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Thread: Request a Full Translation Check

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    Re: [Shonen] Zokusei ch 3

    Sorry for taking so long.... x_x
    I was impossibly busy so far, but I intend to check all the translations that are left unchecked (or well, that need further improvement), so here I am! @_@

    (F1 thought) ( It's time for the ) winter training camp

    You could leave "Winter training camp", since it introduces the setting anyway.

    (B)Haaa...Sekiya-san looks beautiful

    As pecology corrected.

    Hey ___, Turn around! (not sure)

    It's "what are you looking at!?"
    どっち = which one (when the possibilities are 2) ^^

    (F4 thought left)To everybody in the class, Sekiya-san is the most beautiful...However...

    You could say it like that too, but literally it's:
    "Everybody's gaze is glued to Sekiya-san, the most beautiful girl in our class..."

    (B1+2 F5)よいしょ
    Yoisho (something said when putting effort into doing something) (Didn't know a way to say it ...)

    My dictionary translates "yoisho" as "heave-ho", I guess that might do it... XD;

    My eyes will only follow one person....

    "But my eyes will only follow [one person]..."
    Here you can both include the part in [] or leave it out for a "suspense effect". I added the "but" here because I didn't put it at the end of the other line; I think it sounds smoother like this

    The girl who wears glasses,

    Just "the girl with glasses" is fine.

    By the way, you left out "たたた"; it's another way of saying "痛い", so it translates as "ouch" or such

    You fell down again ?? (Isn't もみじ Mean "Venison"?) (???????)

    As pecology said, Momiji is also a given name ^^
    So it's "You fell down again, Momiji?" or also "Did you trip again, Momiji?"

    You're clumsy because you always wear so much clothes, ( isn't that it? )

    "You blunder because you're always wearing too many thick clothes!"
    ドジする is not exactly "being clumsy", it's more like "making a blunder" (though it does imply that it's because of clumsiness or stupidity, since it means "clumsy" indeed without the verb する).
    厚着 can mean both "wearing lots of clothes" or "wearing thick clothes", so your interpretation is technically fine too.

    (Bottom) I'll pick it up immediately.

    おいも is potatoes, so it's "I'll pick the potatoes (or "them") up immediately".

    Everyone calls Tsukishima-san simple and that she's not that important...but...
    I know what she really is like. (??)

    "Everyone says that Tsukishima-san is simple and doesn't stand out, but...
    I happened to find out the truth." (literally: "I ended up knowing")
    "What she really is like" might do it anyway

    As young men who have come to a hot spring, there is one thing we must do!

    This is fine Though it doesn't necessarily imply "young".

    (Bottom) ば。。。ばあちゃんばっかりだ。
    There's only a g-grandma!

    ゲロゲロ (not グログロ) is the sound of people vomiting
    The second line is "there's only grandmas!!"
    ばっかり in this case means "only things/people like this" but it's meant as a plural. If it was only one it would have been specified ^^

    You're a goody-too-shoes-chan who needs some fun. (?????)

    "You can't be the only good boy!!"

    Who is that? Is this babe in my class?

    As pecology corrected ^^

    Sakiya-san...? No... it's not....

    "Sekiya-san...? No... It's not her..."

    We are getting out. (?)

    It's fine. 先[に]上がる means "we're getting out [before you]" ^^
    You could put it as "we'll be getting out then" too.

    A sigh (I think??)

    Yes, it's basically a whiny sigh XD

    A sob (i think?)

    Yes XD


    "It's Tsukishima-san~~~!!!"
    It sounds better with an "it's", since it's a discovery

    You forgot a か……かわいい!! ("S-so cute!!") on the last page

    I would always see Tsukishima-san without her glasses (??).

    "My eyes tend to look (or "wander") behind Tsukishima-san's glasses."
    -がち means "to tend to", so いきがち is literally "tend to go"

    I was brutally honest, as you requested! I hope it helped
    Good luck with your translations

    Wanna read my databook translations? Click here!

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    [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol1 pp21-37 by kehpped.crusader

    Continuation from last post!

    This manga is apparently a 2 volume one-shot (short story...?) and I got it from hanashi[dot]org, so I can't put up a link to the actual raws, but that's where you can find them, if you need them. I'm splitting it up by scenes since there are no actual chapters.

    My questions are underlined, so if you're short on time, those are the places I really need help with.

    I tried to put what's going on inside of -these-. If it says [written] in the brackets, that means it's off to the side of the speech bubble in written Japanese. [line] means it's a thought typed up without a bubble or box, if it has a bubble it's denoted as [thought], a box is [box]. If I felt like I needed to explain my translation, it's in italics. If I have several options they're separated with a /.

    I think that's it. Thanks in advance for your help!



    -at Ringo's house-

    -writing "Diary No. 6" on new diary-


    I'm already on my 6th diary since I started writing them when I was little. (this sounds super awkward to me! suggestions, please?

    The first one was

    the last present I received from my mother.

    It's full of all the happy, enjoyable

    memories with my mom.

    [mom speech]「おたん生日おめでとう」
    "Happy Birthday"


    It'd be nice if this 6th diary
    could be full of nice memories, too.

    But with the way things are going right now...

    Dad's company going bankrupt due to the recession...

    Saying goodbye to Sakura...


    [line]そうだ 佐倉...
    Oh, right. Sakura...

    Maybe I should try calling him.

    [Ringo]ねー パパ
    Hey, Dad?


    [Ringo1]そういえば ここ電話が見当たらないんだけど
    Now that I think about it, I haven't noticed a phone around here, but
    that doesn't mean we don't have one... (also sounds awkward! suggestions please!)

    Nope. No phone.

    [Ringo thought]だめじゃん もうだめじゃん
    Impossible. It's already impossible! (awkward...suggestions?)
    遠いわ 会えんわ 電話もないわ
    It's too far! We can't meet! I don't even have a phone!
    What's the point?



    ...from the start
    This is what I've decided

    I really like you Sakura

    But since we'd be so far apart

    [line]たぶん あたし佐倉のこと想ってさみしくなっちゃうばっかりだもん
    I'd probably just be sad all the time, thinking about you.

    Thank you for your letter.

    It made me really happy.


    [Ringo]パパー 出かけんならこの手紙だしといてー
    Hey Dad, can you mail this letter on your way out?

    Sure thing!

