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Thread: alphabeta's review of Bakuman 128: Portraits And Jeering

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    alphabeta's review of Bakuman 128: Portraits And Jeering

    Bakuman 128 – Portraits And Jeering
    A Review by alphabeta

    Small Summary: Eiji makes fun of Ashirogi, saying they might actually get him canceled. Fukuda shows us how cool he can pull a mobile phone outta his a** (or wherever he took it). Nakai declines Fukuda’s proposal… (they were engaged??). Aida-san bashes Nakai behind his back. We see Nanamine (not a single one of you voted for this possibility in my 127 poll ). Ohba decides to sh** on WSJ’s orders, not to pull any H-stuff into their manga’s and creates three other “fap-materials”. After Nakai finishes with those three, Fukuda arrives. (YAOI-ALARM!!!), however one of the “fap-materials” arrives again, and asks Nakai to do it with her again… . Nakai, who can’t decide whom to ***, is in a dilemma, however after comparing that girls “arguments” with Fukuda’s one’s he says that Fukuda isn’t a customer anymore. Dunno how, but Nakai decides to go that girls place (everyone who’s younger than 18, please leave… wait, I’m only 17 myself… ). Ashirogi: Young man, there’s no need to feel down, I said Young man~. Meanwhile Nakai, finally arrives at that girls place, only to find there 3 girls instead of 1. Gang ****? No. More like Female Domination. Anyway, he runs off, and gets drunk. Then comes cliché behavement. Getting Drunk. Shouting at customers. Being thrown out by security. Going to ex-love. Current lover of ex-love arrives.

    Long Summary:

    Shuujin proves us, that he’s based on Light, by constantly checking his watch . So, we find out it’s 15 minutes before New Year (@Ohba: What so important about this information, eh?). Anyway, Eiji makes a comeback… though I gotta say, it was rather creepy. He’s praising PCP, saying it could actually make him get canceled (like hell ). Fukuda, who is now being called “Fukuda of the Sharingan”, after inheriting Nana’s ability to appear outta nowhere, agrees with Eiji. Yamamato-Eiji, says to Ashirogi that NAKAI IS BACK!!! This is the first time we see Ashirogi and Fukuda (called A.S.F. in the future), making a funny face this chapter.

    Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thinks, this looks creepy.

    Honestly, I should stop commenting every single panel, on every single page. So next page, Ashirogi finally finds out what we know since chapter 123. NAKAI IS FU***** BACK!!! Oh, and yeah, a piece of info which is new for us readers too. Nakai got fired, and Fukuda has an I-phone 4G (from the looks of it.)

    Now, as to my comments of what happened so far. Reintroducing Eiji and Fukuda, especially, in regarding to Nakai, gives us a high possibility of seeing a meeting of Team Fukuda, in the near Future. They might discuss what to do with Nakai. They might do a Ga** ****. Thing is, there will be a meeting.

    Man, my stomach hurts… No jokes, it really does.

    So, wee see Nakai again (my seemingly perfect day, was just totally ruined by ohba ). Poor ol’ guy, has eaten to much pizza, and now his stomach hurts. Fukuda calls him, only to find out that Nakai has nothing to say to him. Nakai has nothing to say to Fukuda. Nakai has nothing to say at all. Nakai should just go and die… .

    What’s with the three of you using the same expressions? You guys a couple?

    Aida-san appears, and tells A.S.F apparently some super-shocking information (based on their face-expressions), however the author of this review has read and re-read but couldn’t find what’s so interesting in what Aida said. Anyway, Aida appears – Aida disappears having fulfilled his task of taking up half a page with useless talk.

    The next Day. Saikou still can’t get Nakai out of his head… *re-reading that part* WTF?! Saikou, man, and here I thought Azuki was your one and only love. Well, but then again I can’t blame ya. Not being able to surpress your libido for such a long time, while your best friend and everyone else around you is already having… well you know what, that must be quite a strain on you.

    Anyway, Ashirogi is discussing Nakai’s life, and Saikou calls Nanamine, incase he might know some info about Nakai that we still don’t. And we do. Nakai is using his talent to draw tourists for $ or € or £ or ¥. So Saikou is eager to tell this super information he just found out with the F in A.S.F., namely Fukuda.

    *fap, fap, fap*

    *coughing* So, I’m pretty sure my comment to the above picture has… called your interest. Believe me, I can understand why. And every other male (and some female) MH-users too. . Like I said in my “Short Summary” Obata created 3 more, like I call them “fap-materials”. You wanna argue? You wanna say they have another meaning than the one which comes to your mind the moment you see them? Well, as long as you write that as a comment to my review I don’t mind.

    Oh, yeah, as to what happens in the chapter itself. The girl with the rinnegan-eyes notices Nakai (he is indeed hard not to notice ). And wants him to draw the three of them together. Well Nakai, does what he’s told to and while he’s in dreamland, imagining what he might do with those three chiqs… Fukuda arrives.

    That’s what we all love him for

    Badass… BADASS!!! Dat eyes. Dat way he’s sitting. Dat clothing. TOTALLY BADASS!!! Really, if there’s someone who I didn’t expect to show up at this moment that would be Fukuda. Heck, I would less surprised if Natsu apperead. (Fairy Tail x Bakuman crossover… ).

    So, Fukuda gives Nakai a last chance to become a good person. Fukuda: “Join the good side, my son, and your sins will be forgiven.” Just when Nakai is about to really do join it, something happens. The unnamed-girl appears, reminding Nakai that he is a boy, and she is a girl, and sometime a boy and a girl… kiss… and then they… . Anyway, she asks him to do it with her once again, and of course Nakai agrees, and tells Fukuda to fu** off.

    It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A~

    In the meantime Ashirogi arrives and meets up with Fukuda. He tells them where to find Nakai, and they go all together and see Nakai and the girl chatting, with her telling Nakai that in case he wants to do a NU-styled drawing of her - *beatles-style*: All you gotta do is call, and ~ I’ll be there. Well he agrees and they sail off.

    Fukuda, who has surprisingly the same amount of intelligence as Shuujin, since they can both see that Nakai is a failed attempt to create an interesting character decide to go home, but, hey, who said that Saikou does. He goes and calls Nakai. Tearful reunion? Nakai finally seeing all his mistakes? Forget it. Nakai just ignores him, and on top of that tells that girl that Saikou now means “nothing” to him in his life.

    So the two of them finally arrive at that girls place, and Nakai, who already can’t hide his perverted intentions steps in the house and…

    2012. The day Nakai got trolled. Watch in cinemas, in 2013, which is one year after the world apperantly should die, but, hey, who cares. Money doesn’t work in the world of logic.

    So, what was clear from the beginning is now being explained to Nakai in person. Nakai – you suck! Go and hang yourself, find a Death Note and write your name in it. I don’t care. Just disappear. For the second time since he has been re-introduced Nakai runs away, and ends up in a bar. There, ridiculously drunk, he shows of more of his bad colors, and in the end two securities arrive kicking him out.

    L’s kicks are foot fetish-foreplay compared to this.

    So, Nakai, having degredated even more, goes and does what every drunk guys does. Calls his ex-girlfriend. Aoki, who is chatting with Hiramaru on a telephone is freakin’ shocked to hear “Aoiki, get outta here, you here me?” Well, I can’t blame her. Hiramaru hears the discussion Aoki and her ex are having, and tells her to wait for him, and don’t go out at all costs.

    While you and I are still trying to understand what happened a car appears out of nowhere, and Hiramaru jumps out of it, stepping in front of Nakai. Nakai vs Hiramaru. Fight!

    Hiramaru – the master of Acrobatics. Try jumping outta a driving car, and not break all o’ your bones. Well, he can

    My Thoughts: Honestly, a chapter seems so ridiculously long when you actually go and read every singe speech bubble and look and every single panel. Anyway, this chapter’s main focus is… to my deepest regrets... about Nakai. We get character development everywhere. Bakuman in general is more based on characters, more than the other manga’s currently running in jump. We see how Nakai has fallen down, and keeps falling.

    Another point worth noticing is… Force. Lately, fists (and feet) have begun to be used in another way than sketching, inking, and adding tones. And what’s important. Heck, Obata draws them fu***** realistic. Makes me really wanna see what’s gonna happen if Ohba and Obata decide to do a mainstream battle manga a la Naruto or Bleach.

    The cliffhanger too was nice. Hiramaru in his costume facing a drunk Nakai, fighting for the love of Aoki… interesting.

    Small Details: . Find ten differences.

    Predictions: Doing predictions, when 129 itself and the spoilers for 130 are out… you don’t actually expect me to do that?

    P.S.: It’s kinda fun, to write the P.S. part, even before the actual Review itself . Anyway, With this now, my 3rd Review has been just successfully finished. HOWEVER, let’s already start with the bad news. My next Review for chapter 129 is 10000000000% definitely NOT coming out. No, not even a nuclear war can make a write one (well, maybe not the best example to choose ). Real Life is going to keep me ridiculously busy in the visible future, and in the time where chapter 129 comes out, especially. So, at best, I’ll do a 129/130 double review. Thought that’s it with the bad news? Forget it. Here comes another portion. The infamous “Death Manga” is taking fu****** more time than expected. Really, I feel like Saikou, when he did Trap . So even now, you’ll get a very, very, small preview. The first page of the first chap of “Death Manga”. Now, now, don’t go bashing me, through the whole WWW. I did these “page-edits” as a bonus in the first place. But now, we stop with bad news, and go over to dedications.

    This week’s portion of dedications goes to -----> BBB Banana, Iceiphoenix, Googlez_kun, jorped, good_boy, Imperium and Evil3ye for taking me in into the wonderful world of Fun Forum. Quite a number, especially compared to my last two dedications, ain’t it.

    Guys, if you’re reading this. HI FROM RUSSIA.

    P.P.S: Well, since you already must’ve noticed that P.S. above this one was written, before I stopped posting. I can only add, that I will do a 129 review. The schedule will be something like this. 1. May 128 review. 3 may 130 chapter. 5 may. 129 review and then I’ll somehow catch up . Anyway, I had to shorten this review a little so I could finish it by the 1st, so the rather big amount of pics makes up the lack of text. As to why I didn’t changed the first P.S. well, you see I’m too lazy to read it, and think what to change… (A reviewer is too lazy to read his own review… ). Anyway I’ve gone through the trouble to finish this review. You go through the trouble to COMMENT IT!!!


    Spoiler show

    P.P.S I just re-read this review, and I gotta say… I’ve done better ones. Since the moment I joined Fun Forum, my posts have become “less serious”. This review has lost it’s “review-aspect” and turned into a wannabe-funny-commentary… Sigh… I guess I just have to change this attitude in my 129 review…
    Last edited by alphabeta; May 01, 2011 at 03:28 PM.

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    Re: alphabeta's review of Bakuman 128: Portraits And Jeering

    Another Excellent Review, Thanks Again Alpha

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