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Thread: Request a Full Translation Check

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    [Shounen] To-Love-Ru 119

    Hey everyone, this is my first time (hopefully not the last one) posting a translation on mangahelpers. I was reluctant as to what section I was supposed to post this in, guess it goes here. Any kind of feedback is strongly encouraged, I don't mind you being frank with my as I'm well aware there's a lot of room for improvement (to put it lightly). So anyway, without any further ado:

    p. 1

    "love Yuuki Rito too"

    p. 2

    "I've said it..."
    "What should I do..."
    "I didn't mean it this way, yet unthinkingly I..."
    "Our relationship will no more..."

    p. 3

    "Haruna, you too love Rito ..."
    "Th,that's how it was..."
    "Since when did she love him, was it so from the very beginning?"
    "That means, all this time being unaware of this I..."

    p. 4

    "Lala-san, go ahead please!!"
    "You too, Haruna!"

    p. 5

    "You two, what are you doing in such place?"

    p. 6

    "It's nothing, Rito!"
    "Right, it's nothing!"
    "What in the world..."
    "Flap-flap Delivery-kun!!" (not sure whether scanlators usually leave this untranslated, but oh well...)

    p. 7

    "Sorry, Riki!"

    p. 8

    "How should I put it..."
    "I'm sorry..."
    "I'm so dense..."
    "I had no idea you harboured these feelings..."
    "Always thinking only about myself..."

    p. 9

    "You're wrong, Lala-san! That's not what I've been trying to tell you!"
    "It's just that... I didn't want to hide it anymore..."
    "Haruna... raise your head."

    p. 10

    "I'm awfully happy"
    "Since we share the same feelings."
    "Thanks for talking to me"

    p. 11

    sfx of the phone ringing

    "Uugh... Looks like this phone thing puts a lot of stress on me..."
    "He,hello! This is Dr. Mikado's clinic"

    p. 12

    "Oshizu-chan... I told Lala-san..."
    "That I love Yuuki-kun..."
    "So, what was her reaction?"
    "You know..."
    "... she thanked me"
    "Huh? Why's that?"
    ".... Oshizu-chan."

    p. 13

    "I made a little step forwards..."
    "Anyhow, if you made a step forwards in the right direction, I'm glad for you!"
    "I'll keep my mouth shut, so..."
    "I've heard everything, Oshizu-chan ♫"

    p. 14

    "A lot of things happened today, Lala-sama"

    p. 15

    "Lala-san, please keep it a secret from Yuuki-kun, that I like him..."
    "Yep! You'll say it yourself, right."
    "I'm not sure yet..."
    "That's strange... I feel so relieved since I talked to you, Lala-san..."
    "I'm feeling it's fine to keep rooting for you like before..."

    p. 16

    "I mean, you know..."
    "Being able to be with Yuuki-kun, Lala-san and everyone else..."
    "I treasure it."

    p. 17

    "Say, Peko..."
    "I'm glad that Haruna is my friend."

    p. 18

    "That's true"
    "What should I do from now on..."
    "I'm feeling it's fine to keep rooting for you like before..."
    "Even so... I feel like it's wrong to keep being spoiled by her kindness..."
    "Lala-san, is it okay for me to come in too?"
    "Sure thing."

    p. 19

    "I sweated so much during the P.E. class, I could hold on any more"
    "Ah, yeah."
    "You know where Rito is?"
    "Eh? Rito?"
    "I kinda haven't seen him today."

    p. 20

    "Cut it out, let me down already!"

    p. 21

    "You've seen my panties, didn't you?"
    "I'm gonna cut you apart"
    "Hyah, forgive me!"

    Next chapter : "Unexpected? That ever-reliable person in the class caught a cold?"


    I haven't read the 120th chapter yet, I might be translating it too, should anyone be interested of course. You're free to use this translation as you wish, claim it as yours, use it in any scanlation or whatever. You don't have to credit me, or rather it's better if you don't credit me, since I did it just for fun, and don't really care what comes of it, it's all yours (if anyone even needs it, that is)
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    Re: [Shounen] To-Love-Ru 119

    I seem to remember you from Fighter747's (I think...) translation of chapter 9 of A certain Magical Index. If I remember correctly you made some corrections (I think I may have thanked you for it). From what I seem to have noticed in the past it always helps to have a link to a raw in your translation post that way people can have something to reference when checking your translation.
    Looking for Translators for various (all wonderful I promise) Seinen and Shounen projects PM me.

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    Re: [Shounen] To-Love-Ru 119

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Smithee View Post
    I seem to remember you from Fighter747's (I think...) translation of chapter 9 of A certain Magical Index. If I remember correctly you made some corrections (I think I may have thanked you for it). From what I seem to have noticed in the past it always helps to have a link to a raw in your translation post that way people can have something to reference when checking your translation.
    Is it okay to post it right here? thanks for the suggestion

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    Honey Hunt - Volume 2 - Chapter 10 (by Aihara, Miki)

    Hi, I don't know much Japanese, so it's going to take a long while for me to finish this chapter, but I'm posting what I have so far because I've made a request for this series to be translated {MangaHelpers > Manga Works > Latest Translations > Translator Recruitment Ads > [Ongoing Series] Honey Hunt - Chapter 10- [J?-E]} and want to help out in the unlikely case that someone actually translates this for me (not that I expect someone to do so just because I asked) or this will be my attempt at translating it myself.

    I'll be mainly using literal translations rather than making up dialogue which would otherwise make the translation sound more natural in English.

    Dai 10 wa
    10th Chapter

    Page 1

    Scene: view of Onozuka Yura's manager and ゆら from behind

    [Yura's thoughts:

    CM no ekonte o mita toki
    When I looked at the CM storyboards [for the drama in which she plays the lead]

    I couldn't stop [looking]

    あたし これ やりたい って
    Atashi kore yaritai tte
    I said "I want to do this"

    Man facing ゆら's manager and ゆら: あーー おハヨー 溝呂木ちゃん
    A-- Ohayo- Mizorogi chan
    Ah- Mor-ning Mizorogi-chan

    Speech bubbles over 3 people in background:
    おはよう ございます Ohayou gozaimasu
    おはよう ございます!! Good morning!!

    Page 2 Panel 2


    ゆらちゃん 来たのね!!

    Yura chan kita no ne!!
    You came, Yura-chan!!

    Panel 3
    ”とにかく どこで 待ってようと 思ってたの やっぱり ちゃんと来てくれて うれしいわ”
    Tonikaku koko de matte you to omotteta no
    yappari chanto kite kurete ureshii wa
    Anyway, I was thinking of waiting here; and as I thought, you came - [I'm] happy

    ゆら: 心配かけて ごめんあさい 西脇さん...
    Shimpai kakete gomennasai Nishiwaki san...
    [I'm] sorry for worrying you, Ms Nishiwaki...

    ゆら's manager: 僕は ちょっと 挨拶してきます すぐ戻ります ので ここに いるように
    Boku wa chotto aisatsu shite kimasu
    sugu modorimasu no de
    koko ni iru yoo ni
    I'm going to greet someone for a bit;
    [I'll] return immediately, [so] stay here

    Panel 4

    西脇: あーーー 良かった...
    溝呂木くんは 放任で全然 頼りにならないし

    Mizorogi kun wa hounin de zenzen tayori ni naranai shi
    Mizorogi-kun is not reliable at all when it comes to noninterference
    事務所に 行ってから こっちに?
    Jimusho ni itte kara kotchi ni?
    He came here from the office?


    Panel 5
    "社長が... 捜したって 言って 直で 泊まってた所に 迎えに..."
    Shachou ga...sagashita tte itte choku de tomatteta tokoro ni mukae ni......
    Shachou [manager] frankly said [he] looked [for me and that's how he came] to meet me at the place [where I had] stayed (the night)......

    Panel 6




    MUKAE NI!?
    TO MEET [YOU]?

    Page 3 Panel 1

    ゆら: 事務所の皆さんで あたしの居所 捜してくれたん でしょ?

    Jimusho no mina san de atashi no itokoro sagashite kureta n desho?
    Everyone [from the] office went to look for me didn't they?

    Panel 2


    違うわ ゆらちゃん...
    Chigau wa Yura chan...
    [You're] wrong Yura-chan...

    "あの人 ゆらちゃん の 判 断 を 待つ とか 言って 捜させなかったのよ"
    "Ano hito Yura chan no handan o matsu to ka itte sagasasenakatta no yo"
    I'm telling you, that person said to wait for your decision or something like that [and] not to look [for you]
    Panel 3
    "基本的に 仕事には厳しいから"
    "Kihonteki ni shigoto ni wa kibishii kara"
    Basically because work is strict

    "こういう時 自分から動いて タェント捜すなんて しない人なのに..."
    Kou iu toki jibun kara ugoite talento sagasu nante shinai hito na no ni...
    [At a] time like this, [he] moves by his own [decision], even though [he is] a person you wouldn't believe [would] look for [his] talent...
    Panel 4
    "めずらしいことも あったもんだわ..."
    Mezurashii koto mo atta mon da wa...
    It was an unusual thing to have happened...