    You're working? Even though it's Sunday?

    For now. I'm .(is he talking to her, or about what he's going to do at the company?)

    I'll be back this evening.

    [Ringo, brushing teeth]いってらっさ~い
    Haf a good 'ay.

    -still brushing teeth on balcony-


    It's such a nice day...

    Maybe I'll air out the futon...

    [voice from street]あーっ


    [Micchan, from street on bike]そこ りんごちゃん家ー?
    Is this where you live?

    [Ringo thought]き
    That guy from yesterday!!

    Whatcha doin'?

    [Ringo thought]見りゃわかるだろー
    Isn't it obvious...? (any other ways of putting it would be welcome!)

    ...I'm airing out the futon.

    [Micchan]今日 お天気やもんなあ!
    Weather's so great today!

    [Micchan]佐倉くんにはもう お返事したん?
    Have you replied to Sakura's letter yet?

    Please, mind your own busine-


    -she drops the futon, lol-


    -futon falls right on Micchan-

    [futon sound effect]ガシャーン!!

    [Ringo thought]やばっ!!

    -she runs down to check-

    I'm so sorry!

    Are you alright?!


    [Ringo thought]え うそ
    What? No way.
    What should I do?



    [Ringo thought]このひとの名前なんだっけっ...
    What was this guy's name...?


    [Ringo thought]確か銭湯できいたような...
    I think I heard it at the public bath...

    [Micchan, murmers from ground]...みっちゃん...

    Yes! That's it!

    just now...

    -Micchan grins, then eyes pop open, just fine-


    [Ringo thought]なっ...

    Yup! Micchan!

    Thaaaaaat's me!






    [Micchan]あー びっくりした
    Wow, that surprised me.

    [Micchan, written]急にフトン 落ってくんわんもん
    This futon all of sudden falling on me.

    Th-th-the one who's surprised
    Is me!
    I thought you were dead...!

    [Micchan]フトンかぶったぐらいで しぬわけないやん
    It takes more than a futon falling on someone to kill them.

    You're so cute!

    [Ringo thought]ムカつくーーーっ
    Ugh, how aggravating!
    Making me look like an idiot!

    -she stomps away-

    What about your futon?


    [Ringo thought]くそうっ

    [Ringo]どーも たびたびご迷惑おかけしてすいませんっ!
    Thank you. You have my sincerest apologies for continually causing you so much trouble!
    Excuse me.

    [Micchan thought]...礼儀正しい... polite...

    -Micchan takes futon, hands her futon beater-

    Here, you take this!

    Second floor, second door on the right, was it?

    [Ringo]いーです 自分で持ってくからっ
    It's fine! I can get it myself!

    [Micchan]もー エンリョしないの!
    Really, there's no need to be so polite!
    It's not like we're strangers or anything.

    We are most definitely strangers!! (suggestions??)

    -Micchan brings futon up to apartment-



    You're very welcome!

    [Micchan, looking around]あれ?
    You just moved in?

    We came yesterday.

    Ringo, could you possibly be...!

    [Ringo]な なに?

    "Even though the company wasn't doing well from before and he didn't make very much, the company went bankrupt and he got kicked out of the company home he was living in, poor Mr. Sumiyoshi"'s daughter?!

    [Ringo]な な なんでそれ知っ...
    H-h-how did you...

    [Micchan]ここの管理人さんうちの銭湯の常連さんやねん その人からそーゆー人が越して来るってきいた
    The superintendent here is a regular at our public bath. I heard from them that someone like that was moving here.
    りんごちゃんのおっちゃん 管理人さんと知り合いなんやろ?
    Your Dad is friends with the super, right?


    [Ringo thought]なんで こんなややっこしいひとに家庭の事情まで知られなきゃなんないの~っ!!
    Why does this infuriating guy have to know so much about my family situation!!

    [Micchan]そうかー 大変やなあ
    Ah...It's gotta be tough for you
    Just you and your Dad in this brand new place.



    If you ever need to know anything about this area, just ask me!

    [Micchan]オレは生まれも育ちもここやし なんでも知ってるから
    I was born and raised here, so I know pretty much everything.

    [Ringo thought]...あれ...?



    Like where to get the best tasting okonomiyaki, the convenient stores where the prettiest girls work, where you can buy cheap smut books.



    Where to find the public bath with the most amazing guy manning the front desk!

    [Micchan]あっ そーや!オレが番台におる時は お金タダにしたるわ!
    Oh, right! When I'm at the front desk, I'll let you in, no charge!

    [Ringo]えっ ほんとに!?
    What? Really?!

    Just when I'm there, though! Mom'll pitch a fit otherwise.

    [Ringo thought]なんかこのひと
    Could it be, that this guy

    [Ringo thought]そんなにヤなひとじゃないのかな
    isn't really all that bad?



    [Micchan]なにかしら コレ
    What could this be?
    Ringo's panties?

    Hey! Cut that out!!

    -grabs panties back]


    [Micchan]ヘンタイじゃないもーん ケンコーな男のコだもーん
    I'm not a pervert. I'm a healthy young man.

    [Ringo thought]前言撤回っ
    I retract my previous statement.

    What's this ratty old notebook for?

    Don't touch anything.

    -sees Micchan reaching for her first diary-


    That's off limits!

    -reaches for diary out of Micchan's hands-


    -rips it in half, both holding one side-

    -she's stunned, of course-


    The diary...
    From my mom...

    -seeing she's pretty stunned, Micchan tries the sliver-lining tactic-

    [Micchan]まあ あれや!
    Well then!
    It'll be okay once you get a new one!




    GET OUT!

    -she brandishes the futon beater at him, lol-

    [Micchan, still smiling]はいっ
    Yes, Ma'am!

    [Micchan]はいはい ごめんなさいおじゃましましたーっ
    Yes, so sorry, I'll be going now!

    -leaves, looks confused-

    -Ringo busts out the tape-


    [Ringo thought]ぜったい許さない あのアホ男~っ!!
    I'll never forgive him! That idiot!!

    -tapes it back together-

    No matter how ratty it gets

    it's still my most precious possession.

    [Ringo thought]ごめんね ママ
    I'm sorry, Mom.

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    [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol1 pp38-43 by kehpped.crusader

    Well, I haven't gotten any help yet ( ) but! Perhaps that's just because all the nice people who would help me are scared off by the "shoujo" genre! Don't worry, I'm scared of shoujo sometimes, too.

