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Thread: Anime on Twitter

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    Harasho 神のごとし / Kami no Gotoshi / Godlike
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    Anime on Twitter

    Post any anime related Twitter accounts you follow. News, official sites, fellow fans, any anime related Twitter is fine. Please be sure to include their handle. I follow:
    • @Crunchyroll for release announcements and news.
    • @RocketNews24En. Not strictly anime, but a mix of Japanese culture, anime, and miscellaneous news.
    • @yarare_kanrinin, a Japanese anime news source.
    • @AnimeNewsNet for English translated news.
    I'm always looking for more, especially news sites. I am looking forward to seeing accounts other fans follow.

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    MangaHelper 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity SharkBait's Avatar
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    Re: Anime on Twitter

    I follow
    • Animate: @animate_tv mainly details on anime and event reports, writeups, interviews, some breaking news anime announcements, also merch
    • comtrya: @ComtryaSugoi - jpop news and usually cd details and pvs for the op and ed of anime and soundtracks, good english source for the details and links
    • Nekonotemo: @nekonotemo_ - jpn account but many details on broadcast time changes, updates on many official anime sites for when pvs or synopsis are published, updates to bd covers, album covers, and tons more anime related details

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