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Thread: Cleaning help! for a noob:D

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    Confused Cleaning help! for a noob:D

    hi this is my first time cleaning, and i want to know whether you should do grey inking. I haven't done the borders yet on this page, and i want to ask someone's opinion. and what program is best for inking? ive looked around, but it gets confusing >_<

    heres my 1/2 clean version:

    heres the original:

    any help would help:P

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    Re: Cleaning help! for a noob:D

    This looks like a volume scan, or at least, from a magazine that isn't printed too terribly? In any case, it could have been scanned alot better.

    So you could re-do the greys, but it'd probably be way more time efficient to buy the manga and re-scan it. Re-doing greys properly can take hour(s) per page. It depends on the detail of grey usage, and that manga looks decently complex (notice the little white dot pattern coming out of the bottom left corner, very hard duplicate that quickly).

    As for the borders, they don't need re-doing. Borders are only redone when they're terribly jagged and have little white dots and stuff in them. This manga just seems to have a style that uses very thin borders.

    I would recommend, if you want to clean it kinda quick without getting new scans:
    1. First thing is go to Image > Mode > Grayscale
    2. Then do a Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise: strength=10, preserve details=9, sharpen details=6, remove jpeg artifacts=off. This is to kinda bring some of the textures together and make the page bleed-throughs not show up as much. (make sure to keep a copy of the original layer also)
    3. Level around: [42, 1.07, 224]
    4. For the white areas, use the brush tool and dodge tool (highlights ~5% exposure) to get rid of dirt and bleed-throughs.
    5. Do the same for black areas, with brush and burn tool (shadows ~3% exposure).
    6. Make sure to pay careful attention that you don't get rid of textures or details that're supposed to be there.
    7. Use clone stamp tool and/or healing brush tool to fix any dirt and page bleed-throughs in the gray areas.
    8. Delete out parts that the reduce noise filter may have messed up, so that the original layer shows through. (also can use a layer mask).
    Anyways here's what I did with the above method.
    Spoiler show
    Actually looking at it now, it's too blurry, so probably use less of the reduce noise filter.

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    Re: Cleaning help! for a noob:D

    thx so much for the help!:P

    and i was wondering about the borders and how to denoise

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