    Panel 5

    Scene: view from behind of Yura with an opposite arm and leg raised as if she is running

    [Producer]: "いよッ サラブレッド!"
    Iyo. Sarabureddo!
    Heya- Thoroughbred!

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    Re: Honey Hunt Volume 2 Chapter 10

    Can you type Japanese on your computer? It'd be easier for other translators to help if you can actually put up the Japanese text... I mean, you're already typing out the romaji, so might as well hit that space bar one extra time, no? :]

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    Confused How do I type using Japanese characters?

    Well, there's a pretty pathetic reason for that, I don't know how to put it in Japanese - um, if you could tell me how please or I'll try to find out.

    Thanks for your comments, Shurou ^_^;

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    Re: Honey Hunt Volume 2 Chapter 10

    If you're using any version of Windows that's XP or later, you should be able to just add Japanese by following these steps:

    1) Go to Control Panel
    2) Select Regional Languages and Options or something like that
    3) One of the tabs has something to do with keyboard inputs
    4) Add Japanese
    5) Find the language bar on your screen, change to Japanese, change input method to hiragana, and you're off to the races!

    Hope this helps. I THINK you might need your Windows CD for XP, but let's hope not.

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    Thumbs Up I can type using Japanese characters!

    Thanks again Shurou – I’ve now updated what I've translated so far with the Japanese text.

    I didn’t need the Windows CD btw.

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    Sweaty Kenichi 234 pages 1-7

    Okay, here goes my life. Please help/correct my mistakes!

    Page 2 is pictures only, page 1 is title page. I got my copy here from the issue 26 download

    Battle 234: Result of the Sparring...(

    Page 3
    Kisara: Ah! That Shirahama boy... did that to Cow-Tits...(ああ!白浜の坊や・・・うしぢちごと・・・)

    Ukita: He slammed her into Garyuu X!(我流Xをぶん殴っちまったーっ!!)

    Shiratori:Uh...(なぅ・・・[Not sure what to put here...])

    Flag Guy(Dunno his name): You... You did it, Captain Shirahama!(や・・・やちまった白浜隊長~っ!!)

    Niijima:Hmph...Not bad...(ふ・・・やるじゃないか・・・)/Did the evil within him finally awaken as well?(ついにヤツも悪に目覚めたか?)


    Page 4

    Koetsuji: Look closely!(よく見たまえ!)

    Announcer: Ah, he didn't hit her!! The place where Competitor Fuurinji was changed!(あ、当たってない!!すんでのところでふうりんじせんしゅ、かわしたーっ!)

    Kenichi: Aahh! Again...(あああっ!!また・・・・・・)

    Announcer: W-what, it seems that Garyuu X dodged, leaving only an after image...(な、なんと、我流Xまでも残像を残してかわしていた・・・)

    Kisara: What a let down! To have dodged that...(惜しい!あれをかわすとは・・・)

    Ukita: Get hit already! Are you a demon or something, gramps!?(もう当ててやれよ!!鬼か、じいさん!)

    Announcer: Ah, wait! (あっ、いや!?)

    Page 5

    Garyuu X: Oops.(おっと。)

    Announcer: Oh!! Just now, it looked like there was the face of an old man under Garyuu X's mask...(おんや~っ!!今一瞬、我流Xの仮面の下から老人の顔かのそいたいような・・・

    Sakaki: Heheh. Even if it was just against 0.0002% of his power,/to even graze that old man's face with an attack is pretty impressive. (へへっ。たとえ0.0002%の力しか使ってねーっても、/あのじじいのお面に攻撃がかすったなんて大したもんだぜ。)

    Shigure: Even though they double-teamed him, let's make red beans and rice when we get... back to Ryozanpaku. (二人がかりとはいえ、梁山泊に戻ったら赤飯炊かん・・・きゃ。)[Not sure]

    Page 6

    Garyuu X: Oh! It's a transmission from Garyuu Pink. I must leave quickly!! It's a shame for World Protector Garyuu X, but I must forfeit this match... (おっと!我流ピンクからの通信だ。いますぐ向かわねば!!世界の平和を守る我流Xとしては残念じゃがこの試合、棄権せねばらんのう・・・)

    Flag guy: What~?! I thought you were a space detective, but you're a member of a Sentai Team Garyuu X!!?(なにぃ~っ!宇宙刑事モノか思ったら、戦隊モノの設定だったのか我流X!!?)

    Niijima: That's not important right now.(今驚くべきはそこじゃない。)

    Miu: When did he buy that toy?(あんなオモチャ、いつ買ったのかしら?)[TL Note: This is a good question... was he planning for this before they even got to Despair Island? Or did he just hop back over to Tokyo and back before the fight?]

    Garyuu X: My youthful twenty year old self must end the test of skills here. I can not delay any longer. Farewell!(弱冠二十歳のわしとしては、ちょいと腕試しに立ち寄ったまで。もうゆかねばならん。さらばじゃ!)[This text bubble beat the crap out of me, not sure if I got the first one right]

    Announcer: Well, we don't know one thing about him, but anyway, there's a loud cheer from the stands!(まったくもって何一つ納得できませんが、とにかく場内割れんばかりの大歓声です!!)

    Flag guy: But, if the cut off age for participants is before 20...(つーかさ、出場できんのが二十歳未満ってことは・・・)

    Page 7

    Flag guy: ...Then weren't you inelgible from the start? (もともと二十歳じゃ出場できねえんじゃねーか?)

    Kisara: Ah.(あっ。)

    Ukita: Y-yeah, that's right! (そ、そうだよ!!)

    Shiratori: Indeed...(たしかに・・・)

    spikey hair guy(sorry...): Idiot! Don't say unnecessary stuff right now!(バカ!余計なこと今頃言うな。)

    Flag guy: Ehh! Did I say something bad again!!? (ええっ!俺、また何かまずいこと言ったか!!?)

    Garyuu X: Er...I heard that it was twenty and down!(むむ。二十歳以下と聞いとるぞ!!)

    Fortuna: Insurance for important moments like this? You're as attentive as always to these trivial things, Laughing Fist Diego.(いざという時の保険じゃな?あいかわらず芸が細かいのう、笑う鋼拳どのは。) [not sure here]

    Page 8

    Garyuu X: Actually... I'm 19!!!(実は・・・19さいじゃあああ!!!)

    Miu: It's way too late for that!(遅いですわ、何もかもすべて!!)

    Page 9

    Elder: You pass!!(合格じゃ!!)/You two have grown!(二人とも成長したのう!)

    Miu: Kya!(キャ!!)

    Mask:"I'll remember your trickery! By gramps"(だましたなおぼえておれbyじじい)

    Diego: He's the type to hold a grudge?(けっこう根に持つタイプ?)

    Page 10

    Announcer: A, anyway, because of Mysterious Young Man? Garyuu X's departure, the Ryouzanpaku Team advances to the finals of the "Earth" League!(と、とにかくこの試合、謎の青年?我流Xの退場により、梁山泊チームが『地』リーグ最終戦、進出決定だーっ!!)

    Castor: We, Gemini, will immediately monopolize the cheering crowds...(会場の歓声を独り占めしていられるのもいまのうちよ・・・)/by cleaning up after that last performance!(私たちジェミニがせいぜい無様さを強調した演出で始末してあ・げ・る)/ Who's there? (誰?)

    Tsutomu: Uhyaa!(うひゃァ!)

    Page 11

    Castor: Hm? You're...(ん?あなたは・・・)/Tenchi Mushin Style's Tsutomu Tanaka! (天地無心の田中勤!)

    Tsutomu: W-wait a second! I..I, I, I mistook this for the waiting room!(ちょ、ちょっと待ってくださーい!!ひ・・ひ、ひ、控え室を間違えちゃったんです~っ!!)

    Castor: You mistakenly enter the room of your next opponents, of all places?(よりによって次の対戦相手の部屋に?) That's one amazing mistake.(壮絶な間違え方ね。)

    Tsutomu: Not really, all the rooms here look the same, don't they? I got lost...(いや、この会場、造りがみんな同じじゃないですか。迷っちゃって・・・) /But just now, that was a good kick wasn't it?(しかし今の、いい蹴りですね?)/The older sister's mentor is the Lucha Libre master, Diego Carlo.(そちらのお姉さんの師匠は、るルチャリブレの達人、ディエゴ・カーロ。)

    Page 12

    Tsutomu: The younger brother's master's name...(弟さんの師の名は・・・)/What was it?(なんていうんですかねぇ―)

    Pollux: Sero...(セロ・・・)

    Castor: Don't say it, Pollux!!(言うなボルックス!!)