    That shall not deter my attempts at translation! I'll keep going until someone helps or I finish! Or (hopefully) both!


    This manga is apparently a 2 volume one-shot (short story...?) and I got it from hanashi[dot]org, so I can't put up a link to the actual raws, but that's where you can find them, if you need them. I'm splitting it up by scenes since there are no actual chapters.

    My questions are underlined, so if you're short on time, those are the places I really need help with.

    I tried to put what's going on inside of -these-. If it says [written] in the brackets, that means it's off to the side of the speech bubble in written Japanese. [line] means it's a thought typed up without a bubble or box, if it has a bubble it's denoted as [thought], a box is [box]. If I felt like I needed to explain my translation, it's in italics. If I have several options they're separated with a /.

    I think that's it. Thanks in advance for your help!



    You're walking all the way to the sentou in the next town? (I got tired of using "public bath" so I'm just sticking with "sentou"; I figured if it hypothetically did get scanlated (although I believe it already has) there'd just be an editor's note and the reader would learn a new Japanese word )

    [Ringo]いーよ パパこないだのとこ行って
    It's fine. You go on and go to the one we went to last time.
    I'll go by myself.

    [line]あんな銭湯 もう 絶対行ってやんない
    I'll never EVER go back to that sentou.

    [Dad]帰り 湯冷めしちゃうぞー?
    But won't you freeze on your way back home?

    I'll be fine!

    -shivering because she's so cold on the way back-


    [Ringo thought]なんで あたしがこんな思いしなきゃなんないのっっ
    Why the heck did I have to come up with something like this...

    -sounds of a bicycle approaching-

    I've found Ringo!!

    [Ringo thought]でた
    He's here. (she says this pretty devoid of emotion; any other suggestions?)



    ...I smell shampoo...
    You purposefully walked all this way to go to another sentou...
    Could it be that you...

    Hate you? Yes.




    ...I'm really sorry.

    [Micchan]おれ そんなに大事なもんやって知らんかったから
    I had no idea that diary meant so much to you.


    [Ringo thought]そ...そんな素直にあやまられると調子狂うなあ
    When...when he apologizes so sincerely like that, it makes me lose my steam.

    It's nothing...anyway, I dropped a futon you and whatnot...

    [Micchan]そー やんなあ!
    That's right, you did!


    Even though I'd only wanted to check on you, you really pulled one on me! (help!!! can someone please explain 引っぱった to me??)
    And even though it wasn't my fault at ALL, I still helped you carry that futon back upstairs, 'cause I'm such a nice guy!

    [Ringo]そーですね すいません さよーなら。
    Is that so. I'm so sorry. Goodbye.

    [Micchan]うそうそ! うそやんか もうっ!
    Kidding! I'm kidding! C'mon!

    I'm not the type of person who usually gets jokes!

    I can tell!

    [Micchan]よっしゃ わかった!
    Okay! I've got it.
    I'll take you out to eat somewhere, my treat!





    [Ringo thought]あれ?

    [Micchan]りんごちゃん メシ食った?
    Ringo, have you eaten yet?

    Hm? Not yet...

    [Micchan]ちょーどええわ オレ今からメシ食いに行くとこやねん
    Perfect! I was just on my way to get something to eat.
    ゆうとったやろ ウマイお好み焼きの店あれって
    At the shop with the best okonomiyaki around, just like I told you earlier.

    [Ringo]えっ でも...
    Oh. But...

    [Micchan]ほらほら 後ろ乗って!行こっ
    No sweat! You can ride on the back! Let's go.


    -gets on the back of his bike-

    [Ringo thought]わけわかんないひとだなー
    I really don't get this guy.

    -Micchan's blabbing on and on as he pedals-

    [Ringo thought]よくしゃべるし...
    He sure talks a lot...

    -enters shop-


    I brought along a cute girl!



    [Micchan]そしたら りんごちゃんは佐倉くんをフッたわけやね
    So that's why you rejected Sakura, huh.

    You shouldn't point out the negative things in people's stories, you know.

    [Micchan]だってそーやんけー 「ありがとう さようなら」やろ?
    But that's why you said, what was it, "thank you, goodbye"?


    [Ringo]...あたし 遠距離恋愛なんてできないもん
    ...I just don't think I could handle a long distance relationship.

    I think that the person you like should always be close by.

    How about going out with me?




    [boy that looks suspiciously like Sakura]あの すいません
    Excuse me, please.

    Is the Haranishi apartment complex around here?

    [shopkeeper]あー それやったら なー
    Oh, yes, lemme see..
    If you take a right outta here and go straight, you'll see a stoplight.


    [Ringo thought]え?

    [shopkeeper]それ渡って 左曲がったらタバコ屋あんねん
    If you cross over that and turn left, you'll see a tobacco shop.
    From there, you should be able to see the sign for the Haranishi complex.

    [boy]あ そーですか すいません
    Right, thank you.

    -Ringo stands up to get a better look-

    [Ringo thought]!!


    The Kehpped Crusader is currently musing over: The universe. And everything.

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    Claymore [Shonen] Claymore 86 by gernot

    Slow as usual, but here's my translation of chapter 86.
    If you feel that there are any mistakes, do let me know.
    Maybe I'll typeset it if I have time.

    Oops, I found the correct place to post this, I had to apply as a translator first. Oh well, I'll leave this post here as well for now.

    Page 1
    Frame 2
    - Woah
    - A single stroke, huh?
    - Not bad!

    Frame 3
    - Cutting it in half from a high place in order to compensate for her body's small size and light weight
    - She's accustomed to fighting against awakened beings

    - Dietrich's soaring sword stroke!!

    Page 2
    - The Violated Taboo

    - Mission to subdue awakened being - accomplished!!

    Frame 2

    Page 3
    Frame 2
    - And?
    - How are they?

    Frame 3
    - They're okay
    - There are no deep wounds
    - They all just lost consciousness and should wake up soon

    Frame 4
    - Glad to hear it

    Frame 5
    - You really helped us out
    - That we're still alive is thanks to you two
    - I thank you

    Page 4
    Frame 1
    - We don't want your thanks
    - But, for certain reasons
    - We'd appreciate it if you'd keep quiet about us towards the organization

    Frame 2
    - Sorry, but I can't do that

    Frame 3
    - Huh?

