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Thread: A case for Eating rather than Feeding

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    A case for Eating rather than Feeding

    After my post in the ch 114 discussion thread, I noticed something odd.

    Spoiler show

    The name for these creatures was translated in two ways: Abyssal Feeders (AF) and Abyssal Eaters (AE). Now, the first translation I read was Abyssal Feeders, it sounded pretty cool and I never gave it much thought, so that's the name I kept using. Cept that, today, I finally did give it some thought:

    Quote Quote:
    v. fed (fd), feed·ing, feeds
    a. To give food to; supply with nourishment: feed the children.
    b. To provide as food or nourishment: fed fish to the cat.
    Quote Quote:
    v. ate (t), eat·en (tn), eat·ing, eats
    a. To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption.
    b. To take in and absorb as food: a plant that eats insects; a cell that eats bacteria.
    c. To include habitually or by preference in one's diet: a bird that eats insects, fruit, and seeds; stopped eating red meat on advice from her doctor.
    Now, I know it's not like it's a matter of life and death, but lately, all the different names (Rubel/Louvre, Clare/Claire, Isley/Easley, etc) have really been annoying me so...

    Since those critters are 'eating' the abyssals rather than 'feeding' the abyssals... how about we use Abyssal Eaters?
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    Re: A case for Eating rather than Feeding

    Eaters would be the more correct word, you're certainly right... but with all the zombie movies and stuff... feeders has become to mean the exact same thing.

    though.. if you look at it this way:

    "feed ING frenzy"

    feed ING -> feed ERS (the ones doing the feed ING)

    eating = feeding on/upon

    The lion is eating a gazelee. The lion is feeding on or upon a gazelle.

    (English can be very annoying, lol)

    so both, eaters or feeders, is perfectly acceptible, hopefully everyone knows that:

    AF = AE

    so if you see one usage you know its the same as the other usage.

    I personally choose the AF, because I actually think it sounds better and its what I first saw used as well.

    I think people should use whichever they want, but than stick to it, so at least to be consistant in your choice of which one you personally use.
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    Re: A case for Eating rather than Feeding

    Welcome to the wonderful world of translation. One tranlator used "feeders" and another used "eaters" and now we have the debate. The same holds true for the different name spellings as well. Clare is a midieval form of Clara and the name Clair was reserved for males, although now both are mostly female names. Claire, with the ending e is an alternate spelling for Clare.
    I'm sure the same is true in one form or another for the other names as well.

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