    Tsutomu: ...Hmm...A diferent person...(・・・ふぅ・・・人違いか・・・)/I
    thought they'd come to this tournament, but...(この大会なら来てると思ったのですが・・・)

    Caster: Wait!! (待ちなさい!!)

    Tsutomu: ......As members of Yomi, you guys know the one called "Kensei", Ogata Isshinsai right?(・・・・・・あなた達もYOMIなら”拳聖”こと、緒方一神斎は知っているでしょう?)/If you meet him, I want you to pass this on to him...(もし彼に会うことがあったら伝えてもれませんかねぇ・・・)

    Page 13

    Tsutomu: "You will be punished for your heinous crime...(貴様の犯した大罪の報い・・・)/ No matter what happens!!"......(必ず受けさせる・・・・・・と!!)

    Castor: Who the hell are you? (お前、何者だ?)

    Tsutomu: Just a regular salaryman.(ただのサラリーマンですよ。)/Who was originally to be your opponent.(元・貴方達の対戦相手のね。)

    Page 14

    Castor: Originally? (・・・元?)

    Tsutomu: I'm forfeiting the next match.(次の試合棄権します。)/ I have no business on some random island if he's not here.(彼のいない島に用はない。)

    Phone: RingRing(ピリリ)

    Castor: Wh, What!?(な、何ぃ!?)

    Tsutomu: Ah, from my job!! (あ、会社からだ!!)/ Department Chief? Ah---- My deepest appologies. I'll... I'll return soon, yes!!(部長?あーー申し訳ありません。すぐ・・・すぐ戻りますので、はい!!)

    Castor: You wait a second, stop fooling around!(ちょっとあんた、ふざけないでよ!)/ What about our situation? What about the audience's needs?(私たちの立場は?お客様のニーズは?)

    Tsutomu: Eh? You can hear a woman's voice? It, it's just your imagination!(え?女の声が聞こえる?き、気のせいですよ)/Shhh!(しーっ!!)

    Castor: Wait right there!(待ちなさい!!)

    Tsutomu: Yes! Tonight, for sure!! (はい!今夜中には必ず!!)

    Castor: Idiot... Thinking you can beat me with that explosive power!!?(バカめ・・・瞬発力で私に勝てると思ってるの!!?)

    Page 15

    Castor: What the hell is he?(何者だ?)

    Page 16

    Sign: Shirahama(白浜)

    Honoka: Welcome back, big brother!!(お帰りお兄ちゃん!)

    Dad: Kenichi--!!(兼一!!)

    Page 17

    Honoka: aren't Kenichi...(う・・・ちっがーう・・・)/Who are you?(どちらさんで?)

    Person at the door: Is... Kenichi in?(兼一君・・・いますか~?)

    Dad: You damned suspicious looking person! (おのれくせ者!!)

    Mom: Kenichi is on a trip right now. Are you his friend? (兼一は今旅行中ですよ。お友達ですか?)

    PATD: Yes...(はい・・・)

    Honoka: Big brother's friend? (お兄ちゃんの友達?)

    PATD: Do you know where he went!?(どこへ行ったかわかりますか!?)

    Honoka: Yup!!(うん!!)/ Honoka drew a copy of the map!!(ほのか、地図を描き写しといたの!!)/ Here!!(これ!!)

    PATD: Oh~...Thank you, little girl... At last I will know the location...(おぉ~・・・ありがとうお嬢さん・・・やっと・・・やっと居場所がわかりました・・・)/......It's me. Please charter a Cessna* soon...(・・・・・・私だ。セスナをすぐにチャーターしてください・・・)/Yes, as soon as possible!(ええ、今すぐです!!)

    Page 18

    PATD, Siegfried: Lalaa~~~!! Soon I will fly, everyone!(ラッラ~ッ!!今すぐ飛んでいきますよ――皆さーん!)
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    [Shounen] [Spanish] Buster Keel 02 by gao_dargon

    exclusivamente para grupo MATFS

    *comentario del traductor*Gracias a dios por el hombre que invento las esenas de pelea en el manga.Ojala suban pronto los "raw" tambien

    Pag 1

    -Ok! Keel! Ya empaque mis cosas!!
    -Usuario de Moustros Ravi

    Pag 2

    -Mono Dragon/"Keel" Peleador. (no se como traducir keel, ya que keel es la quilla de un barco, pero como no veo este manga no se q contexto darle y prefiero dejarlo asi)
    -Solo deverias llevar cosas nesesarias.
    -asi que es mucho despues de todo?
    -Yo realmente solo nesesito mi libro de melodias magico y mi traje de baño.
    (pequeño texto alado de la burbuja)-y unas cuantas medicinas~
    -Ravi, yo tambien ya empaque mis cosas, oink!
    -Demonio Cerdo Misisippi Teramoto, apodo Mippy
    -Emm... Mippy,si que son raras las cosas que empacaste.

    Pag 3

    -Esta no es un excursión ntarados!!!
    -a si, pues que empacaste tu, oink?
    -No eh empacado nada.
    -que clase de vida tienes donde no empacas nada!!?
    -Como esto/a (no se si esta hablando de su vida o señanaldo algo por eso pongo la /).
    -No mames!!
    -vive tal y como un mono...
    -esa es vida.
    -apresuremonos y vamos a encontrar a Siva!!
    -Solo dejenme agarro el shampoo.
    -yo quiero unas papas fritas.
    -Pueden comprar eso despues!!!!

    Pag 4

    -Por qué soy yo el que carga tus maletas cuando fuiste tu el que trajo tantas cosas?!?!.
    -A las mujeres les gusta traer mucho.
    -sabias que uso los mismos pantalones que tu?.
    -Eso es asqueroso!!!
    -asegurate de lavarlos.
    -a donde vamos oink? nos subiremos al caruaje oink?
    -Vamos a un lugar serca de ahi.
    -Oy, oy, a donde vamos exactamente?
    -la casa de sSvia.

    Pag 5

    -Este basurero es la casa de Sivia!?
    -para tener algo de privasidad el vivia aqui. Nadie pensaria que el usuario de moustros numero uno del mundo viviria aqui.
    -Me pregunto porque no nesesite una llave para entrar.
    -Que haremos en este cuarto?
    -Es posible que encontremos una pista de a donde fue Sivia.
    -Ohh ya veo!

    Pag 6

    -Donde estan pistas!!!
    -Hey, espera.
    -Keel! no seas tan rudo!!
    -A quien le importa imbesil~~~
    -Que es?
    -la llave, la llave! mierda.

    Pag 7

    -esrto es una llave melodia?.
    -llave melodia?
    -es un tipo de llave que requiere que toques un tipo de cansion, y cuando lo haces se abre.
    -No lo puedes abrir con solo fuerza burta.
    -Infinity Burst!!
    -Que demonios cres que estas haciendo Keel!!!
    -Hmph! eso no fue nada dificil.
    -Y si hubieras roto las cosas que tiene dentro?!?!
    -No pasa nada, oink!

    Pag 8

    -Un libro, oink!
    -Mi nombre esta escrito en la portada.
    -Si estas buscando este libro, entonses yo parti en mi viaje. A donde voy es un secreto <3. Por favor lee este libro. Resare para que tenmas un viaje sorprendente. Siva.
    -*nota de traductor*- lo que ella dice es lo mismo que esta escrito
    -Ese patan Sivia y su estupido "secreto"!!
    -Una pista para encontrar a Sivia se encuentra probablemente en este libro.
    (texto pequeño de abajo)-Como es de esperarse de Sivia
    -Este libro tiene el mismo tipo de seguro/candado que el anterior?

    Pag 9

    -La primera melodia magica que Sivia me enseño....
    -La canción de curacion numero 3 "Fairy Talk"
    -De alguna forma me siento todo energetico, oink <3

    Page 10

    -Bien que este en el...
    -Esto es un diccionario de moustros que Sivia hiso.
    -Es mucho mas detallado que el manual de la asosiacion de adventureros.
    -Fuerzas, debilidades y que tipo de cancion usar! asombroso!
    -Incuslo tiene informacion aserca de moustros clase S!!
    (flecha en la cabeza de Ravi)-la tension sube
    -Clase S?
    -moustros como Keel, oink.
    -Tu eres el moustro.
    -Incluso el mono deagon tiene un apartado!!

    Pag 11

    -Crunch crunch
    -que haces!!
    -No permitire que nadie sepa mis puntos debiles.
    -la introduccion al mono dragon es toda una pagina...
    -Oy, oy. encontraste otra pagina aserca del mono dragon?
    -mira a esta pagina.

