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Thread: Jinie discussion thread

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    Jinie discussion thread

    well Jinie will probably become one of the main chars of new waves.What we know about her :
    -she's the grand daughter of elder Jun (sunwoo clan), her mother died when she was young in a plane accident and she's been affiliated as shioon bodyguard by her grandfather.

    -here my thought about her : for her grandfather, the sunwoo clan have the top priority, he doesn't care about such thing like a family and see Jinie as a toy. He keep saying to Jinie "don't disappoint me like ur mother", so i think something happened between him and Jinie mother. I think Jinie mother left the clan to go with a foreigner (the redhead). Jinie never meet his grandfather when her mother was alive, that mean her mother was in a bad term with the clan. Maybe she was hiding Jinie from the clan to protect her.
    So i think her grandfather killed her mother or somehow is related to the plane accident. Do a plane crash could really kill a murim? why she was in a plane without Jinie?
    I think somehow Jinie will learn the truth and will become in bad term with her grandfather or with the clan.Also the last chapter posed a cruel dilemma to Jinie : her grandfather or Shioon. I'm tempted to say she will runaway with Shioon, but Shioon is the lead of the clan he won't runaway or hide.
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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Franckie's Avatar
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    Re: Jinie discussion thread

    I don't think Jinie's grandfather killed his daughter. Not even the most depraved villains we've seen thus far would stoop to such a level. At the worse, the two were estranged from each other. I also don't see Jinie planning to elope with Shioon. She and Shioon are already too involved in the Sunwoo Clan to flee. And with trouble brewing in the immediate future, neither will back away to see the people they care about get hurt.

    The one matter with Jinie that needs discussed is "To live or not to live, that is the question: Will Jinie live to see the end of the story?" Right now I'm 50/50 on her being axed, but as the story progresses with Jinie showing no signs of getting stronger, the odds of her being killed off like Shiho will increase.
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    Re: Jinie discussion thread

    it would be messed up if he killed his daughter also i hope she does not die and gets stronger.

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