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Thread: General Rules, Guidelines, and Forum Etiquette

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    General Rules, Guidelines, and Forum Etiquette

    Welcome to Mangahelpers online manga community! The goal of Mangahelpers is to provide manga fans with quality translations, while offering a place for translators to learn, teach, and grow. In addition to translator services, Mangahelpers offers many ways to contribute to the community. Discuss your favorite manga, post fan art in the manga art forum, provide manga reviews, contribute fan fiction or amateur manga. Hopefully Mangahelpers has something to offer every manga fan. If we do not, please let us know. We hope that everyone has fun and takes advantage of all that Mangahelpers has to offer.

    General Rules:
    • No Bashing: Please be respectful, refrain from unconstructive criticism, flame, and overly aggressive language.
    • No Spam: Please try to avoid posting any comments that do not contribute to the discussion.
    • One Line Posts: Please avoid one line posts, post fragments, and any posts that look more like chat messages or tweets.
    • Officially Licensed Content: Please do not post rips of officially licensed and translated content.
    • No Hentai or Porn: Please do not post links, or discuss, pornographic material, including hentai manga.
    • For Profit Links: Do not post links to for-profit download sites without providing a non-profit alternative.
    • No Cracks or Warez: Please do not link to any software piracy sites or post any cracks, warez, or serials.
    • Duplicate Accounts: Mangahelpers allows one account per member. If there is an account or log in issue, please contact an administrator.
    • Signature and Avatar Rules are available here.
    • Spoiler Posting Rules are available here.
    Forum Etiquette:
    • Say Thanks: Rather than posting thank you, please use the thank/like button at the bottom of each post.
    • Be Neat: Please be sure that threads titles are clear and easy to understand.
    • Be Organized: Before starting a new topic, please be sure a similar one does not already exist.
    • Be Considerate: Please avoid rude language and inappropriate or overly sexual topics and pictures.
    • No Stealing: Please do not use translations or any other contributions without proper permission. Failing to follow instructions posted by a translator, using a reserved translation, or not giving proper credit will not be tolerated. Stealing rules will be strictly enforced.
    A report button is located at the bottom of every post. The report button is a small grey triangle with an exclamation point at the center. If there is an issue, click the button. An alert will be sent to the moderators. There is an identical report button at the bottom of every PM. Clicking it will send an alert to the administrators. Reports are only visible to staff members. The identity of anyone who reports a post will remain anonymous.


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