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Thread: Jiraiya vs Sasuke

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    Re: Jiraiya vs Sasuke

    Quote Originally Posted by Dapreachor View Post
    The power to control multiple summons has only ever been shown to belong to senju.... What are you talking about, multiple summons =/= ability to control variety of summons one at a time.

    Not only that, it has been shown that genjutsu can be broken by other team mates, in part one.

    If i threw you of a cliff and you landed into the ocean with no rocks touching you so you only hit water, are you going to fall through it to the ocean floor ? No. you'll feel the full force of the fall and die.

    If two bodys collide then a resultant force will affect each body, the chakra enhanced water ball will have the effect of changing the path of the arrow. Narutoverse might not be the real world but it certainly does follow the most basic physics models.

    Here the elder toad talks about a type of 'fusing'

    Although it doesn't work with naruto it does with jiraiya so they can mix chakra to form a perfect sage mode balance. Therefore they can disturb each other's chakra.
    - I wasn't saying he can control multiple summons at a time, just that he can control summons

    - the genjutsu will only be broken if someone notices it in time

    - They fuse physically. It was never said they fuse chakra.

    - Sasuke can shoot an arrow before or after Gama shoot his water jutsu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryokahn View Post
    How much do we need to account for someone's psychology, though? I think it's kind of interesting to see a lot of people saying that Sasuke can just immediately pop Amaterasu for a quick win.

    When have we ever seen Sasuke fight like that? We've seen some characters in Naruto use a big attack early on to try and end a fight quickly (ironically, that's been Naruto quite a few times), but Sasuke has always started off small and built up to his bigger techniques. He seems to enjoy starting off with some melee action and building his techniques up from there. There was a point in the manga where this was because he was trying to intelligently gauge his enemies before wasting a lot of chakra...

    However, I think it's different now -- I think his hatred / arrogance are so off the scale that he would rather defeat someone without immediately resorting to his strongest techniques just because he wouldn't want to admit he had to. The only person he came out the gates strong against was Kakashi, which seemed to be more of a "I want to prove my Sharingan is bigger / better" statement.

    To me, this would be Jiraiya's biggest advantage. Sasuke doesn't know much of anything about Jiraiya, and I don't see Sasuke going into the fight with MS on and burning his Chakra -- but Jiraiya knows a bit about Sasuke, and from his own personal experiences with Orochimaru, understands his psyche profile a bit. I could easily see the fight starting with Sasuke charging in for some chidori / taijutsu action and Jiraiya putting him on the defensive -- which is an advantage for J-man.

    Just food for thougt.
    I actually think Sasuke's fighting style would give him the advantage. Sasuke normally likes to charge in, using shunshin. In close range Sasuke is superior to Jiraiya.

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    Re: Jiraiya vs Sasuke

    Quote Originally Posted by UchihaHunter View Post
    Orochimaru is implied (and indeed stated by the databook stats) to be the best of the Sannin in Genjutsu, and even he didn't exactly break out of it. Wasn't it the Sharingan's genjutsu that allowed him to overcome Orochimaru's technique?
    Just wanted to clarify this misconception. The only time Sasuke used genjutsu on Orochimaru, Orochimaru continued moving towards Sasuke unheeded in the dimension he created. Thus, his genjutsu pales in comparison to Itachi's, which Orochimaru needed time (which he lacked) to form a seal and break the illusion.

    What allowed Sasuke to control/corrode that dimension was not genjutsu, but rather his will. It's rather ambiguous wording, but the most logical explanations are:

    1) An alternate dimension such as that one requires some mental facility to maintain and Sasuke's was greater. After all, I'll admit that he's a genius and at the time his determination was greater. So in this case, will would actually refer to willpower.

    2) Will refers instead to chakra. In this case, Sasuke used his chakra to overpower Orochimaru's and thus the jutsu. We've seen in other fights (against the Raikage and Danzou) how corrosive / cold Sasuke's chakra could become and he demonstrated the ability to power through Itachi's genjutsu with chakra (though in that case Sasuke had to use the cursed seal).

    And I'll say it again, for all the people saying genjutsu is a strong point for Sasuke, Jiraiya is a clever fighter and knows his weaknesses. He demonstrated that he is prepared to counter genjutsu when he trained Naruto. As for the Sasuke, his genjutsu only gave him a clear advantage against C and Danzo, and in the latter, how it used was more important than it's strength. Jiraiya was never a genjutsu type, so he isn't likely to underestimate that ability like Danzou. But Sasuke's genjutsu never gave him a clear advantage against Bee and Orochimaru since they recovered quickly from it.

    The Naruto 644 Review is up!

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    Re: Jiraiya vs Sasuke

    Once again, defending against Genjutsu is a different thing to using Genjutsu. Jiraiya was confident enough in his own ability to counter Genjutsu as he took it upon himself to teach Naruto, who he knew would be facing the likes of the Mangekyou Sharingan in Itachi and Sasuke with his normal Sharingan.

    Jiraiya, the student of the great Sarutobi Hiruzen, would most definitely know how to defend against high level Genjutsu and his large chakra pool makes the counter perfect for him as it is for Naruto. It's safe to assume he grew up knowing full well the capabilities of the Sharingan. People underestimate Jiraya quite a lot. He has A LOT of versatility, experience and fire power at his disposal.

    Quite frankly I believe all of the Sannin are underestimated, but oh well. That's just my thoughts.

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    Re: Jiraiya vs Sasuke

    I agree, all the Sannin have been greatly underestimated. Orochimaru, unlike Madara, has manipulated so many countries, hidden villages, daimyo, ninja, people, etc all in the open. Hell, he even started his own hidden village. He was so great that he did this all in the open even knowing that all of Akatsuki was after him. Think about it. He was able to evade and avoid not just all of Konoha, but Madara and his cronies as well. That's nothing short of frickin' amazing. Tsunade's damn near immortal and she's gotta be the strongest shinobi alive (thanks to her chakra concentration when attacking) and Jiraiya, in my opinion, is the greatest of the three. He was master to not just Minato but Naruto and Nagato as well. Two of the best ninja in history. Good students come from great teachers.

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