    Frame 4
    - I have sworn loyalty towards the organization... I can't lie to them
    - I can't just not answer if they ask me

    Frame 5
    - Luckily, only I saw your faces...
    - If you don't want the organization to know about you, I would like you to kill me here and now

    Page 5
    Frame 2
    - Rather than tell a lie, you'd choose death?

    Frame 3
    - That's a matter of my way of living
    - I don't know of any other way

    Frame 4
    - Oh man, what an annoying midget
    - If we killed you here, our whole involvement here would become meaningless
    (lit: If we killed you here, "what was it that we just did here?" would become the question)

    Frame 5
    - *sigh*

    Page 6
    Frame 1
    - Oh well
    - Still better than if you had turned your blade on us after we defeated the awakened being

    Frame 3
    - Let's go, Helen
    - Oh
    - Okay

    Page 7
    Frame 3
    - Oi oi oi

    Frame 4
    - This is bad, Deneve
    - What do we do now?

    Frame 5
    - Yeah
    - This has turned into a little bit of a problem...

    Page 8
    Frame 3
    - Shit
    - To think that we can't shake her off

    Frame 4
    - In simple movement speed, she's even with us...
    - Most importantly, she seems to have the stamina

    Page 9
    Frame 2
    - And...
    - Is there something you want, little lady?
    - Did you think it over and decide to kill us?

    Frame 3
    - Since then...
    - I've thought about it a little...

    Frame 4
    - If you two abducted me, I wouldn't need to return to the organization and make a report
    - Everything would settle nicely, without going against my sense of honor...

    Page 10
    Frame 1
    - Huh?

    Frame 2
    - What nonsense are you spouting?
    - What good would it do if we kidnapped you?

    Frame 3
    - It would be fine if you just gave that appearance
    - I would just follow you
    - If I'm in your way, I don't mind if you kill me

    Frame 4
    - But this southern land has also changed a lot from seven years ago
    - If you were hidden in the northern lands for a long time, you'd need a guide, wouldn't you?

    Frame 5
    - You...!
    - How do you...

    Frame 6
    - It's just a guess
    - As to it's truth, you don't have to answer, and I don't plan to pursue it

    Page 11
    Frame 1
    - You said it's very different from seven years ago?
    - Just what are you saying is so different?

    Frame 2
    - First, half of the towns of the southern lands have been wiped out
    - And especially from here on... it would be better to stop advancing south

    Frame 3
    - Wha...

    Frame 4
    - Ha... half?
    - Just what exactly happened?
    - The particular reason has not been made clear
    - I also just know the current state

    Frame 5
    - Just what...
    - lies ahead of us?

    Frame 6
    - I'm not in a position to tell you any details
    - I would like you to think of this as my strongest possible warning

    Page 12
    Frame 1
    - In the southern lands ahead of us...
    - There is something they call a "devil"

    Frame 4
    - But you know ...

    Page 13
    Frame 1
    - It's one half, one half!
    - If half the towns are gone, that means whether Deneve's and my own home town is still around is quite questionable
    - Oh well, either way we have no choice but to go and make sure

    Frame 3
    - I did warn you
    - Do you still want to continue onwards?

    Frame 4
    - That's what we came this far to do
    - Just because of a single warning that we don't understand well, we can't just turn back with our tail between our legs

    Frame 5
    - And, the devil you mentioned
    - Having come this far, we've figured out what you're talking about

    Page 14
    Frame 1
    - More like, he's there, in that town
    - A single ridiculously strong youki

    Frame 2
    - On the same level with Riful who we met before...
    - Or rather, even stronger...

    Page 15
    Frame 1
    - The abyssal one of the South...
    - Isley, the man who defeated Luciela, huh...

    Frame 3
    - Well yeah
    - I guess you could say he's like a devil

    Frame 4
    - And? What do we do, Deneve?
    - What do you mean by "what do we do"?

    Frame 5
    - I'm saying, at least for the moment there's an abyssal one, and yet the town is still there
    - In a human body, he can blend in with the people, and he's behaving himself, don't you think?

    Page 16
    Frame 1
    - Don't you want to take a look?
    - At this abyssal one, Isley?

    Frame 3
    - You don't understand what Miria told us at all, do you...
    - What the hell. So, you're saying you have no interest at all
    - in him?

    Frame 4
    - Don't be stupid

    Frame 5
    - He's the former abyssal one of the North
    - We had no direct contact, but he's the mastermind behind the battle of the North
    - You could even say he's the main enemy of the comrades who fell in the North

    Page 17
    Frame 1
    - W... woah, calm down
    - I'm not saying we should fight him here and now at all

    Frame 2
    - In the end, we'll just take a quick glimpse
    - With our youki hidden like this, he won't notice us

    Frame 3
    - Hey
    - What are you thinking
    - You'd better not

    Frame 4
    - Ah, you stand by
    - We wouldn't be able to approach him if a warrior's youki was emitted close to us
    - Don't worry, we'll be back soon

    Frame 5
    - Wait a sec...

    Page 18
    Frame 2
    - Honestly
    - What a brazen bunch

    Frame 3
    - But, facing an abyssal one...
    - Will they really escape his notice just because their youki is hidden?

    Page 19
    Frame 2
    - It's quite a lively town, isn't it?
    - There's a lot of people too
    - You really wouldn't think there's an abyssal one here...

    Frame 3
    - Be careful
    - Even though our youki is hidden, our eyes are still silver like before
    - If someone sees our eyes, the fact that we're warriors will be exposed

    Frame 4
    - It's this way

    Page 20
    Frame 4
    - Woah! What's this
    - The strength of this youki isn't normal
    - Do normal folks really not notice any of this?

    Frame 5
    - I've heard that those with sharp senses do feel something
    - They don't understand why but they don't want to be there... or something like that

    Frame 6
    - Really? That would be annoying
    - I bet they suffer without anyone understanding them

    Page 21
    Frame 1
    - It's strange...

    Frame 2
    - Huh? What is?
    - I was preoccupied with the abyssal one's existance and didn't think much about it, but...
    - This situation is strange in a lot of ways

    Frame 3
    - First of all, why does he hide his identity and stay in this town?
    - I don't understand why he would conceal himself as a human

    Frame 4
    - And one more thing...
    - The phrase she used earlier...

