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View Poll Results: Does Rai already possess / have a "Soul Weapon" ?

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Thread: Rai and His Soul Weapon

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    Re: Rai and his Soul Weapon

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    Suppose he can materialize his soul weapon, what form do you think it will have?

    What about its name?
    I don't think it could be materialized as well. His weapon is a skill; skill to control something. In his case, a skill to control blood in a very high level, similar or even stronger than the Lord. If it had to be materialized, I didn't think it would have an offensive form because it's a skill; maybe it would be like a staff which can be used for both offense and defense. We've seen that Rai used blood field as a weapon and shield. So I think of it like that.

    Name... I'm not good at naming so I'll skip this part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otters11 View Post
    Hmmmm. I'm the only one so far to say, "No."

    In my mind Soul Weapons are like the scepter & crown the King and Queen of Britain wear for coronation.
    It's something that is inherited and passed down, vested the sentimental power of heritage and tradition.

    i.e. I believe the soul weapons are not an abstract manifestation of the soul.
    But a physical real object that a clan leader or Noble may impart a part of their soul to.
    Once these objects gain this soul property, then the can be manipulated as a force.

    This is my opinion. But if soul weapons were the manifestation of the soul, then it should change from one generation to the next. And the power would be pasted on or transferred to a person, who manifests their own, and not be an item consistently recognizable.
    Mm, I think you meant... Rai has no soul weapon? Since it is not a consistent form. I agree with you in general, though. Personally I would consider even a brilliant mind which could think of a devastating strategy as a weapon, together with my explanation above. But there is also a possibility that this is not Rai's real soul weapon. Maybe this is just a skill passed down in his family (if he has any).

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    Re: Rai and His Soul Weapon

    Sorry for reviving the dead topic!~

    I am curious about his soul weapon and what role it will play in future. In Chapter 193 (click here if you don't remember the content) the nature of his soul weapon is revealed.

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    Re: Rai and His Soul Weapon

    time for another revival

    He may not have a soul weapon as he was the original lord.
    and relinquished his power of lord ship, out of guilt or passed the baton to some other clan as he did not have children [he said so in a chapter to the old werewolf lord]

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