Howdy! Do you like BL? Do you HATE BL but like various other demographics? Well, have we got the job for you! Become a grand staff member at the group that promises to scanlate all the things by at least some point during the history of time. We'll scanlate pretty much anything as long as there's interest and staff for it, so why not request your own ero guro manga today?! And watch us turn it down! HAHAHAHA
Currently, we've got the full gamut of BL and shoujo, but if a good looking seinen, shounen, or josei come along, the sky's the limit! (But mainly the amount of staff. Seriously we need staff to pick things up.)

Here's the basics:
Here's the contact form:

Currently, we're in need of Japanese translators, cleaners, and typesetters of all sorts, and, project specific-wise, the following children could please use a Japanese translator if you please:

10 Count
Amai Hari
Asanaga Ryuutarou no Midara na Nichijou
Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru

We also have a grand 150+ requests! Are you interested in any of these titles? COME ON DOWN TO KAGEROU SCANS, WHERE WE PROMISE TO SCANLATE EVERY BL EVER. Please see our Masterlist for details! dydDN6eVBmZlNuak5DZklBb0dJSGc&usp=sharing

Experience is preferred, but at this point WE COULD USE PEOPLE SO HEY WHY NOT TRY IT OUT AND MAKE AN OLD MAN HAPPY