    Frame 5
    - The term "abyssal one" is not a word that particularly needs to be hidden
    - Why did she purposely use a different expression for it?

    Page 24
    Frame 2
    - Oh no...
    - Right in front of us, all of a sudden

    Frame 3
    - This is...
    - Isley...!?

    Frame 5
    - No, don't freeze up...
    - He shouldn't be able to detect our youki...
    - In the end, he'll just see us as humans...

    Frame 6
    - Let's go, Helen
    - Ho... hold on a sec...
    - My... my legs...

    Page 25
    Frame 2
    - Sh...

    Frame 6
    - Sh...
    - Did he see it...?

    Page 26
    Frame 4
    - What's wrong
    - Are you hurt?

    Frame 5
    - N... no...
    - My sister always has trouble with her legs...

    Page 27
    Frame 1
    - Shall I lend you a hand?

    Frame 2
    - It's alright
    - I am there for her
    - Please, don't worry about us

    Frame 4
    - Haa
    - Haa
    - Haa

    Frame 6
    - I see. Please watch your health
    - Yes
    - Thank you very much for your concern

    Frame 8
    - Phew...

    Page 28
    Frame 4
    - Ga...
    - De
    - Deneve
    - Uaaa

    Page 29
    Frame 1
    - You useless trash...
    - Warriors who hide their youki, what's with that?

    Frame 2
    - Ga...
    - Y...
    - You...

    Frame 3
    - You're an eyesore
    - Turn to dust

    Page 30-31
    Frame 1
    - Ri...
    - Ridiculous...

    Frame 2
    - At a time like this...
    - Shit...

    Frame 4
    - The devil...
    - has returned...

    Lower left corner
    A grotesque figure (in furigana: "The devil") is closing in on the town
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    Re: [Shonen] Zokusei ch 3

    Woah I forgot about this thread until today xD.

    Thank you both for your help! Hopefully one day there won't be as many corrections :/

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    Re: [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol 1 pp1-20 by kehpped.crusader

    Hello. I haven't read this manga, but let me try to check points you are not sure.

    Quote Quote:
    Dad got some help from a friend's company. We're moving to Osaka. My friends came to the station to see me off. Bye, everyone. (need help/explanation on the first sentence, please)
    While the expression お世話になる literally means getting help from someone, it is often used to especially mean getting employed by a company, or lodging at someone's home. So her father's friend recommended her father, and they will be working together.

    Quote Quote:
    [thought top]だいすきだったよ
    I really liked you.
    [thought mid]遠く行くから
    But since I'm leaving
    I can't tell you. (would "won't" be better here? should I put in the "far away" part, or is "leaving" sufficient for the reader to understand?)
    I think "won't" is better. If the original text had been 言えない , "can't" suits. But I also think this is a problem of conveying nuance in English.

    Quote Quote:
    [written, side]電車の中でおべんと食べんの夢だったんだ
    I've always wanted to eat my bento on a train. (need help here; not quite sure what she means)
    I'm not sure too, but it seems like a childlike feeling which makes her feel happy doing something unusual. If this bento is not home made one but purchased one, it is something more unusual.
    And to take another point into consideration, for Japanese elementary school provide daily school lunch (everybody eats the same menu), home made bento is a kind of occasional lunch.

    Quote Quote:
    No need to worry! (could someone explain this to me, please?)
    You get it correctly. 案ずる is a classical expression for "worry" and なかれ is a classical expression for "shall not".
    Using classical tone, her father is trying to amuse her.

    Quote Quote:
    Poverty, here I come. (is that okay? any other suggestions?)
    Literally translation would be like "We are inevitably running into poverty", I think you get it right.

    Quote Quote:
    [radio 2]阪神の攻撃
    Hanshin Tiger's at bat (is that correct? I added "Tigers" since people might not get that Hanshin is a team)
    Yes, in this case Hanshin stands for the baseball team Hanshin Tigers without doubt. By the way, Hanshin is originally a name of region (阪 stand for 大阪 Osaka, and 神 stand for 神戸 Kobe. These cities adjoin), and Hanshin Railway company which run in this region is the owner of Tigers team.

    Quote Quote:
    Oh! Sorry, sorry
    Thanks, perfect. (help/explaination/suggestions please?)
    When ちょうど is used in a context of paying money, it means the buyer have paid exact ammount of money and therefore no change is needed.
    I think this kind of situation happens only in a culture without tipping customs.

    Quote Quote:
    [Ringo thought]番台が こんな若い男ってゆーのはマズいんじゃないのか?
    Isn't it bad to have such a young guy working the front desk like this? (suggestions??)
    As you can see in the picture, the front desk of public bath is spanning the men's area and women's area, so who runs the front desk can see both unclothing area. What about using the word "problematic" instead of "bad"?

    Quote Quote:
    [guy]はじめて うちに若い女子が来て下さった...
    This is the first time a young girl's graced us to come here... (correct? suggestions?)
    I think you get it right. This guy must have had an intention to see young girls by working at public bath, but have been disappointed by then.

    Quote Quote:
    [Ringo]父とあとで待ち合わせしてるんで 早く入って出たいんですけど
    Well, I'm supposed to wait for my father when I'm done, so I'd like to go in now. (not literal; suggestions??)
    What about ", so I don't want to waste time here talking with you."?

    Quote Quote:
    [guy]せーっかく若い女のコ来たから 一応チェックしとかんとね
    Well, since a young girl took such pains to come here, I feel it's necessary to at least check. (awkward-sounding; suggestions?)
    What about "Well, with this rare opportunity of a young girl coming,"?

    Quote Quote:
    [Ringo]...そんなの言うわけないでしょう...? that your excuse...?
    In this sentence, 言う is likely to mean Ringo telling her breast size to him.
    So, what about " you seriously expect me to tell you...? (No way.)"

    Quote Quote:
    ないもんなあ 乳。
    Not much there, boob-wise. (suggestions? I know what it means, but I don't know how to say what it means, if you know what I...mean...ha.)
    What about "Yeah, I see you don't have much"?

    Quote Quote:
    [guy]こわ~い 逆ギレされた~
    (suggestions/help, please! I think I get the gist, but how do you put it in English?)
    What about, "Scaaaarrrrryyy! How come she barks at me!?"?
    逆ギレ means "unreasonably getting mad at someone while usually the other is supposed to get mad", so making it interrogative sentence may convey its unreasonableness.

