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Thread: Chaser

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    Title: Chaser
    Genres:webcomic, shounen, action, adventure, comedy
    Author:Ha Joon-Sung
    Artist:Ha Joon-Sung
    Publication: Daum
    Start Date: 2009
    End Date: ongoing
    Number of chapters at review:27
    Number of chapters read by reviewer:27

    General Overview: This webtoon is about the journey of Ned. A guy who's constantly chased by a powerful authority composed of people called chaser and who's trying to retrieve his lost memory, in a world where magic, mysteries and entities exist. Chaser is a good action-comedy shounen, with a story full of surprise.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 8
    the art is very good, it's a webcomic and all panels are colored. The characters are well draw and the fight are fluids and understandable. thank to the colors, the battles show some great effects.

    Ned lost his memory. he's travelling all around the world in order to retrieve his scattered memory pieces.he doesn't remember who he is and he doesn't know why he's been constantly targeted by powerful Chasers. The plot is interesting and there is a lots of mysteries. who is he? why he lost his memory? why he's been targeted ? what kind of power lie dormant in him? read it to know more

    Characters: 9
    The main char have a nice personality. like almost all the shounen main char, he have his head in the clouds and act like an idiot however he still have his charm.
    For the secondaries chars, they aren't too many nor too less. They all have they own personality, role and style, after 2,3 chapters you will be already familiar with all of them

    Theme: 7
    Magic(wizards, spell etc...), entities ( no human )

    Originality: 6
    well we can't really say that the story is original, there is alot of elements from Gunnm (battle alita), and some elements from the RPG world. However there is still many development and outcome possible.

    Overall: 8
    this manhwa is just great. The art is good, the story is interesting, the battle are superb with great effects and the pace is good. There isn't too many characters, each of them take a good part in the story, and any one of them can be your favorite because they all stand out. The story is promising and the outcome is unpredictable, you don't know the past of the main char and you're as curious as him. Even thought it's not very original, it's above average shounen and worth to be read

    some pics:
    Spoiler show
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