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Thread: Claire And Priscilla Back Into The Scene

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    Claire And Priscilla Back Into The Scene

    After reading the new chapter, I immediately drew a conclusion that could be plausible. Claire and Priscilla are out of the scene, sealed in the cluster of Yoki and it seems nothing can pull out. Nothing up to chapter 115.
    Dae said it did not include the personality in the three ex numer one and therefore are not controllable.

    In your opinion, could a mass awakening of the three ex number one, upset the current status of Claire and Priscilla and pull out from storage youki?

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    Re: Claire And Priscilla Back Into The Scene

    the problem with the 3 rank 1 Claymores having Priscilla's Yoki, which (supposedly) would enrage/draw Clare out to confront it/them:

    why would Clare care about an "arm's amount" (lol) of Priscilla's Yoki, when she's "body against body" with Priscilla herself ???


    We have to go back, to why Clare (or Teresa) did this sealing of Priscilla in the first place:

    1. Revenge, her mission, her purpose in life
    2. To protect her friends/fellow Claymores and the entire island from Priscilla

    As bad as the 3 rank 1 Claymores are, Priscilla is far worse.

    It's pointless for Clare (or Teresa) to go rescue her friends/fellow Claymores from the 3 rank 1 Claymores (who are only of Priscilla's arm's yoki's level of power, lol), when she releases an even far far far greater danger to them (and the entire island), Priscilla (who's an entire body of Priscilla level Yoki, lol).

    I forgot about the Destroyer as well, both the Destroyer and Priscilla, would possibly be freed, which either one of them, and especially both of them, are far far far far far worse than 3 "mere" rank 1 Claymores, lol.
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    Re: Claire And Priscilla Back Into The Scene

    I would like to think that Raki could entice our heroine from that cocoon. However, I do agree with HK. Since the birth of the Destroyer, Clare has become narrow minded and completely focused on destroying Prisiclla. Like Melville's Captain Ahab, it has been the only driving force behind her actions. Having no emotional attachment to any of the resuscitated Claymores, she wouldn't be motivated to abandon her quest for retribution.

    It might motivate Priscilla perhaps. She didn't have any reason to attack Riful. As she killed "The Empress," Priscilla stated that all her "meals" had not fulfilled her and she eagerly sought something of greater substance. Perhaps feasting on the entrails of someone with such great power gratified her in some manner. Feasting on three new Abysall Ones may satiate her, for a short time.
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