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Thread: Eiichiro Oda trivia

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    Eiichiro Oda trivia

    "Author Appeal: Crossdressers. In the character design notes for Rurouni Kenshin, Nobuhiro Watsuki says that Kamatari, a crossdressing character, was inspired by one of his assistants suggesting a character based on the pun, an "okama with a kama", or a "crossdresser with a scythe". Although the assistant is not named, because of this trope, everybody guessed that this assistant was Eiichiro Oda. In a later interview, Nobuhiro Watsuki confirmed that this guess was true. Watsuki explains that Oda's original concept for Kamatari was a masculine looking crossdresser with effeminate mannerisms like the crossdressers in One Piece (Mr. 2 anyone?), but Watsuki had trouble drawing such a character and ended up making Kamatari a pretty crossdresser."

    " Creator Breakdown: It's speculated that his anxiety over his wife's pregnancy was what inspired the deal with Ace's Missing Mom Rouge.

    On a more humorous note, it's been joked (and outright stated) by the anime staff that the reason the amount of Fanservice spiked upward was because of Oda getting married and being horny for his very attractive wife (a well-known ex-Cosplay Otaku Girl) all the time, to the displeasure of fans who liked the general lack of such things in the manga early on. For a guy who prefers not emphasizing romance that's not an obvious huge joke in his stories, he sure is a massive softie for his family."

    " The Rival: Sees the Pretty Cure series as this in the anime, since his children love the show more than One Piece. He declares that he'll take down Pretty Cure.

    Also, to Toriko."

    Don't know if these are true or not. Just stumble upon these and wanna share with you guys. >__<
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    Re: Eiichiro Oda trivia

    When he was a Kid he was played defense on football (I'm not going to say it "soccer") and the football player he looked up when he was a kid was Colombian goal keeper Rene Higuita, famous for his scorpion saving (this is comes from Deep Blue Databook).
    Chapter 329, page 18..................

    Just EPIC

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