    Pag 12

    -aqui Siva escribio y circulo la palabra "los 4 tesoros sagrados".
    -los 4...?
    -Tesoros sagrados!! *NT* -aqui Mimi confundio la palabra "Jingi" que significa tesoro sagrado, pr "Chinmi" que significa manjar . Keel dice "Benki" que es similar al kanji de Jingi".
    -ahi una vieja historia de cuatro heroes que usaban items/artefactos llamados "tesoros sagrados".
    -la leyenda dice que cuando los 4 artefactos se reunan le daran al portador el poder de dios
    -que mentira tan obvia~~
    -no tienes imaginacion~~

    Pag 13

    -Muchos adventureros los han buscado, pero hasta ahora ninguno los a visto.
    -es posible que Siva este en un viaje para buscarlos?!.
    -si buscamos estos artefactos entonses tambien encontraremos a Sivia!! verdad!!?
    -pero buscar los "artefactos legendarios'',
    -Primero debemos dirijirnos al publo Shiton.
    -muchos adventureros se reunen ahi ya que es un gran pueblo, asi que es probalbe que encontremos informacion ahi.
    -De acuerdo, vamos hacia Shiton!!
    -Garcias Siva, por darme esta cosa presiosa.

    Pag 14

    -ya casi es hora de que llegue el carruaje.
    -se dirijen hacia Shiton?
    -no nos conosemos.

    Pag 15

    -por que la actitud?
    -que demonios, bastardo!!
    -Keel, por que gritas!!
    -callate, zorra horrible!!
    -como me llamaste!!
    -lo siento.
    -este es el carruaje que se dirije a Shiton. son dosmil zeni por pasajero.

    Pag 16

    -es mi primera ves en un carruaje!!
    -podrian dejar de causar problemas ustedes 2!!
    -por que te ves tan mal?
    -no es nada...

    Pag 17

    -podria ser que te estas mareando~~?
    -hahaha asi que si te pasa despues de todo!! Uhaha!
    -actuaste todo "tipo genial" pero ahora estas mas enfermo que una perro *NT* en realidad dice rana, pero creo que perro queda mejor xD.
    -les dije que dejaran de causar problemas que no!!
    -no tenias que pegarme zorra estupida!!
    -vete al infierno!!
    -porfabor disculpe a este idiota.
    -No hay pedo/no se apure... *NT* en ingles decia "no worries" es es una forma informal de decir que no hay problema, por eso puse la forma informal y la formal, dependiendo del personaje y la situacion ya sabran cual usar

    Pag 18

    -esa medalla de la espada de fuejo,podria ser...
    -No es una medalla de Mago guerrero adventurero?.
    -asi es.
    -asi que lo es! genial!
    -que es tan genial de un mago guerrero?
    -nunca te graduaste de la escuela de adventureros verdad?.
    -el estilo de pelea de un mago guerrero usa tanto magia como ataques fisicos.
    -le permite al usuario hacer cosas de las 2 profeciones.

    Pag 19

    -Y por que te emocionas tanto por eso zorra horrible~~~
    -ustedes dos son adventureros?
    -es la primera ves que veo adventureros tan estupidos como ustedes dos.
    -siempre eres tan grosero con la gente que acavas de conoser!!
    -La persona que le dice a alguien estupido es el estupido, estupido!
    -ustedes dos deberian calmarse, oink.
    -esto solo paso porque estava contigo.
    -que se supone que signifique eso!!!
    -soy Mippy, oink. y tu eres?
    -un puerco parlante.

    Pag 20

    -no soy un puerco oink!!
    -buen puerco!
    -soy un torom estoy en camino a Shiton
    -soy Ravi, un usuario de moustros, discula a mi compañero
    -Lo siento, oink.
    -me llamo Keel, pero tu puedes llamarme lord Keel, tarado!
    -para Keel!

    Pag 21

    -Me oiste Keel~~

    Pag 22

    -Hey,que haces...
    -que es esto, oink
    -"ladrones ogro dragon"
    -son un grupo de ogros que montan dragones acidos y formaron una banda. No se que hacen en este lugar.
    -para ahi mismo!!
    -These bastards are troublesome.

    Pag 23

    -fuego, fuego!
    -Infinity Burst!!
    -que dem!?
    -callense fenomenos!!

    Pag 24

    -porque destrulles el caruaje!!
    -asi es mas facil pelear!!
    -mejor muere tu pendejo!!!

    Pag 25

    -acabemos con los caballos!!
    -"Flame Soul"

    Pag 26

    -retirense, retirense!!
    -se aserca peligrosamente!
    -ya tan rapido huyendo!
    -estorbas. quitate si no puedes hacer nada.

    Pag 27

    -Water Seal (sello de agua)
    -Form (estilo)
    -Water Gun (pistola de agua)

    Pag 28

    -que fue eso, oink!?
    -si eso dices...
    -toma esto!!!
    -es todo
    -quein decias que no podia hacer nada!?

    Pag 29

    -el carruaje no te perdonara, tarado...
    -estas bien?

    Pag 30

    -la puerta!!?
    -Toma esto
    -y esto!!
    -eso deberia callar a debiluchos como ustedes!!

    Pag 31

    -no tenias que destoras tanto el carruaje o si!!
    -derrotamos a todos los enemigos asi que no importa.
    -supongo que es cierto.
    -en verdad lo siento.
    -Uh, pues al final de todo sirvio para salbar mi vida...hahaha.
    -estas bien, oink? no estas muy enfermo, oink?

    Pag 32

    -esta bien!!
    -que dem!!?

    Pag 33

    -estoy un poco sorpendido de que un humano pudiera hacer eso.

    Pag 34

    -Neigh, neigh!!
    -porfavor detenga el caruaje mis amigos calleron.
    -no sirbe.perdi el control de los caballos no puedo detenerlos!!
    -Oy, oy!!
    -que estas pensando!?a esta velocidad no puedes...waa!!

    Pag 35

    -eres un tipo iquieto eh!!
    -tu eres muy confiado para un debilucho!!

    Pag 36

    -Gaahaa, que tal el acido!?
    -no puedes mover mover las piernas gracias a la abilidad del deagon de acido!!

    Pag 37

    -no te preocupes,pronto tus amigos se te uniran en la otra vida.

    Pag 38

    -que dem!!!

    Pag 39

    -un brazo de moustro!!?
    -lamento llegar tarde.
    -y esas eridas?
    -tuve un pequeño tropieso, ehehe.

    Pag 40

    -te aplastare!!!
    -Ravi! toca tu musica!!

    Pag 41

    -lo hisiste, oink!!

    Pag 42

    -estoy bien, demonios...
    -estas herido, oink~~
    -obtuviste esa herida saltando del carruaje.
    -en nustro viaje de ahora en adelante no hagas nada estupido,tarado!
    (texto pequeño arriba de miipy)-see claro, oink
    -ese es un brazo impresionante.
    -pero para alguien tan poderoso como yo...

    Pag 43

    -no basta!!!
    -sigue vivo!!
    -toma esto...!!
    -mi objetivo es aquel que te permite usar ese brazo de moustro...
    -la chica!!

    Pag 44

    -Full power!!!

    Pag 45


    Pag 46

    -espera demonios!!

    Pag 47

    -Round Bomb!!!

    Pag 48


    Pag 49

    -muchas gracias, me salvaste.
    -no fue nada...
    -que haces aqui pendejo.
    -estaba ayudando al carruaje,eso es todo imbesil.
    -toma, tu bolsa.
    -Ah! gracias!!
    -ahora la deuda esta saldada.

    Pag 50

    -nos vemos.
    -no quieres ir a Shion juntos?
    -que dices fea! protesto, protesto!!
    -de seguro sera mejor contigo.
    -asi es como el toro mago guerrerose unio al grupode Ravi hacia Shiton.
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    cuz if he thinks that i know that he is thinking what i think he is thinking then he thinks i know he thiks that, but he dont know that i know that he knows...savy

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    Fairy Tail [shounen][spanish] fairy tail 111

    exclusivamente para grupo MATFS

    Fairy Tail
    capitulo 111: quedan 4
    Nombre: Miki Chickentiger
    edad: 18
    Magia: ave magica & y combate combate cuerpo a cuerpo
    le gustan: los pajaros
    le disgusta: el aburrimiento
    su magia usa un pajaro (Pii-chan) que nunca deja su lado. Pii-chan es un pajaro magico -puede transformarse en una bola de fuejo, formar un escudo, entregar cartas y todo tipode cosas. (Oh, y puede hablar.)
    sin embargo, Miki prefiere ir directo al combate cuerpo a cuerpo, por lo que , Pii-chan realmente no hace mucho mas que acompañar.
    es la lider del grupo "Young Megadeath". los otros miembros de su equipo le tienen miedo y por eso la apodaron "Onihime" - "prinsesa demonio". los cuernos que usa (no tan seguido como te hace creer) son un homenaje a este lado de su carcacter.
    [Insert text: estas son mis ropas normales, okay?!!]
    [texto adicional: no me malinterpreten!♡]

    [Insert text: el verdadero objetivo de Luxus apoderarse del clan! como puede ser detenida su embestida diabolica?!]
    Luxus: solo tienen una hora y media ... / ...hasta que el juego acave.
    Natsu: eso es susio, Luxus!!!
    Happy: asi es, lo es!
    Makarov: Nghhhh...
    Luxus: si quieres ponerle fin a esto solo tienes que agarrar tu megafono del clan y anunsiarlo para que todo el pueblo escuche.. // ...que renunsias a la posision de maestro de Fairy Tail a mi Luxus.

