My name is TheCoolGales or TCG for short, and I'm the founder of Omega Manga Scans!

We're looking for:

Translators- Japanese, Chinese, or Korean! You only need to know one of these languages to become a translator!

Proofreaders- We're looking for someone who knows proper usage of English. You don't need to be native to become a proofreader, but you may need to know the basics of English.

Typesetters- You must have a program that allows you to type on top of jpg/png/etc. images.

Cleaner- Must have a program which allows us to erase words.

That all we're looking for now!

If you are interested please e-mail me at: pinesrosa@gmail.com
or p.m me in this site!

Our website is: http://omegamangascans.tumblr.com/