    Quote Quote:
    [Ringo thought]今のうち マツハで入ってしまおう
    (I don't get it! Please explain?)
    It would be like, "I had better take a bath super-fast (lest he finish chatting with his friends and come back to me again)"

    Quote Quote:
    [woman1]イヤなことゆうなあ あんたー
    Don't say such bad things! (???)
    What about, "I don't want to hear that!"?

    Quote Quote:
    [woman2 written]そんなへ何回??たわー
    You always say that! (can't read the Japanese; if you can, let me know what it is, please!)
    The letters is indistinguishable, but reads like そんなん何回もきいたわー.
    So, literally it would be, "I've heard your decision many times", and your translation is very good.

    Quote Quote:
    [woman]おフロでのばせて沈んでるの みっちゃんが助けてくれたんやで
    You passed out in the water. Micchan here saved you. (suggestions, please on the first sentence? or an explaination...)
    The original text would be のぼせて, not のばせて.
    The verb のぼせる means fainting from hot temperature or thinking too much.
    Japanese style bath might be a bit hotter than other countries (about 40-45 degrees centigrade), so fainting like this occasionally happens, especially one is occupied by some idea, and forgets to get out.

    Quote Quote:
    I wouldn't have guessed it, but you're clothes make you look a lot skinnier. (help! not quite familiar with the terms!)
    You get it 着ヤセ means "looking less voluptuous by wearing loose-bodied clothes" so this is a positive comment.

    Quote Quote:
    I'll find another one! Whatever it takes! (is that what it means?)
    Yes, this is it.

    Quote Quote:
    [Ringo thought]バカにしてっ
    Making me look stupid! (is that what it means? or is it more like "that idiot!"?)
    It would be more like "Making fool of me!"

    I got the raw and found this manga good. I shall take on the other thread.

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    Re: [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol1 pp21-37 by kehpped.crusader

    Hello again. I'm looking forward to read through the raw later
    Thank you for introducing this manga.

    Quote Quote:
    For now. I'm .(is he talking to her, or about what he's going to do at the company?)
    I think it would be like, "For today. I'm going to say hello to them."
    But I'm not sure if he could say hello to the co-workers on Sunday.
    So maybe he is not going to the company, but going to see his friend who fixed up his new job for him and his new boss.

    Quote Quote:
    Like where to get the best tasting okonomiyaki, the convenient stores where the prettiest girls work, where you can buy cheap smut books.
    In this case, やすい doesn't mean the cost is cheap, but combined with the verb 買う, it means something like "easy to buy".
    As it would be the case around the world, such smut books are legaly restricted to young children, but the penalty for selling such books to those who doesn't meet the standard is not strict, so it is all up to the bookstores discretion. Micchan is talking about those loose booksellers.

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    Re: [Shoujo] Ringo Nikki vol1 pp38-43 by kehpped.crusader

    I hope if I could be any help.

    Quote Quote:
    Even though I'd only wanted to check on you, you really pulled one on me! (help!!! can someone please explain 引っぱった to me??)
    引っぱった is the past form of 引っぱる, and 引っぱる is a spoken form of 引く (draw, pull). So here Micchan is self-justifying like, "YOU stressed the tension while I was just holding the other side."

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    One Piece ch526

    Can't believe no one has translated this still! OK, I'll try.

    Chapter 526 - Adventure at the big prison


    "Calm belt" big prison - Inpel Down.
    Lines with marine vessels.

    Marine sailors: "Please take care, lovely Ms. Hancock..."

    Hancock: "Shut up!!"
    Sailors: "Oh come on, please take care~~"
    Momonga(name?): "Hard to describe this heavy atmosphere... I guess hell would be like a place like this..."

    Luffy: ...


    Inpel Down Vice Warden - Hannyabal (Ambitionist)
    Han: Welcome to my Inpel Down.
    Ah, whoops, I slipped up and showed a bit of my ambition by saying "my Inpel Down", I'm STILL the Vice Warden - Hannyabal is my name smash.
    Momonga: Hi, I'm Momonga.

    Han: I've heard, that over there must be "Female Emperor" Hancock...? ... MY "Female Emperor" Hancock? Ah... whoops... ambition.


    Han: That bastard Warden... err... Mazelan the Warden is at the warden's room on Level 4 so let's drop by. Me and Vice deputy governor Domino here will show you the way.
    Domino: Since there's no place, please hurry this way. The lieutenants are there so... I'm sorry but a body check is needed.

    Domino: For inmates, they have to go over the other side of this fence, take off all their clothes, go to the iron kettle in the back and roll a hundred times in the "hell's lukewarm water"!
    This both kill the germs and sterilize them.
    After receiving this hazing ritual they enter the prison.

    As it turns out, even inmates have different "cases"
    The recently admitted "Fire Fist Ace", Shichibukai's Jinbei, former Shichibukai Crocodile, they didn't even raise an eye brow when going through the hazing ritual, really admirable.

    Domino: guests are checked in this room, please be assured.
    Please leave the cloak outside
    as it is the easiest item to hide stuff, please deposit it here.
    There is no reason to be worried, to make sure no suspicious actions take place, the interior of Inpel Down are laid with these "CCDM" (Closed Circuit Dendenmushi , footage are continuously broadcasted.

    alrighty then, first put on these Kairouseki cuffs.

    Luffy: !
    Hancock: please be gentle~~~
    Domino: ah (heartbeat)

    (Hancock turned both Domino and the CCDM into stone)
    Luffy: Woa, that was close! It was pitch black in there and I wanted to get out quickly but...
    Hancock: Luffy, looks like this is the furthest I can take you, I can't use my power from now on and the cloak has to be taken off too...
    I want to help you more but...
    Luffy: What are you talking about?! I alone couldn't even come here!! A building surrounded by marine vessels, this is already far enough!!
    Hancock: Luffy, this fort is built for the purpose of locking people in..! You MUST NOT raise a ruckus!! If you get caught, you won't be able to get out again!! Although you are strong, you must not go berserk!! Promise me!!!

    Luffy: Got it! I promise!! Thank you so much Hancock!! I am grateful and will not forget your kindness!! I will definitely repay you.
    Hancock: (Just now!!! Did he just called me "Hancock"...?) (She's using a very feminine way to say "I" (わらわ))
    Luffy: Hey! Hancock!! HANCOCK!!
    Hancock: oh... I have... no more regrets... in this life... this... mutual love....
    Luffy: Hey! it's ok to release them from petrification...