    Luxus: yo lo pensaria . / que es mas imporante... tu posision... / ...o las vidas de los miembros de tu clan?
    Natsu: espera ahi!!! // Nguah!
    Happy: no te dije que era una projeccion..
    Natsu: demonios!!! tratando de actuar como si fuera el mas fuerte sin siquiera pelear conmigo!!! tratando de tomar el lugar del maestro...!!!!
    Makarov: para ser honesto no me importaria sederle el lugar de maestro.
    Natsu: no?!
    Makarov: sin embargo... no puedo colocar a Fairy Tail en las manos de Luxus.

    Makarov: le falta demaciada conviccion y corason ... // ...para tomar ese lugar.
    Happy: pero a este paso......... // todos terminaran siendo polvo...
    Makarov: Aaagh!!! no ahi nadie mas que pueda venser a Luxus?!!!
    Natsu: lo estas viendo!!!!
    Makarov: no eres de ningun uso si no puedes salir del encatamiento.

    Happy: quien es?!
    Makarov: !
    Natsu: Gazille...!!!!
    Happy: no te comas los muebles!
    Makarov: tu... tu realmente... harias esto por nosotros...?
    Gazille: tengo una cuenta que saldar con ese tipo de todas formas.. dejenmelo a mi.
    Makarov: Ahhh!!!

    Gazille: .........
    Natsu/Happy/Makarov: NO TU TAMBIEN~~~~~~!!!!
    Gazille: que.. que demonios es esto?!!!!
    [Texto que rodea a el clan : aquellos mas viejos que 80 y estatuas no podran salir.]
    Happy: qu... que esta pasando aqui?

    Evergreen: valla valla ... eres debil.
    tipos: Aaaaghhhhh! // Aaahhhhhh!

    Nav: deten esto, Bixlow!!! // acaso no somos nakama?!!!!
    Bixlow: Nakama? // no tengo debiluchos por nakama. // no es asi bebes?!!!!
    Nav: Guaaaahhhhh!!

    Arzack: *pant* / *pant* // *pant* / *pant* // ! // Frito... // gracias a tus malditos encantamientos......... / eh sido forsado a lastimar a mis amigos... // todo el tiempo diciendome que era para regresar a Visca a la normalidad...

    Arzack: Guns Magic: Tornado Shot!!!!

    Arzack: mis balas magicas de viento... // ...partidas a la mitad?!! // Nghhh! // qu... que es esto...?! / Ngh! // no puedo... / Ughhh... // t... tu... tienes un tipo... de magia extraño... aparte de esos... encantamientos... / Unghh! // Uaaghh! // Ungh...

    [Texto: dentro de este encantamiento, cualquiera que use magia sera privado de oxigeno]
    amigo: tan solo uso mis encantamientos a su mas grande efecto. // una ves mis reglas estan sobre ti, no tienes forma de venser a su creador. // la batalla de Fairy Tail... // solo 2 quedan...

    Makarov: solo 2 mas?!!
    Natsu: porque demonios no puedes salir huh?! deja de copiarme!!
    Gazille: como si supiera!
    Natsu: en verdad me estas enfadando, maldicion!!!
    Gazille: no estoy haciendo nada ok?!!!
    Makarov: 2?
    Gazille/Natsu: ?!
    Makarov: no me digan que solo quedan estos 2?!!
    Happy: no fuimos nisiquiera incluidos en la cuenta?!!!
    Makarov: (acaso todo fairy tail a caido por camarada peleando contra camarada y los Raijinshuu acavando a los demas?!! // ya no tenemos magos para pelear... // esto es... el final......?)

    Natsu: Ahh, nada mas que hacer... tendre que revivir a Erza!!!
    Makarov/Happy/Gazille: QUE?!!!
    Natsu: Ahhh, i justo cuando pense que podria superarla en rango...
    Makarov: E...espera un momento!! Co...como paneas hacerlo...?!!
    Natsu: Si la quemo se caera no? / la piedra o lo que sea.
    Makarov: AAAAAGHHHH!!!!
    Natsu: bueno, no sabremos hasta intentarlo!
    Makarov: Oh si, lo sabemos!!! para!!! estas tratando de matarla!!! // Natsu!!! apaga ese fuejo ahora mismo!!!
    Gazille: sabes... estas siendo bastante pervertido...

    Natsu: ......!!!!
    Makarov/Happy: .........!!!!
    Natsu: Oh, mierda!!! la rompi!!! pegamento! nesesitamos pegamento!! Happy, consigue pegamento!!!!
    Happy: si señor!!!
    Gazille: idiota!!! cres que eso lo areglara?!! obviamente tienes que derretir mi acero con tu fuejo y juntos la soldaremos!!!
    Makarov: TODOS USTEDES......!!!
    Natsu: Aaaaaaghhhhh!!!! // Lo siento, lo siento, lo siento, lo siento~!!!!

    Erza: me siento caliente... // ese fuiste tu, Natsu...?

    Natsu: Guahh!
    Gazille: Ngahhh!
    Happy: Erza regreso~~~~~!!!!
    Makarov: Erza... // Pero como...?

    Erza: eso nisiquiero yo lo se... // quisa tiene que ver algo con mi ojo derecho...
    Makarov: (por supuesto!!! // como la mitad de la magia fue absorbida por su ojo artificial el efecto se redujo a la mitad!!!)
    Happy: Erza... Sabes lo que esta pasando?
    Erza: Si... pude oirlo todo
    Makarov: (Podemos lograrlo!!!! // Es hora del contra ataque!!!!)

    Erza: Y ahora que estoy de regreso,el numero de jugadores tambien a cambiado...
    [Texot: 3 jugadores restantes]
    Erza: astuta forma de organizar...
    Happy: asi que quedan tres- Natsu, Gazille y Erza.
    [Texto: 4 jugarores restantes]
    Makarov: !!
    Gazille: subio...
    Natsu: quien...?!! // todos.. estan todavia congelados... / entonses quien...?
    Erza: Parese que ese hombre tambien a decidido partisipar...

    [Texto: un ultimo contendiente por el titulo del "el mas fuerte de fairy tail" // Mistgun]
    [texto del fondo: proxima semana,abra paginas de colores y un especial de 23 paginas para empezar el contra ataque!! / continuara en el capitulo 112: "Barrage Swordplay"]
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    cuz if he thinks that i know that he is thinking what i think he is thinking then he thinks i know he thiks that, but he dont know that i know that he knows...savy

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    Re: [Shonen] Bleach Chapter 314 by KNH

    It was a long wait, but I don't like to leave problems unsolved, so I figured I'd check your Bleach translations too! XD; This section is made both for helping new translators with their translations and to provide a source of information for other wannabe translators, so it's not good to leave translations without a correction forever... x_x

    I admit I don't follow Bleach (although I did read some of the manga and watch the anime until the beginning of the Espada arc), but I know enough to be able to understand this chapter right

    Kaname, the tentei kura.

    Here I'd say "Kaname, use the Tenteikuura" (or well, however you want to spell it), because it's implied that he means "天挺空羅を使って", since it's a spell.

    This is the tentei kuran....

    As I said, you can spell it however you want, but it doesn't have a "n" at the end ;D (typo I guess)

    As a sign of respect for those of you who have defeated the Espada thus far, I’ll give you a little secret
    At this point in time, we will start with our invasion

    "As a sign of respect for you who have defeated". By saying "陥落させた君達" he means "you who have", not just "those of you who".
    You could use that "a little secret" as a way of putting it, but he's literally saying "I'll reveal to you something in advance" ^^
    Instead of "at this point in time", you might just use "from now on" ^^

    I’ve left Inoue Orihime at the fifth pillar.
    If you want to rescue her and take her back, all you need to do is come.

    I don't know if those are commonly referred to as "pillars" in Bleach, but normally it's translated as "tower", so you could just say "I've left Inoue Orihime in (or "inside") the fifth tower".
    As for the second line, "来るが良い" is a bit like saying "来い!", in a more "formal" way, so you might just say "If you want to rescue her, then just go and get her" (or "try to win her back").

    Her abilities are wonderful.
    I have no idea how to translate that second part

    It says "Her power, the 'rejection of phenomena' (I don't know if others translated it in other ways, but literally this is the meaning), excels by far any ability that can be possessed by human beings."

    It is not her crisis that made Soul Society show an interest, Soul Society wanted to strengthen themselves by obtaining her.

