Title: Drug & Drop (ドラッグ & ドロップ)
Alternative/Former Titles: Gohou Drug, Legal Drug, Lawful Drug
Author: CLAMP
Target Group: Mature, Men, Women
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, Light BL
Chinese Release: 3 volumes (ongoing)
Year: 2000-2003, resuming in November 2011
MH DB-Entry: http://mangahelpers.com/m/gouhou-drug

Note: This series is resuming in a seinen magazine. The first three volumes (until the hiatus) were serialized in a shoujo magazine. That's not exactly important for CLAMP manga since they're often cross-demographic anyway. Anyone allergic to slight shounen-ai should be aware of this typical CLAMP 'feature' too. Although, it should be less now with the target group shift.

Sample Pages (from a 10 years old scan, will exchange when we got better ones):

Description by MU (Legal Drug), MU (Drug & Drop) and ANN:
Meet Kazahaya and Rikuo. By day, they are two ordinary pharmacists at the Green Drug pharmacy; by night, their boss has them filling 'special prescriptions' for clients with ailments that can't be cured using ordinary elixirs.
The first Legal Drug series went on hiatus in 2003. Drug & Drop will again follow the lead characters Kazahaya Kudō and Rikuō Himura. The new manga will reveal Kazahaya and Rikuō's pasts as well as the background of Green Drug, the mysterious drugstore where they work.

eni's mini-review: This is one of the few manga I bought but as a CLAMP fangirl, I clearly had to. The storytelling and mood is similar to xxxHolic (and technically Legal Drug went on hiatus to make room for exactly that). It stands in one line with CLAMP's darker and mysterious stories that have just as many male readers as female ones, despite the very typical shounen-ai hints. So if you enjoyed xxxHolic, you should take a look into Legal Drug (which has a crossover appearance in xxxHolic, if you remember), while keeping in mind that it was written before that one - less pretty drawings, less flashed out concept and terrible old scanlation. And if you like it, please stay and anticipate with me the upcoming continuation, Drug & Drop.