    Dendenmushi: Bi- Bi- Bi- !!! "Vice Warden Hannyabal, the picture from the inspection room has been cut, is there something going on?"
    Han: that's Domino's room...

    Han: Domino!! Is everything alright?
    (Door opens)
    Domino: Sorry it took so long, body check has been completed.
    (hmm.. strange, it feels like I have a little memory lapse...)
    Dendenmushi: "the picture has returned, nothing is wrong"
    Han: Yup, here too.

    Hancock: heh, this sucks... I'm not an inmate!! Who do you think I am?!
    Han: I'm terribly sorry, but this is one of the rules.
    Domino: Let's hurry and show her the way
    Han: ah, then let's go that way to the big lift

    Han: this lift will take us down 4 levels to the Warden Mazelan's "blazing" floor.
    it'll be a bit hot,
    when passing through level 1 through 3 we'll hear the inmates' squeal, the sound feels great so please enjoy.

    Hancock: (thinking: Luffy, I wish you luck.)
    Luffy: (Arigatou!) (Thanks!)
    Hancock: (!! He said Aishiteru !!!) (I love you)

    Han / Domino / Momonga: Hancock!! What's going on?!! Are you ok? All of a sudden!!!
    Luffy: alright... where should I go?

    Luffy: that lift goes underground huh? Hancock said Ace is probably held under the sea.
    Ah, that's right, the biburu card.


    Bulgori Guards have returned, food has been secured, open the hatch
    Guards: thanks

    (Monitor room) bi- bi- bi-!
    Guard: Found him! The pirate who went missing from Level 1's co-habit room #4, Bagi, he's on the path toward single room #22


    capture him quickly
    Bagi: damn'it! they found me.
    You bastard!! (hits CCDM)

    CCDM 71 picture has been cut.

    inmates: have u heard? it's Bagi, looks like he's trying to escape alone... just watch...
    some intense interrogation is waiting for him!! LOL...

    Here they come, Bulgori's!!! Go go go!!! Catch him!!!


    Luffy: Biburu Card is still pointing down, but this is a dead end? but looks like I can still go down
    Guards: Inmate #8200, looks to be another Devil Fruit user, don't forget the Kairouseki, don't let him escape.
    (Door opens)
    Luffy: great, I'm in.
    Guards: let's split up and attack from both sides! Hurry!

    Inpel Down Level 1, "Red Lotus Floor"
    Luffy: Woa... this is huge...
    anyways, let's keep going
    Inmates: hey hey hey brother
    wait, how did u get outside?
    Luffy: get outside? I came from the outside
    Inmates: wait, u're lying, lier!

    inmates: who r u? not a guard yet not an inmate, why are u outside the cells?
    Luffy: Oh right, do u guys know anything about Ace?
    inmates: Ace?! U know, THAT fire fist Ace?
    Luffy: That's right, I'm trying to safe him
    inmate: HAHAHA... nonsense!
    I heard he was imprisoned recently, he's locked up in single cell down in Level 5!! Not even close!!! It's impossible!!!
    That floor is for those with a bounty over 100 million!

    Inmates: hey brother, how about u go to the guards room and steal the keys?
    Yeah man!
    It's some sort of fate that we meet in this wide world...
    Luffy: Level 5 huh?

    Luffy: What the?! Someone is being chased.
    Inmates: it's Bulgori!!!
    Luffy: Bulgori?
    Inmates: Run brother!! or u're dead!!
    Bagi: Gyaaaaaaaaaaa... I got cut in half, it's hard to run...!!!!!
    Luffy: Waaa... what's up w/ these guys!!

    Bagi (re-attach): HAHAHA, u think u can cut me? Fools!!!
    WA!! Strawhat!!!! What the hell u doing here?!!
    Luffy: Oh... it's Bagi.
    Bagi: Hey! Don't fuck with me!! Still the same cheeky little guy!! I haven't heard about you getting caught too...
    Luffy: I didn't, I came in here on my own will.
    Bagi: Is there anyone stupid enough to come in here on his own?!
    Wait, you didn't... you heard I got thrown in here... and you came to save me?

    Bagi: Like hell you would!! I feel sick!!!
    Luffy: the fuck you babbling about!!! I'm just trying to keep my promise to Hancock by not raising a rackus but u got me involved in this shit
    Bagi: Right now, I don't like this mess either... I'm staging the "Bagi's covert prison break operation"!
    Luffy: like I care

    Luffy: waa, they're up ahead too
    Bagi: shit!

    Luffy: is it bad if we don't escape from them?
    Bagi: the fuck u saying?! Getting caught means a hellish interrogation!! U probably don't know, these guys are cold blooded!!

    Luffy: just don't get caught then, I'm thinking... I've already caused a mess here...
    Bagi: this is why I don't like u and that red hair dude... always so positive during bad times... alright alright, I got it... u wanna do it, let's do it...

    The stage is now changed to... FLASHY operation!!

    (Captain Baggi, it's been a long time!)

    (God... translation is such a pain! I THANK the consistent translators out there!!)
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    My first time translating...

    Hello. I have been practicing translating some manga pages, and I wanted somebody to tell me how I am doing. The manga pages are from Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

    D!PPGZ Original

    D!PPGZ Translated

    BSSM Original

    BSSM Translated

    These are my first translations. Before critisizing it, here's some background information. I haven't been learning Japanese for very long. Only about a month or so. I know hiragana, and I'm still trying to learn/memorize katakana. Needless to say, I know no kanji. My vocabulary isn't exactly great, so I use a lot. (Is that cheating? I hope not...) I'm not too good at sentence structure, either.

    You're probably asking yourself "Well why are you trying to translate?!". The truth is, I have absolutely no idea. XD

    So anyway, am I doing okay? Tips on how I can improve are also appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: My first time translating...


    I think you are doing quite well.
    Using a online dictionary is not cheating, it is very important to check words you don't know.
    And as for sentence structure, I don't think a knowledge of formal grammar is indispensable.
    What I think is vital for manga translation is the skill to interpret informal sentences by guessing omitted words by using the context as clues.
    I find your translation "We have finished our patrolling assignment!" very nice, for you are properly doing this kind of guessing here.

