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Thread: Members Guide to Mangahelpers

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    Exclamation Members Guide to Mangahelpers

    The Staff | The Thanks Button | Thread Prefixes | The Report Button |Avatars and Signatures | Control Panel | Subscriptions

    Hi and welcome to Mangahelpers! This thread is a quick guide to the basics of Mangahelpers forums, settings, and control. Not all of the forum features are discussed here, please start a thread for any questions not answered.

    The Staff

    Mangahelpers staff is divided into four levels:
    • Mangahelpers: Local moderators, in charge of specific forums.
    • Global Moderators: Have moderation power over the entire forum, provide leadership at the moderation level and are the heads of enforcement.
    • Tech: Mangahelpers IT team. In charge of coding, creating themes, and maintaining the back end of the forum.
    • Administrators: Have control of the front end of the forum. In charge of forum management, maintenance, and policy.
    • Senpai: Senpai are former staff members, no longer active but honored for their contributions to Mangahelpers.
    A listing of the current staff is available here. Please PM anyone, if needed. If they can not help, they will pass the message on to someone who can.

    The Thanks Button

    At the bottom right of every post is the "thanks button". Clicking it places your username underneath the post. Rather than making a "gratitude" post to say thank you, click the button to show appreciation. Everyone likes to see a long list of names thanking their post, and there is no limit on the number of posts you can thank.

    The number of times you have been thanked, and thanked other members is available on your member profile right beneath your post count.

    Thread Prefixes

    Prefixes are a helpful way to sort and organize threads. When starting a new thread, there will be a drop down with prefix options to the left of the thread title field. Select the most appropriate prefix when starting a thread. Prefixes don't have to be perfect, they are meant as general categories, not specific. Prefixes allow forums to be sorted by content. Clicking on the prefix (located to the left of thread title) sorts out any threads with different prefixes. Not all forums support prefixes.

    Additionally, thread sorting options are located in drop down menus at the top of every forum.

    The Report Button

    The report button is a shortcut to contacting the first available staff member when there is a problem. The button is located at the bottom left of every post and private message, next to online status. Appearance can vary depending on theme. If at any time you see a post that violates forum rules, please click the report button. The moderators will be alerted immediately. Other members can not see who reported a post, reports are only visible to Mangahelpers and higher. Private messages can also be reported. Reported messages are only visible to Administrators and Techs.

    Avatars and Signatures

    Mangahelpers allows avatars with a maximum size of 150 x 150 pixels. Signature pictures are allowed to be 600 x 200 pixels with a maximum file size of 400 kilobits allowed. An additional height of 20 pixels is allowed to account for text, smileys, and links. With all elements included, maximum signature size is 600 x 220 pixels.

    Avatars and signatures can be added from the 'my actions' drop down. Click 'control panel', under 'settings and options' click 'edit signature' or 'edit avatar'. Or follow this link for avatars, and this link for signatures.

    Avatars can either be uploaded from a hard drive by clicking 'browse' or by copying and pasting a URL into the field.

    Signature pics can also be uploaded by clicking 'browse' or copied from a URL. Once uploaded, click the text that reads 'insert sig pic' to create unique bb code, which will automatically be inserted in the text field. Then copy and paste the image location of 'your current signature picture'. Text, links, bb code, and smilies can be added into the text field in the same way as a post is composed in the forum.

    Control Panel

    In addition to editing avatars and signatures, other account information can be edited using the control panel. Email and password can be changed in the control panel. Remember to check for a confirmation email after any changes are made. Admin can recover lost passwords, or check the email an account is registered under if it is ever forgotten.

    Edit Profile allows basic profile information to be added, changed or updated. This includes gender, instant messaging screen names, biographical information, and the option to display or hide date of birth.

    Edit Options includes additional profile information including the ability to set profile to invisible, time zones, nationality, private messaging options, thread display options, forum skins, and many more options.


    Also in Edit Options, under the 'Messaging and Notification' heading, is an option called 'default thread subscription mode'. Thread subscriptions gives you the option of being alerted when someone makes a new post in a thread you regularly post in or follow. There are various alert settings to choose from. Threads are subscribed to automatically when you make a post, unless setting 'default thread subscription mode' to 'do no subscribe'. If set to 'do not subscribe', threads can be subscribed to manually. When viewing a thread, select the 'thread tools' drop down at the top. Select the 'subscribe to this thread' option to manually subscribe. This allows you to subscribe to threads you do not post in, or to subscribe to select threads if your subscription mode is set to 'do not subscribe'.

    When new posts are are made in a thread you are subscribed to, an alert will be posted on the homepage of your control panel. You can also be alerted via email if that option is selected. Subscriptions can be managed in the 'list subscriptions' link in your control panel.

    Any further questions? Please feel free to post a thread in this forum or PM a member of the staff! We are always here to help.
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