Mardock Scramble
By: Ooima Yoshitoki
Based on the Novels By: UBUKATA Tow
Genre: Cyberpunk
Serialized In: Bessatsu Shounen Magazine

The prostitute Rune Balot was dying on the streets when a mysterious man, Shell, took her in. She was confused when he helped her, but she was even more confused when he suddenly attempted to kill her. His plan would have succeeded, but for the interference of a private investigator, Dr. Easter and his sentient tool, a powerful little mouse called Oefcoque. The two of them rebuilt and improved the dying Balot, giving her incredible perception and abilities to control her environment. The only thing they were unable to repair was her severed vocal cords. As Balot tries to deal with all these changes in her life, the doctor and the mouse enlist her help in catching her would-be murderer, the criminal Shell!

Also Adapted Into an Anime Movie Trilogy

I've been waiting of scanlations of this for a while, even if it is licensed. Chapter one was very exciting and fast paced, I can't wait to read more. The art is a little rough but the writing more than makes up for minor short comings.