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Thread: Dr. Crombel and the Diary

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    Dr. Crombel and the Diary

    I am quite positive that Dr. Crombel possess Frankenstein's diary. Assuming its valid, under what circumstances Franky lost the diary? Or did he have other motives unknown to us? Lets hear your thoughts?

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    MH Senpai 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Monsterguy's Avatar
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    Re: Dr. Crombel and the Diary

    My previous prediction:
    Quote Originally Posted by Monsterguy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Axaristos View Post
    ...It's stated that it (the book from Frank) was found in ruins...

    Something smells fishy here...
    I totally agree with you on this one.

    Although I stll have a rather "long" and "not simple" theory for this:

    I believe that there had to be an incident connected with Frank's abandoned research laboratory (or something similar) while he himself was away (remeber: Rai told to Frank that he should stop researching).

    When Frank heared what was happening at his abendoned laboratory he rushed there with all his might.

    But all the Noblesse people took it wrong and accused Frank for doing it on porpuse, except Rai who understood what was going on, especialy becouse he also has his ability or rather unique power to feel a persons emotions / thoughts !!!

    With that I also believe that "at the same time" as the incident was happening, the humans were attacking the Noblesse people, who misunderstood all of that and thought that enemies are comming from multiple sites - But at one side there were only Frank and Rai cleaning the mess from the incident at Frank's laboratory.

    And from that moment on (when Rai and Frank were cleaning the mess at Fank's laboratory) Rai and Frank were bouth suspected as traitors for helping humans.

    This would be becouse Frank and Rai would not be there to help other Noblesse people, when they were needed the most("presumably" humans were attacking Noblesse people at that time), in a matter of fact at that time they(Rai and Frank) might even be suspected to be working with the humans !!!

    After cleaning the mess Frank and Rai could have gone helping other Noblesse clan leaders and seperated itself(as you can see in a fight Frank always stays behind), with this humans might had no chance.

    So humans had to run and scatter, but while running they stumbled across the ruins of Frank's research laboratory and discovered the book of secrets from Frank.

    After that, when chasing humans too far in the human world, Rai had gone for a long sleep (820 years), but Frank could not find Rai and kept looking for him, although all the other clan leaders wanted to catch Frank and kill him (becouse of that Frank would decide to look for Rai in secret, while other Noblesse people were not to be trusted).

    So in all the cunfiousion that was happening at that time the previous Lord had nobody to relay upon (like previously Rai who was reading other people thoughts and adviced the previous Lord).

    At the end the previous Lord decided to go in eternal sleep along with the rest of Noblesse clan leaders who were also at the battle field but were also the suspects to help the humans, and also there was nobody(like Rai before) to clear their names.

    At present Rai and Frank might still be suspected as traitors who should die along with the previous clan leaders and the previous Lord.

    But after clearing all the story (that I already explained up untill now, in this post) with the present Lord, I believe that the present Lord will left Frank and Rai off the hook.

    PS: I also expect that, at the end the person who was a suspect to attack the Noblesse people (and who has "presumably" also done a mess at abandoned Frank's laboratory) in the past, would be somebody from warewolf race.
    Well as I wrote in one of my previous prediction, I believe that Frankenstain lost his book in the middle of a fight and where had to be a lot of confusion.

    At the end Frankenstain thought that the book was forever gone in the ruins, but instead, Dr. Crumbel has found that book.
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    Hound of Shadow 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member benelori's Avatar
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    Re: Dr. Crombel and the Diary

    Yup I'm pretty sure it is Franky's as well...that much knowledge in that era is sth that could've been achieved only by himself...I think with the recent events, I think that we can conclude that losing the diary has something to do with the death of the previous Lord and that infamous betrayal that the new Lord talks seems that Rai was involved as well, so Franky should've been somewhere near, probably connects to reason why Rai disappeared suddenly...

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