Hello fokes~

As the title suggested, this thread is about attempting to shift perspective, and see whether that would work out with anything found in the manhwa, in order to build better understanding of the framework that is set in the Tower of God universe.

For starter - We know that Rachel has in all likelihood never seen the stars, but she either knows or believes them to be real. As such Rachel was either also captured inside a cave, or she was always part of the Tower to begin with.

Second - It's reasonable to believe that the story has never been shown outside the Tower, not even the cave holding Bam, the one and only hint we have about the outside world outside the Tower are the "reachable" real stars.

Third - It's possible that the door shown to us at the beginning of the story, is the door to the actual ranking section of the Tower. So far we only know three ways to get into the ranking floors.
1) As a ranker you get free access, but you're not allowed to interfere with regular exams.
2) Haedon grants access to regulars.
3) Irregulars who open the door to the ranking floors themselves.

Fourth - Rachel found Bam by sheer accident in her attempt to get into the ranking floors. The reason she knew so much about the Tower is because she was always part of it, however she was never part of the ranking floors (regulars / irregulars) before she meet Bam. By looking for the floor entrance she found the cave in which Bam was being kept (by someone or 'something, like the Tower itself').

Fifth - Rachel was never selected by Haedon, and this was her motivation to go find the door herself. She would never have gotten in the Tower without Bam's irregular powers.

Sixth - Bam was also always part of the Tower, but he came from outside the door to the ranking floors, and not the Tower itself.

Seventh - It is yet unknown how irregulars become so powerful, however we may suspect different scenarios, one such as;
The Tower having a logical will or alternatively a primitive will on its own, seeks change, thus gives regular babies irregular powers, and this baby is then placed in the dark isolated cave by someone linked/servant to the Tower itself, like Haedon.

Eight - The reason Bam and the other irregulars were kept in the dark cave isolated since earliest memories is in order to make them powerful enough to survive the Tower ranking floors, and perhaps shape their mentality too in order to become powerful (Think of Revolution, to find true self within).
Irregulars become powerful when finding their irregular powers by finding their true self, and by stripping them from influence of others early in their life irregulars will find this task easier than normal people, who are used to be listening to what other people want from them since earliest memory.
In other words, the dark isolated cave is training in other to make a more perfect Revolution later on like in the hell train.

Ninth - Rachel accidentally forced Bam into the Tower prematurely before he was ready, he was still a child and seemingly as far as we know, perhaps more weak than the other irregulars when they entered the Tower.
Rachel did not only hinder/interrupt his isolation training in the cave, she might also hinder him from becoming truly powerful for a good while yet after revolution, not reaching his full potential as an irregular due to her influence and making him prematurely enter the Tower.

Tenth - It can be suspected that what makes Bam different to all the other irregulars is his prematurely entrance to the Tower, which may shape him differently to the others in ways we can not predict. Perhaps the one and only reason and point about the isolation cave is to avoid them from dying when they enter the Tower, yet Bam managed to get through this key-hole despite of being weak early on (Note the level of test Haedon did give Bam, yet Bam was not ready for this difficult level test yet which he normally would have been if not for Rachel making him enter prematurely).
Another difference is the Thorn he carries on his back.
Yet another difference is his mixed light and dark periods of life that other irregulars seemingly did not have (since they were powerful from the beginning and had been isolated for such a long time, then they did not rely on other people nor had many friends, lone wolfs). Bam has been with FUG and now he's once again with his valuable friends. How will this affect his Revolution which is about finding one true self?
Perhaps there are other visible factors that make him different yet to be discovered.

Eleventh - As such, Bam never really came from outside the Tower, he was always part of the Tower from the beginning, but not part of the floor ranking Tower. In the beginning of the story we saw how cave like the bottom of the Tower is, it seems to be similar stone/cave structures both sides of the door Bam and Rachel crossed in the beginning. We know that shinso is apparently only found within the ranking floors, and not in the living quarters of the Tower, for example where Kuun and all the other regulars originate from before coming to the ranking floors.

Twelfth - We know absolutely nothing about the outside of the Tower, we only assumed Bam was outside, however he was only outside the floor rankings, hidden away at a locked cave near the floor rankings door.
It is reasonable to assume that this door is only being used for irregulars, and that almost no one knows about it. Perhaps it used to be used for regulars back before the irregulars were created, and this might be how Rachel found out about the door through stories and legends of the past.

Thirteenth - The irregulars are needed beings for the Tower, where someone/something above Zahard started bringing them in by isolating them in the dark cave near the cave.
Regulars: Need permission to use shinso.
Irregulars: Loved/Liked by shinso itself, the Towers "will" is with them.
(Similar power structure as with the manga Magi, but with a very different story/design).

Fourteenth - The Tower is not happy with the current state, and until it finds the desired state within the Tower, it will keep giving newborn babies extraordinary powers, which then are sealed in the cave at the door to the ranking floors until they are ready. The Tower gives the baby powers, and a servant of the Tower (Like Haedon) finds the baby and seals it within the cave.

This is just a theory of of course, it would be neat if we can discuss the feasibilities and/or links to sources and logic in the manhwa, so that we can get a better understanding of the framework of the ToG universe!