long? _____ years)
    11. What grade did you get on the last test you took? ___A ___B ___C ___D ___F
    12. Do you go to tutoring? ___No ___Yes
    13. On average, how many hours per week do you spend studying? _____
    14. Do most of your friends attend college? ___No ___Yes ___About even
    15. Do you plan to continue your education post-baccalaureate? ___No ___Yes ___Unsure
    16. What is your sexual orientation? ___________________
    17. Relationship status: ___Single ___Dating ___In a relationship

    18. I value my education: Strongly disagree, Slightly disagree, Neither agree/disagree, Slightly agree, Strongly agree

    19. I am satisfied with my current academic performance: (Same choices)

    20. I am satisfied with my closest friendships: (Same choices)

    21. I am satisfied with my current relationship status: (Same choices)

    22. I am satisfied with my grades: (Same choices)

    23. I feel my college friends helped me adjust to college: (Same choices)

    24. I have strong academic goals: (Same choices)

    25. My friends have strong academic goals: (Same choices)

    26. My current relationship status affects my academic performance: (Same choices)

    27. I feel like I can balance friendships and my social life equally: (Same choices)

    28. My friends are currently working towards similar academic goals: (Same choices)

    29. I am satisfied with the relationship I have with my parents: (Same choices)

    30. I am satisfied with the support my family gives me towards my education: (Same choices)

    31. My relationship with my parents influences my academic performance: (Same choices)

    32. When in a relationship I spend less time studying: (Same choices)

    33. It is difficult to focus on an exam after having a fight with someone close to me: (Same choices)

    34. I spend more time with my college friends than I do with friends I knew prior to college: (Same choices)

    35. I feel my friends are supportive of my academic performance: (Same choices)

    36. My parents are involved in my life: (Same choices)


    37. How often do you study with your friends? Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often, Frequently

    38. How often do you spend time socializing with your friends? (Same choices)


    39. How do you feel your closest friendships affect your academic performance? On scale from 0-6, with 0 being very negatively and 6 being the most positive

    40. How do you feel a romantic relationship affects your academic performance? (Same choices)

    41. How does your academic performance affect relationship satisfaction? (Same choices)

    ***If you are in a relationship, please continue. If you are not, you are done with this survey.*** (Almost done)

    42. How long have you been in your current relationship? _____ months
    43. Does your partner also attend school? ___No ___Yes
    44. If yes, what is your partner’s current GPA? _____ (guess if you are not sure of the exact number)


    45. I am satisfied in my current romantic relationship: Strongly disagree, slightly disagree, neither disagree/agree, slightly agree, strongly agree

    46. My partner is supportive of my education: (Same choices)

    47. I am compatible with my partner in terms of lifetime academic success: (Same choices)

    48. My relationship causes me stress: (Same choices)

    49. My relationship interferes with my academic performance: (Same choices)

    50. I stop doing schoolwork or studying to hang out with my partner: (Same choices)

    51. If I receive a bad test grade, I will limit my time with my partner so I can do better in school: (Same choices)


    52. How important is your relationship? On scale 0-6, with 0 being least and 6 being most

    53. How serious is your relationship? (Same choices)

    54. How much do you miss class because of your partner? (Same choices)

    55. How much does your relationship influence your academics? (Same choices)

    56. How much do you think about your significant other during a typical class period? (Same choices)

    57. How much stress does your relationship cause you? (Same choices)

    Thank you for taking the time to fill this out!!!
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