    You could divide the line like this:
    彼女の拉致は , 尸魂界に危機感を抱かせ / 現世ではなく , 尸魂界の守りを堅めさせる手段たり得た
    The meaning is:
    "Her kidnapping produced a sense of crisis in Soul Society, thus I [indirectly] managed to have them strengthen their defenses in Soul Society and not in the real world."
    The world 手段, that is "mean, method", is used to indicate that it was a method used by Aizen to have them remove their defenses from the real world (現世).

    Other than establishing preparation to combat with the allankars,
    Hitsugaya and others were sent beforehand to protect Soul Society’s interest and send back information.

    以上 in this case means "from the moment", so it's:
    "From the moment I revealed that the (or "my", since well, he's Aizen XD) Arrancars were ready for battle,
    Hitsugaya and his whole division were ordered to return to Soul Society right away to protect it."

    And her existence is merely to become Soul Society’s new weapon which involves being an agent of death and becoming bait while in Hueco Mundo.

    This line was a bit complicated, because it's long and it's hard to transpose into English, especially the "尸魂界の新規戦力となるであろう" part.
    "At that point, the girl became a 'bait' to lure you 'travelling disasters' (that's literally what "ryoka" means), that are what might be called the new war potential of Soul Society, 'acting shinigami' (he means Ichigo) included, into Hueco Mundo."

    Furthermore, for the four captains who helped, in this Hueco Mundo....

    ....your imprisonment has been guaranteed.

    The whole line is about the captains, that is:
    "Furthermore, four captains came to help you, so...
    ...I succeeded in confining them too in Hueco Mundo."

    Literally it's "Furthermore, I succeeded in confining in Hueco Mundo the four captains that came to help you as well", but I turned it around because this way it retains the "suspense"

    All 4 garganats we used to pass through have already been blocked.

    "Already" is unnecessary, it's just "have been blocked!", or else "He blocked the 4 garganta we used to get here...!!". By the way, I'm not sure about its romanization, but the word technically spells as "garganta". Maybe it's another Spanish word..? XD;

    Ca....can't we open it one more time from our end?!!?

    "Ca-can't we open them again from here!?" (or "from this side"; "open them again" can also be simply said as "reopen them")

    From this point on, as long as we are unable to get in contact with him, it will be impossible to open it again.

    It might also be more simply said as: "Unless we find a way to communicate with him from here, opening them will be impossible."

    This is a rather annoying conversation, isn't it?

    "癪な話" literally means "annoying talk", but it's meant as "it's a pain [in the neck]", so one could put it as "This is quite a pain[, isn't it?]."

    Every single one of those thirteen captains possesses great combat ability

    As a translation, yours is pretty much fine. The "accurate" meaning of the line is "every single one of the captains constitutes an important war potential", which means that each of them constitutes an important battle resource for Soul Society.

    But as of right now, three of them are away from their pack
    Four have been imprisoned
    We can now say Soul Society’s combat ability has been literally reduced by half.
    This almost too easy.

    With "離反" he means that they left Soul Society to go with Aizen, so you could say "three of them have switched sides".
    Then I'd say "four have been (or "are") confined", because they're not technically inside a cell, so that verb is in my opinion more fitting.
    You forgot an "is" in "This almost..", but that's a typo I guess! XD

    We’ll get rid Karakura Town, create the master key…

    ….then we’ll go after Soul Society.

    "We will erase Karakura Town, create the master key...
    ...and then we will take Soul Society."
    Your version is pretty much fine as well, this is just to be more accurate

    After everything is said and over with, I’ll take my time playing with you guys.

    The translation is fine, you just forgot 終わった後で in the Japanese line

    Where do you think you're going?
    Even if you go, what can you?

    "What can you do?" I guess XD

    I already told you the decisive battle would be decided during the winter time and…

    "When it was decided that the decisive battle would be in winter..." and then comes the next line
    時点で is used to mean "from the moment", "ever since".

    The second order was.... Karakura Town
    All members of the Gotei 13...
    ...make it possible to engage in battle.

    It's a single long line
    "The second one was to send all the captains to Karakura Town, ready to fight."

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    Re: [Shonen] Bleach Chapter 315 by KNH

    Ok, I did this too, so at last all the Bleach ones are checked!

    The second order was... to make it possible for all 13 captains to fight in Karakura Town.

    More than "to make it possible", it's "to be ready to fight", that is "to send all the captains to Karakura Town, ready to fight."

    Yeah...they're already there...

    There's だろうネ, so I'd put it as "Yeah, they should be already there..."

    ... It's like I told you... "to make it possible to battle" was the order.

    But I will not say deploying the captains to the human world was "to make it possible to fight."

    Same as before.
    "Like I told you, the order was 'to be ready to fight'.
    But deploying the captains to the human world doesn't necessarily mean 'to be ready to fight there'." (it's a bit ambiguous how he says it, because it's not stated out right, but seeing how the story develops he basically means "sending them there to fight doesn't mean that the town itself needs to become a battlefield")

    That is to remake Karakura Town into a place possible to do battle.

    "It was used to convert Karakura Town into a usable battlefield."
    It doesn't say "used", but since Tenkai Kecchuu seems to be a kind of barrier, the word is fitting.

    For that reason Urahara Kisuke tied four points together with a radius of 3.33, which was enough to extend a huge Senkaimon to make the Tenkai Kecchu

    "To set it up Urahara Kisuke linked four points together, so as to have a huge Senkaimon with a radius of 1 reiri (I'll trust you on those numbers, since I have no idea how long a "spiritual ri" is XD;;; A normal ri is about 3.9 km..) which is called 'Tenkai Kecchuu'."

    It was set up in all four directions of Karakura Town

    "It was set up (or "installed", since I already used "set up" before XD;; ) on the whole Karakura Town."
    It's literally "in all four sides/directions/cardinal points", but it basically means that he covered the whole town with it, as one can infer from the next lines.

    At the same time, we were requested to make an elaborate replica of Rucon Street

    "At the same time, my technical development team (or however you want to translate the name of Mayuri's division, 技術開発局) was requested to make an elaborate replica of Karakura Town on the outskirts of Rukongai."
    By the way, I wouldn't translate it as "street", since if I remember it's sort of a village.. In fact that "gai" can also mean "district", thus if you really want you might call it "Rucon district".
    As for Mayuri's team, I know the furigana only says "wareware", but if you don't specify who he's talking about (the Japanese version makes it clear with the kanji) the reader won't understand :/

    The difference between the Tenkai Kecchu and the Senkaimon is that something surrounded in Soul Society can be transferred somewhere else.

    "What makes Tenkai Kecchuu different from the Senkaimon is that it can be used to swap the area it surrounds with something else from Soul Society."

    We left Karakura Town as is and transferred it

    "In fact, we transferred all of Karakura Town on the outskirts of Rukongai."

    What will the citizens?

    It's どうしたんだ, not どうなる or such, so it means "What happened... to the citizens?"

    We put them to sleep and sent the town and its people to Soul Society.

    Just this is fine: "we put them to sleep and sent them to Soul Society together with the town".

    If the town were to get destroyed during the captains’ battle...

    ...there should be no problems...

    "Even if the town were to be destroyed during the [captains'] battle
    it will be no problem at all."

    Exactly what in the world do you mean by your words?

    Your translation is fine too, but the accurate meaning is "what in the world are your basis to say that?"

    I’m going to create the master key in Soul Society and destroy you guys anyway

    It's right, but you should switch two things:
    "I'll annihilate you and create the master key in Soul Society".
    He *first* wants to destroy them and *then* to create the master key there

    Well, that's the end of that... I'll leave the Las Noches to you...

    それまで means "until then"/"for the time being", so it's:
    "Until then I'll leave Las Noches to you" (by the way, "las" is an article in itself, so I guess I wouldn't use "the" in front of it")

    The rest is fine ^^
    Bleach is indeed not very easy to translate, I notice XD; It has quite a few technical words, plus some characters have complicated speech patterns (like Aizen, but the others too tended to be a bit tricky... I guess it's Kubo's style when explaining things XD; ).
    I haven't read your most recent translations yet, you've probably improved in the meanwhile, but I suggest that you only try Bleach when you've gotten more confident translating other manga like Naruto. Naruto characters explain things a bit more easily, so I reckon it's not as difficult to understand

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    Kenichi 292 done by perfectcircle

    i haven't post anything for awhile because i promised nerieru to not release it too soon. now they have caught up, i feel i should release this chapter now

    The unbreakable Sword

    Page 2
    Shigure: I am
    Shigure: home.
    Kenichi: So that is why she always comes back like that.
    Miu: Kenichi, are you all right!!

