One Snowshoe was formed as an outlet to distribute quirky, challenging, mature, possibly award-nominated content of certain quality. In the scant three months we've been around, we've distributed a surprising amount of content (to me anyway) in a surprising array of genres spanning slice of life, fantasy, romance, seinen, shounen, shoujo, and josei. Wow.

And we're looking for more. Specifically...

- Proofreaders: We take our scripts seriously. Beyond being typo-free, we want to distribute coherent, cogent, thoughtfully written dialogue that can incite, laughter, tears, or a variety of other emotions. Proofreaders need not have experienced but should be (1) fluent in English and (2) creative. Open titles include:

: End of Goldfish Kingdom
: Goshiki no Fune
: Kujira no Kora
: Unannounced abstract fantasy

- Typesetters: Frankly, typesetting is the one position that is consistently impeding delivery of much planned content. Experienced typesetters are sorely desired. On the other hand, we do have the luxury to be able to train individuals who can demonstrate creativity and commitment.

: Ashita Mata Kono Sekai De
: End of Goldfish Kingdom
: Goshiki no Fune
: Yoru no Taiko

Less pressingly...

Cleaners: Experienced cleaners are always welcome. Would like another cleaner to help with Koakuma Meringue and Coffee Mou Ippai.

Redrawers: Redrawers are always welcome.

Quality Checkers: Experienced editors are always welcome.

- - -

For all qualifications, we expect the following:

(1) Responsive via email and/or other communications channels.

(2) Proficiency in written English. For proofreading and typesetting positions, native-level proficiency required.

(3) Ability to meet deadlines. We try to release most titles biweekly on a set schedule.

(4) Creativity!

- - -

For more information or to apply, please email onesnowshoe[at], contact me via PM here, or visit One Snowshoe at


- - -

Note to mods: Months back posted a Coffee Mou Ippai-only post. This will be the permanent recruitment post henceforth for all group-related projects. Thanks!