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Thread: Tsunade's father/mother and the 9 tails

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    Tsunade's father/mother and the 9 tails

    The 1st Hokage's wife (Mito?), was the 9 tails Jinchuuriki. Soooo, does that imply Tsunade's father or mother had 9 tails chakra and the trade mark whiskers we see in Naruto?

    It was clear Naruto had the whiskers before the 9 tails was sealed in him. So all this implies the child of a Jinchuuriki still has the 'essence' of the beast within them. Similar to the gold and silver brothers.

    So with these 'facts', where the hell is Tsunade's father or mother and how much of a bad ass were they? This person must exist in the naruto-verse.
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    Re: Tsunade's father/mother and the 9 tails

    Very good post, and certainly a question that should be answered, but likely never will be.

    What may have happened however, is that Mito recieved the Kyuubi after already giving birth to Tsuande's father or mother. Unlikely, but certainly a possibility. Afterall, she didn't recieve the Kyuubi until after Konoha was formed some 60 years ago so the timeline would work out.
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