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Thread: ボペーッ ・ ペボーッ

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    ボペーッ ・ ペボーッ

    (note: I wrote the sounds wrong in the title, ignore those, it's ポ not ボ )

    Hey there, guys!
    So, I'm translating a Kirby comic, and he's frequently saying stuff like

    Now, these all sound like various inflections on the same kind of sound effect... and he uses it so frequently (sometimes as a sentence-ender, and sometimes even by itself) that I really want to get it right.
    I checked Jisho and TheJadedNetwork, but couldn't find any suggestions there.

    To me, it sounds a lot like the sound they use for Kirby's spitting in the games (even though it's used for more than that) but I can't think of a good English equivalent. I was thinking "poof" for a while, but that carries the connotation of something appearing or disappearing. I was considering just keeping it literal, as "pe-po!" or "po-pe!" but I feel like that doesn't sound right for English readers.

    Anyway does anybody have any suggestions for what I should use for these sounds?


    Edit: I thought for a bit longer about what would sound good, and ultimately decided to go with a halfway literal interpretation for all of this stuff.

    ペホー     > pep-hop
    ペポ      > pep-pop
    ペポーッ    > pe-popf
    ポペ      > pop-pep
    ポペ~ッ    > Po-pepf

    There's also two more that I've seen used for Kirby noises...

    プポッ     > pu-popf
    ムポ~ッ    > Muu-popf

    Anyway, that's what I've decided on, so I no longer require help. Still, I hope this is useful to somebody else, if they're translating Kirby stuff.
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