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Thread: ID

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    Title: ID
    Genres: shounen, fantasy, action, adventure, romance, comedy
    Author: Kim Daewoo
    Artist: Kenny A.T
    Publication: BBComics
    Start Date: 2002
    End Date: Ongoing
    Number of chapters at review: 118
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 118

    General Overview:

    Chunwha finds himself trapped in another world. He decides to change his name into ID to not bring too much attention on him and start a journey full of adventures and dangers in this new world.

    The story takes place in a typical fantasy world ( elf, dwarfs, swordsman, goblin, mage etc... ) that we are used to see in RPG game and movies, however that do not change the fact that the story of ID is very original.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 7
    At the beginning the art isn't very good. Almost no decors and battle are hardly understandable. However, like most of the series, the art progressively get better, after fews chapter you can enjoy ID without being worried by the art. As for the style, it's kind of unique.

    Plot: 8
    Soon after his appearance in a new world, ID meet a strange party and not knowing what to do, he decides to start a journey with them. What ID is doing in that world? Who is he? Did he come there by hazard or was it his fate? What will he discover during his journey? The plot is very well built and little by little you'll know more about ID. The fights are enjoyable and stay in a fantasy context.

    Characters: 7
    ID has a good and diversified cast. There is different races and each secondary character belongs to a different race, has his own characteristics and his own past. However compared to the main char, the secondary characters aren't very useful in the story until now.

    Theme: 9
    Dragons, kingdom, treason, romance.

    Originality: 7
    I can't gave it a 10, because it using fantasy concepts already familiar to those who are familiar with "Lord of the Rings". But manhwa that are using the same elements as ID are rare and the story of ID is kinda unique therefore I think it deserves a 7/10. There is some similarity with Ubel Blatt, but this one started after ID.

    Overall: 8
    ID is an awesome fantasy manhwa. It mixes all elements that a good fantasy story need: mages, swordman, dragons, races, travel etc... the art isn't good at the beginning, but the style is unique and perfectly fit the story. It doesn't take much time to get used to it. One bad point is that some battles aren't very understandable because of the art. Comedy and romance are mixed with the action all along the story and are making it really enjoyable. ID is one of those manhwas/mangas that aren't very popular but that are amongst the best, give it try, it's really worth it.

    some pages
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