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We're an authorized webcomic(webtoon) servicing company ready to launch in June this year
(we will be working with one of the most established media group) and as I have mentioned previously we are in search for KOREAN TRANSLATORS & QUALITY CHECKERS; these will be PAID positions.

<<Korean Webtoon Translator Position>>

-Fluency in Korean and English
-Deep understanding in webtoons/manhwa/manga
-Previous experience within the realms of manga/manhwa/webtoon, or in scanlation is a big plus
-Organized, attention to details, on schedule


<<Korean Webtoon Quality Control Position>>

**note: You do not have to be Korean**

[Job description]
-Finalize and adjust script and graphic elements
-Smoothing process (i.e. slangs, preferred phrases to deliver the same quality as the original)
-Overall quality control for the final product (release-ready)

-Reliability and commitment
-Previous experience and well trained eye in scanlation is a must
-good grasp of English (Proficiency in Korean language is not necessary)
-Deep understanding in webtoon/manhwa/manga
-Advanced Photoshop skills (must be able to edit graphic elements)

[To Apply]
Please send us your resume, previous works, and your preferred genre (romance/action/paranormal/crime) to chloe@rollingstory.com
(or you can always pm me here!)

For more information of what you're getting yourselves into, please check us out at: