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Thread: Welcome to the New MH Translators' Academy!

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    Welcome to the New MH Translators' Academy!

    Welcome to the MH Translators' Academy (TA)!

    If you are a new or experienced manga translator, this is the place for you.

    Here is a quick tour of the new Translators' Academy:

    Main Board

    This is the main board for all the translation questions and discussions to improve the accuracy of the translations here on MH. Please create new threads for all short translation-related questions to improve the accuracy of your translation here. Don't forget to specify the language of your question (i.e. [JP] for Japanese, and [KR] for Korean etc) in the title when starting your thread, and prefix your thread as "Help". Don't forget to change the prefix to "Done" when your question is answered to help keep things organized here.

    If you need someone to read your whole translation to check for translation accuracy, please post here. If you need someone to read your whole translation to check grammar and flow, please post here. Kanji related questions: here. Members with little or no language knowledge in JP (and other languages) can request for very short translation help: here. Please read each opening post for instructions.

    Please post General language learning questions in the TA Classroom.


    This is the place for all the members to share useful information, resources, questions and opinions about general language-learning.

    Do remember also to prefix your threads appropriately:
    • Guide: For all detailed tutorials
    • Quiz: For quizzes (mod use only. If you have any fun questions to contribute for the quiz, please post in the existing thread)
    • Lesson: For proficient speakers to impart their knowledge
    • Discussion: For any discussion about language-learning
    • Useful: For any useful links and resources
    • Question: For all questions
    Please feel free to make new posts in existing/old treads of your interest.

    Have a great time in the Translators' Academy! Don't forget that all forum rules still apply here
    Tip: If someone answered your question, don't spam by posting a short "thanks", just use the thanks button on the bottom left of the post!

    If you have any problems, feel free to approach mikkih, serizawa, or any global/admin.
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