    Page 3
    Kenichi: Wow!
    Miu: I thought I wouldn’t be able see you again!
    Shigure: Sorry for…
    Shigure: Being rude.
    Kenichi: Wow!
    Apachai: Welcome back, no broken legs. you are so lucky.
    Shigure: Sorry for being rude.
    Akisame: Ah, Welcome back, Kenichi-kun.
    Sakaki: Hey, come back already.
    (Box to sakaki and Akisame) Lack of sleep.
    Ma: what are you talking about, you were unable to sleep for the past two days
    Shigure: Sorry for being rude.
    Akisame: Then, first thing’s first.
    Akisame: How is your psychological wound?

    Page 4
    Masters: Haaa!!!!

    Page 5
    Kenichi: Woah!!!
    Kenichi: What are you guys doing!!
    Akisame: after releasing all our ki, he's still on his feet.
    Sakaki: You improved a lot.
    Sakaki: What did he experienced, Shigure?
    Shigure: Secret.
    Apachai: Waaaa!!!

    Page 6
    Miu: APACHAI!!!
    Apachai: Idiot, didn’t he say he has fully recovered. I just wanted to scare him a little.
    Apachai: My hobby.
    Shigure: He was not injured at all.
    Ma: Ah,
    Ma: But, why are you full of wounds, Shigure?
    Shigure: Don’t worry about me, could you take a look at Touchuumaru
    Shigure: first?
    Ma: What happened?
    Ma: Umm?
    Ma: touchuumaru fell asleep, and has only a scratch.

    Page 7
    Shigure: Whew,
    Shigure: Thank goodness.
    Ma: Shigure, please use my secret formula.
    Shigure: Kenichi, thanks for the coat.
    Kenichi: no, no.
    Miu: Stay strong.
    Ma: Then let me treat your wounds with my secret formula!!
    Ma: You are acting so brutal today.
    Shigure: You think so.

    Page 8
    Elder: How did it go, Ken-chan.
    Elder: How do you feel after watching Shigure’s battle against Yami?
    Elder: Err, don’t look at me like that…..
    I planned everything just for Ken-chan. Kenichi is in a rebellious mode.
    Kenichi: Ha!
    Kenichi: I am just kidding, thank you very much for the gloves!!
    Kenichi: This is all thanks to you; I was able to overcome my weaknesses.

    Page 9
    Elder: Woah!
    Elder: After you come back, you have become more determined.
    Elder: This belongs to you now.
    Elder: Keep it with you.
    Kenichi: Err, But? Isn’t this a memento from Miu’s father?
    Elder: Don’t worry about it.
    Kenichi: Right, Miu?

    Page 10
    Miu: That’s right.

    Page 11
    Kenichi: For an instant, I felt the distances between Miu and me have shortened.
    Sakkai: now that I am relieved, I am starting to get tired.
    Akisame: Isn’t today Sunday?
    Akisame: I made today a special day, Kenichi-kun. you can go ahead and rest as well.
    Sakaki: Before you rest, thank Shigure.
    Sakaki: It’s the first time I have ever seen her with so many wounds
    Unknown voice: That is because she tried to both protect you and fight at the same time.
    Kenichi: So that’s why.
    Kenichi: So she didn’t forget about me despite her tough battle.
    Kenichi: All of Ryozanpaku’s masters are like that!!
    Kenichi: they are teaching me in every aspect.

    Page 12 nothing

    Page 13
    Kenichi: Ah? You want to break that sword that fought so hard for?
    Shigure: This object is my father’s memento.
    Shigure: Father’s mement
    Shigure: o…
    Shigure: Err…
    Shigure: You could say that.

    Page 14
    Unknown voice: Have you disabled the trap yet?
    Unknown voice: And you are covered in clothes right?
    Shigure: Yes.
    Shigure: yes.
    Shigure: yes.
    Shigure: Yes.
    Shigure: Eh, I had a great time as well,
    Shigure: Let’s take bath again, sometime.
    Miu and Ma: What did she say!!!

    Page 15
    Miu: Breakfast is ready.
    Shigure: Leave it there.
    Kenichi: I couldn’t resist it because of several factors.
    Miu: Kenichi, if you don’t make it downstairs in two seconds, I will throw away your meal.
    Kenichi: Ah!!
    Kenichi: Right, right.
    Miu: ONE, TWO, I am throwing it.

    Page 16
    Shigure: What a great relationship
    Shigure: Between you two.
    Kenichi: Smile! She smiled?
    Kenichi: What a gorgeous smile! It is the first time I have seen it.

    Page 17
    Miu: It was a joke, everyone is waiting downstairs.
    Kenichi: Right, right.
    Kenichi: Apachai, don’t die!!
    Unknown voice: Ever since Kenichi moved to Ryozanpaku,
    Unknown voice: Shigure has changed.
    Page 18
    Miu: Ha!!
    Miu: Could Shigure develop feelings for Kenichi?
    Unknown voice: That is impossible.
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    [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol 1 pp1-20 by kehpped.crusader

    It's been awhile! If someone would please read over what I have so far, I would greatly appreciate it. This manga is apparently a 2 volume one-shot (short story...?) and I got it from hanashi[dot]org, so I can't put up a link to the actual raws, but that's where you can find them, if you need them. I'm splitting it up by scenes since there are no real chapters.

    My questions are underlined, so if you're short on time, those are the places I really need help with.

    I tried to put what's going on inside of -these-. If it says [written] in the brackets, that means it's off to the side of the speech bubble in written Japanese. [line] means it's a thought typed up without a bubble or box, if it has a bubble it's denoted as [thought], a box is [box]. If I felt like I needed to explain my translation, it's in italics. If I have several options they're separated with a /.

    I think that's it. Thanks in advance for your help!



    Ringo's Diary

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    I'd just learned how to write
    My mom gave me a diary with an apple on the cover (gah, it sounds so awkward to do direct Eng trans with this one; is it alright to "modify" it like this?)


    [box 1]思えばあの頃が
    When I think about it,
    [box 2]いちばん幸せなときだったかもしれない
    That time was probably the happiest of my life.


    [title] Ringo's Diary




    [box]1999年 春
    Spring, 1999

    [Ringo 1]あ
    [Ringo 2]ほらもーパパ野菜もたべなきゃだめじゃーーん
    Look, Dad, you really should eat your vegetables.

    [Dad] ...りんご


    I have something sad to tell you. (help here, please!!)

    [Ringo]なに また給料減った?
    What, did they lower your salary again?
    [written inside]ごちそーさまー
    I'm full. (how would you usually translate this, or いただきます since we're there?)

    [Dad, smiling]父さんの会社が倒産しちゃった。(the manga points out that he says "とうさんのかいしゃとうさんしちゃった。")
    Your Pop's company popped and went bankrupt. (how do you translate such a thing...effectively...?)

    My dad's puns are never funny.


    [top of page]1.お引っ越し
    1. Moving

    Dad got some help from a friend's company. We're moving to Osaka. My friends came to the station to see me off. Bye, everyone. (need help/explanation on the first sentence, please)

    Make sure you tell us your new address and phone number once you know it.

    Okay./No problem./Sure. ("okay" seems weird to me...suggestions??)

    If it gets too tough, come back.

    Sure./Okay. (same problem as "okay"...)

    [boy, Sakura]りんご

    [boy, Sakura]これ
    Read this when you get there. (split up like that for speech bubbles)

    What is it, Sakura?

    A secret.



    Take care. (suggestions?)

    I won't be able to
    see Sakura anymore, either. (split for line spacing)

    Thanks. (if "take care" stays; always open to suggestions!)

    Bye, Sakura.

    [train bubble]まもなく発車します
    We shall be departing momentarily.

    [thought top]だいすきだったよ
    I really liked you.
    [thought mid]遠く行くから
    But since I'm leaving
    I can't tell you. (would "won't" be better here? should I put in the "far away" part, or is "leaving" sufficient for the reader to understand?)

    It's wrong of me, huh, Ringo (suggestions??)
    Separating you from your friends (part of me wants to add "like this")

    No need to worry about me
    I'll go wherever you go, Dad (not literal; is this okay??)


    [Ringo, written in]ほら
    Let's eat lunch.

    -pulls out bento-

    [written, side]電車の中でおべんと食べんの夢だったんだ
    I've always wanted to eat my bento on a train. (need help here; not quite sure what she means)

    It's been 10 years since Mom died.


    [box 1]パパは男手ひとつで あたしをここまで育ててくれた
    Dad's brought me up on his own since then.

    [box 2]今さら離れてなんて暮らせないよ
    I wouldn't be able to take it if we were apart or anything. (suggestions??)


    [Ringo]ここ おフロないの!?
    There's no bathroom here?! (how do you imply there not being a shower/bath whilst there is a toliet??)

    No need to worry! (could someone explain this to me, please?)
    There's a public bath right down the street.

    You've got to be kidding... (suggestions??)
    These days... (suggestions?)

    [box 1]はじめての引っ越し
    My first move

    [box 2]はじめての銭湯
    My first public bath

    -outside the sentou-

    How about we meet here in 40 minutes.