    An advise I would give you is that, doubt your translation if it doesn't seem to make sense.
    Sometimes a dictionary would show you a candidate of translation, while it really is a part of an expression.
    For example, 「だって」 in the sentence 「うさぎだってー」 is not a conjunction,
    but a part of an expression, and this sentence would mean something like,
    "Did you hear her name is Usagi? (Isn't it funny?)"
    The expression "XXX だってー" is a conversational expression often used to share a feeling on something in chat.
    In this case, the girls is implicitly sharing a feeling that her name is funny, while explicitly repeating Usagi's name after the teacher.
    What the speakers is implicitly sharing is only guessed here from the atmosphere, giggling, and the other sentence pointing her hair color is unusual.
    This kind of expression is difficult to look up in dictionary or such things, so learn it bit by bit.

    Again, I would like to assure you that you are doing very well!
    Good luck and enjoy translation!
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    Question Iryu - Team Medical Dragon, ch160

    Good day.

    I would like to ask for some assistance or comments, regarding the translation of a medical title.
    Raw found here

    MICS (minimally invasive cardiac surgery)
    ITA = Internal Thoratic Artery

    Brackets: [Text I'm unsure about.]
    Pipes: Not even a guess...

    Thanks much,

    IRYU 160

    Revival and Provocation

    It looks like Dr. Kunitachi will be performing the operation on Professor Noguchi.

    It'll be the Tuesday after next.
    Dr. Kirishima and Dr. Fujiyoshi will be giving a lecture before the operation begins.
    Dr. Kato didn't get her chance.
    [Doesn’t seem like there's anything Kato can do for now.]

    The day after the operation just also happens to be the day of the primary elections.

    [Dr. Kirishima knew just how-to handle Prof. Noguchi's plan.]
    [He didn't betray us.]
    Kirishima's group is quite skilled.
    And how's that compared with Kato's group?
    [She might go back with Kirishima.]
    Isn't that right?

    We had our last meeting with Prof. Noguchi before the operation.
    There were here.
    After Kunitachi successfully finishes the operation, Kato will be seen as clearly inferior...
    [You'll be the new lowest-man.]

    Even if Dr. Kunitachi botches the operation, its difficult nature will mean he won't be losing any points...
    [You know that this coincidence isn't connected with Kato's vote?]
    Yeah... I know.
    We need to keep an eye on Kirishima.
    [Even if he places 2nd in the election...]
    Just wait Ijuuin.

    I told Ijuuin.

    This is the worst for Kato.
    [Prof. Noguchi's operation will be Kunitachi's last attempt...]
    Since we needed to decide on a plan for his operation,
    we chose Kato's idea: an artificial vascular graft.
    She can't increase her chances nay longer.
    What a dilemma...

    [...] Any suggestions?

    It's hard to believe that Noguchi chose Dr. Kunitachi.
    But Noguchi's not an amateur,
    he's a professor of heart surgery, and he knows the risks...

    Well, Noguchi chose Kunitachi, and that's that. No need for you to get involved.
    You need to respect the patient's wishes...

    I have a bypass surgery tomorrow at 10.
    I'll be accompanied by Kunitachi and that foreign group.

    [Let's see what he'll do.]

    This seems like a normal ordinary bypass surgery. What'll we be looking for?

    [...He's not making a median incision?]

    He's opening the 4th rib...!
    ...Is he planning
    to perform an MICS?

    Usually, an incision along the sternum would be performed.
    But he's going for a 'Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery'.
    In this type of operation, the incision isn't made along the sternum, but between the ribs, leaving about 7-10cm open...

    Even though the incision is small, and there's not much impact on the patient's body,
    it requires extensive skill, and there is a serious risk of damage to the blood vessels!
    [They say it’s like cutting along the edges of swords...]
    Won't surgical robots
    be able to perform these operations soon?

    I can't see it.
    Our field of vision is too small.
    Plus, with the size of these forceps...
    We'd need another 7cm...
    Will they be able to remove the ITA with that much space...?

    Tying the ITA
    to the coronary artery.

    Hm... Perhaps that just happened to be the right maneuver.
    May be so, but you can't deny Asada's skill either.
    Dr. Kunitachi.
    [What do you think?]

    -I'm lost with this segment. Can anyone think of a term for 弁形成 ?

    Surgical robots could never match Asada's skill, not now, not 10 years from now.
    [Joining complete.]
    No damage any blood vessels.
    That was brilliant...

    [It's nothing, really.]
    He's really fighting...
    ...And now I'm threatened...

    ['We' are the best doctors here,]
    [but 'he' is the best doctor here.]
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    Need help with English-to-Romaji phrases

    This is a bit of a weird request, but I might as well try it here. I'm busy working on a fanfiction, and though most of it is in English, there's one character in it who speaks in Japanese.

    The problem is, I know very little about how to properly translate Japanese phrases and slang. I'm sure plenty of people have this problem.

    I'll cut straight to the point: I need some help translating some phrases from English into Romaji. I don't need English to Kanji or such; I still want what's said to be in English text. Unfortunately, the automatic translators you can find online (i.e. Babelfish) don't work for slang or phrases.

    If anyone could help me out with some translations, I'd be really grateful. Here's a for-starters:

    This one is said while my character is performing a special attack (kinda like in Naruto or Bleach).
    Quote Quote:
    Flame, engulf and annihilate! Fire Style!
    Think anyone could help me out with stuff like this? Keep in mind that I may ask for some help involving phrases that involve profanities.

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    Re: Need help with English-to-Romaji phrases

    There's a software for this but I did not try. Work with windows under dos prompt. Just read the page.

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    Translating Woe's

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a beginning translator and am currently studying Japanese. I'm self study since there are no Japanese language classes available in or around this area.

    I figured I would start learning the written form by slowly translating manga raw's. For the most part it mimic's Japanese daily speech and seeing the words written helps it stick in my head much more than writing the Hiragana 100 times.

    The problem I'm running into is not being able to find a word in the dictonary and I am unsure how to translate. Its rather frustrating. I'll list a few examples below.

    見つけたわ…   Can't find a translation for this anywhere

    消えた…!?   Can't find this anywhere either. Is it more than one word?

    Those are only a few examples. I might be tackling this to earlier in my instruction but I thought it would be fun.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to get better at this and have the desire, just need a point in the right direction.


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