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Thread: Explanation of One's Political and Philosophical Worldviews

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    Explanation of One's Political and Philosophical Worldviews

    I made this thread for people to explain the way they think about or on certain issues and why they think the way they do on or about certain issues.

    This thread is NOT about issues, but why you think the way you do.


    for example, with me, I've taken what I've learned in sports to heart in how I view things.

    On a sports team, when one of your teammates messes up, the coach punishes the entire team, as we ARE a team, each individual teammate represents the team, as "we are only as strong as our weakest link".

    I agree with the coaches' view, we ALL are responsible and accountable for each other, as we ARE a team, I agree that when one teammate messes up, we ALL have to run our asses off, or whatever the punishment is.

    so, this is how I look at the world of humanity. As Americans we were ALL (the northern Americans as well, and if you know history, northern Americans were also VERY ANTI-Black, "Slavery is wrong, but don't you Blacks come up here with us in the North!") responsible and accountable for slavery in the South.

    "People are responsible for people" -HK

    We do have the right to say NO to other people and to stop them. Borders, soveignty, and countries mean nothing. We are all people, and wrong is wrong, and its our responsibility to stop that wrong, and we are responsble for ourselves, "People are responsible for people".

    Now, not everything is valid, that's the hard part, "the devil in the details", when is it right and when is it not right to step in.

    When do borders matter and when don't they?

    What is wrong and what is not wrong?


    also, here's my outlook/view about "wrong is wrong":

    here's a philosophical argument that crushes its topic:

    "culture relativism"

    let's say one culture thinks its alright to sew/stitch up a young female's vagina until she's of legal age to marry to prevent pre-marital sex.

    now you, as a mother or father of your culture, are personally abhored by this, to mutilate your daughter's vagina by sewing/stitching it up.

    well, if you were to go to that country of that culture, would you now do that to your own daughters' vagina? HELL NO!

    it's wrong because it's wrong, not because your culture taught you it was wrong, as if that was the case, then you'd have no problem changing your view within a different culture, being taught differently what is right and wrong.

    and thus, there's no such thing as "cultural relativism", wrong is wrong.

    let's look at how absurd it is:

    at longitude 45 and latitude 45, it is a NOT alright (and a heinous crime, torture, mutilation) to sew/stitch up your daughter's vagina.

    but, at longitude 46 and latittude 46, it is alright to sew/stitch up your daughter's vagina.

    one step forward or backward, toggles right and wrong... "geography determines right and wrong"...

    BS!, how absurd! see, how absurd the notion of "cultural relativism" is! geography has no relationship to what is right and what is wrong, how utterly absurd!

    wrong is wrong, and whether its "this country" ("longitude 45 and latitude 45") or "that country" ("longitude 46 and latittude 46") means absolutely nothing, wrong is wrong.

    (and so the U.S. or any country has the right to "invade" another country to put a stop to a wrong, as "wrong is wrong", and "people are responsible for people")

    if your neighbor is comitting rape on their own child, you fkn do something about it! as wrong is wrong, and "people are repsonsible for people". stop that wrong/evil neighbor from doing that wrong/evil raping of his own child! either yourself or getting someone else (police) to do it!

    for a world issue:

    genocide in darfur: world, countries of the world, peoples of the world (including us, we americans, and our U.S. country), FKN PUT A STOP TO THIS! genocide is wrong! STOP IT! it's our duty, our repsonsiblity!

    or more currently: Libya and Syria and yemen and one other country that i can't remember argh (and let's not forget ~ a year ago, with Iran, the first "movement" and mass murder/genocide to quell it, as seen in the middle east, with facebook being celebrated, and also some months ago with egypt too)
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    Re: Explanation of One's Political and Philosophical Worldviews

    I'm not a moral relativist, but moral universals independent of human perspective do not exist. On the other hand if you mean that you should enforce your sincere standards upon others, then I agree with you HK. Morality is useless unless its enforced, and the enforcement of standards above discussion relates to the Will to Power.

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    Re: Explanation of One's Political and Philosophical Worldviews

    Hege your argument in itself is invalid. Of course you'd think it's wrong regardless of which latitude / longitude you are because you're brought up in a culture where it's considered wrong. Of course you can question the values of your culture and that happens everywhere. In Sweden we question something that Americans think is obvious and vice versa.

    Culture isn't restricted to national borders, it's basic values that you're taught from day one and if you're taught that x isn't allowed then it doesn't matter if you move to a place where it's culturally accepted does it? Since you bring the culture with you.

    That's what they're talking about when they mean multicultural societies.

    There are no universal rights and wrongs, only opinions and point of views and it's impossible to work as a global community unless everyone can acknowledge that. We won't solve or agree upon anything when everyone believes that they're always right and everyone else is always wrong. You see, that's what breeds violence and war. And war, well that's just wrong.

    When it comes to placing my views on a political map I'd say I'm some kind of a centralised (gov ruling) free-market environmentalist (liberalism) with a clear separation of church and state and a hint of demilitarisation.
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