    Poverty, here I come. (is that okay? any other suggestions?)

    [radio 1]ツーアウトランナー一塁二塁
    Two outs, runners on first and second

    [radio 2]阪神の攻撃
    Hanshin Tiger's at bat (is that correct? I added "Tigers" since people might not get that Hanshin is a team)

    [radio 3]ピッチャー投げました!
    There's the pitch!

    [Ringo thought]ちょっとキンチョー
    I feel kinda nervous.


    It's a hit!! This is huge!!

    YES, THEY DID IT!! (for some reason I can't think right now...suggestions?)

    A HOME RUN!!

    [Ringo thought]なっなに!?

    Faster, you idiot!
    Make those turns! (correct?)

    YEEEEES! Now it's a game!! (what my friends and I would say; suggestions?)

    Um...excuse me
    I need to pay...

    -guy not really paying attention, takes her money-

    Oh! Sorry, sorry
    Thanks, perfect. (help/explaination/suggestions please?)

    [Ringo thought]ってゆーか...
    By the way...

    [Ringo thought]番台が こんな若い男ってゆーのはマズいんじゃないのか?
    Isn't it bad to have such a young guy working the front desk like this? (suggestions??)



    -notices her for the first time-

    What to do?/What am I gonna do? (suggestions?)


    [guy]はじめて うちに若い女子が来て下さった...
    This is the first time a young girl's graced us to come here... (correct? suggestions?)

    [Ringo thought]...?

    -guy grabs her hand-

    Welcome to Yamaguchi Onsen/Hot Springs!! (which?)

    [guy]はじめまして ボク この銭湯の一人息子の山口瑞穂(22)フリーター!
    Pleased to meet you. I'm Yamaguchi Mizuho, the only son of this establishment's owners, part-timer!
    On occasion, I help out at the front desk. (sounds awkward; suggestions?)


    My hobbies are playing pachinko and watching baseball!
    I'm currently searching for a steady girlfriend...

    Excuse me!

    [guy]はい なんでしょう
    Yes, what can I do for you?

    [Ringo]父とあとで待ち合わせしてるんで 早く入って出たいんですけど
    Well, I'm supposed to wait for my father when I'm done, so I'd like to go in now. (not literal; suggestions??)


    [guy]へー お父さんと?
    Really? Your father?

    You guys must be close.

    [guy]ジブン いくつ?
    How many are you? (see note below)

    I'm 16...if that's what you mean...

    [guy]ちゃう ちゃう
    No, no.

    Not your age.
    Your breast size. (how do you do this whole bit? the "ikustu" question. it works in Japanese, but in English?)


    [guy]せーっかく若い女のコ来たから 一応チェックしとかんとね
    Well, since a young girl took such pains to come here, I feel it's necessary to at least check. (awkward-sounding; suggestions?)

    [Ringo]...そんなの言うわけないでしょう...? that your excuse...?

    -guy looks at her-

    ないもんなあ 乳。
    Not much there, boob-wise. (suggestions? I know what it means, but I don't know how to say what it means, if you know what I...mean...ha.)


    [Ringo thought]なんなんだ このひとっ
    What is with this guy?

    What's this?
    You're leaving already?

    [guy]うわ~ おフロ入らないんだあ~
    Whaaat? That girl didn't bathe!
    あのコ フケッ~
    How rude!

    [guy]きゃー くっさ~い
    Ewww! She stinks!!


    Fine! I'm going in!
    You'll leave me alone if I go in, right?!

    [guy]こわ~い 逆ギレされた~
    (suggestions/help, please! I think I get the gist, but how do you put it in English?)
    And I was only trying to be your friend...

    [new dude1]みっちゃ~ん
    We came for a visit!

    [Micchan/guy]おっ まいど まいど
    Oh, hey! Welcome, welcome.

    [new dude2]みたか さっきのホームラン!!
    Did you see that home run?!

    [Micchan]今年はイケるで 阪神!
    Hanshin's gonna get it done, this year! (suggestions?)

    [new dude1]ノムさんばんざーい!!
    Way to go, Nomu-san!!



    -enters changing room-

    [Ringo thought]...

    [Ringo thought]なんなのよ もうっっ
    What is with this place? Really!

    [Ringo thought]今のうち マツハで入ってしまおう
    (I don't get it! Please explain?)

    [woman]おねーちゃん今 なんかポケットから落としたで
    Miss, I think something just fell out of your pocket.

    [Ringo]あっ すいませんっ
    Oh! Thank you.

    [Ringo thought]あ

    [Ringo thought line]佐倉にもらった手紙...
    The letter I got from Sakura...

    "Read this when you get there."

    I forgot to look at it.
    Wonder what it says...


    [woman1]いや~~ ええお湯やったわ~~
    Wow! That's some good hot water!

    [woman2]あんた また太ったんちゃう?
    Are you puttin' on some weight?

    [woman1]イヤなことゆうなあ あんたー
    Don't say such bad things! (???)

    -Ringo's staring at her letter, looking freaked-


    [woman1 written]ダイエットしよかなー
    Maybe I should go on a diet.

    [woman2 written]そんなへ何回??たわー
    You always say that! (can't read the Japanese; if you can, let me know what it is, please!)

    [line]...うそ... way...

    just now


    Dear Ringo,
    ずっと すきだった。
    I've always liked you.

    [Ringo thought]うそーーーっ
    No way!

    My first
    love letter


    -in the bath-

    [line 1]そうか...
    [line2]佐倉 あたしのことすきだったんだ...
    Sakura actually liked me...


    -she freaks out-

    [Ringo thought]なによ~っ
    What (??)

    [Ringo thought]両想いだったんじゃんかーっ
    We both liked each other?!

    What should I do?
    [line2]なんで あたしこんなことにいんの?
    Why did something like this happen to me?

    [Ringo thought]それもこれも 全部不況のせい...
    All this because of the bad economy...

    Even though I've never been in a real relationship before

    Could I just jump in to a long distance relationship?
    What should I tell him?
    [line4]どうしよう どうしよう
    What should I do? What should I do?


    What should I do...

    -she faints in the bath, lol-


    [woman]大変や ちょっと来て!!
    This is bad! Come quick!!

    What's this

    It's cold
    It feels so nice




    She's awake.

    あれっ あたし...
    What? I...

    Good mornin'!

    [woman]おフロでのばせて沈んでるの みっちゃんが助けてくれたんやで
    You passed out in the water. Micchan here saved you. (suggestions, please on the first sentence? or an explaination...)

    [Ringo thought]はっ

    [Ringo thought]服っ
    My clothes!

    [written thought]えっ 着てる?!
    What? I'm wearing them?!

    I wouldn't have guessed it, but you're clothes make you look a lot skinnier. (help! not quite familiar with the terms!)


    [woman]も~~~みっちゃん 純情な女のコいじめたらあかんよ~~
    Oh, Micchan! Don't tease the poor girl like that!
    大丈夫やで おばちゃんが服着せてあげたから
    It's alright, dear. We're the ones that got you dressed.

    [woman written]バスタオルでバッチリガードしたでっ
    We covered you with a bath towel.


    [Ringo written]はずかしすぎる...
    This is way too embarassing...

    Thanks to them I didn't see a thing.

    Did you have something on your mind?

    ...well...kind of...

    [Micchan]青春やのー りんごちゃん
    You're so young, Ringo.

    "What should I do?"

    "Sakura ended up liking me."

    How did you...

    -grinning, Micchan pulls out letter-

    You dropped this.

    -Ringo grabs letter-


    *cat calls* (how do you put someone doing a wolf whistle in a speech bubble in English?)

    [Ringo thought]くっそ~~~っ
    Dang it!

    I'm leaving.

    [Ringot]どーも ご迷惑かけてすいませえんでしたっ
    Thank you. I'm sorry to have bothered you.


    [Dad]遅かったなぁ しんぱいしてたん...
    You're late. I was worried...



    [Ringo]あたし ここの銭湯2度と来ない!
    I'm never coming to this place again!
    I don't want to!

    [Dad]でも この辺はここしかないってきいたぞ?
    But, didn't you hear? This is the only public bath around.

    I'll find another one! Whatever it takes! (is that what it means?)

    [Dad]...あそ。 that so.


    [Ringo thought]オッパイとか!!
    Talking about my breasts!!
    Cat-calling at me!!

    [Ringo thought]バカにしてっ
    Making me look stupid! (is that what it means? or is it more like "that idiot!"?)

    [Ringo thought]許さねえっっ
    I'll never forgive him!

    -view switches back to inside sentou-

    [Micchan]おばちゃん さっきのコ知ってる?
    Hey, do you know that girl?

    [woman]さー 見かけへん子ぉやねぇ
    Well, I've never seen her before.
    Maybe she just moved here?

    "Ringo" was it? (suggestions?)


    -end...for now-
    The Kehpped Crusader is currently musing over: The universe. And everything.

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