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Thread: Nuclear Trouble Intensifies in Japan and USA

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    Re: Nuclear Trouble Intensifies in Japan and USA

    Quote Originally Posted by HegemonKhan View Post
    ...we can easily go beyond our atmosphere (or rather our ozone or rather our van allen radiation belts), so we don't have to worry about the nuclear waste coming back to earth, lol. Heck if we really wanted to, we could shoot our nuclear waste into the sun, lol.

    ...THE PROBLEM is with not having any accidents on the way "up", lol.

    Well does "expensiveness or practicality-pragmatism" matter when our survival is on the line (based upon projecting us far into the future when the nuclear waste starts to noticeably build up beyond where we can store it out of people's fear) ??

    Same question with why not to build De-Salinization plants all along the coast, when we need more fresh water, and all the other geographic ways of producing electricity too (i.e. windmills all over the entire ocean hills mountain, hydros along all rivers beachs on ocean floor, geothermal on all calderas volcanoes and sea volcanoes-vents-geysers-calderas, solar panels covering all the deserts arctic antarctic, and etc...)
    Going beyond the atmosphere is in principle easy but only because what we have done so far usually involves a rocket which has a force pushing it away from the earth.... In this regard, how would we go about trash? If we go outside the atmosphere and simply throw it out on its own it could easily make its way back to earth. On the other hand we have the alternative of going far out enough for it to not come back.... If we simply throw it out we would invariably have to deal with this, if we release it too close to earth it is certainly coming back. I still do wonder how "clean" it would be to burn waste in the atmosphere. Space debree gets burned all the time and the atmosphere already protects us from radiation....

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    Re: Nuclear Trouble Intensifies in Japan and USA

    I'm talking about outerspace...

    while I don't know much about nuclear waste's actual "anatomy", shooting it off into outerspace is a way of getting rid of its danger via its radiation. If it has chemical dangers like corresiveness... meh... it could come back to earth, but would it be much different from the acid rain that we already have falling back to earth anyways or ash from volcanos or other poisonous gases from man, volcanoes, or underground (google the Lake of Death, or just click here:,00.html or ) ?

    our nuclear waste's radation in outerspace would feel right at home, with the sun, and all the other stars, and/or various sources of energy (energy=radiation).

    Also, in terms of physical debris... we've already got a crowded belt of it around the earth with all of our space shuttle stuff and/or satelittes. And, that's not even mentioning about all the debris that is out in outerspace which crashes to earth contantly (most of it is burnt up upon entry thanks to our atmosphere-friction).


    the atmosphere mainly only protects us from sunlight (via clouds), but the "real dangerous" radiation (x-rays, gamma rays, and background radiation) is blocked by the ozone and van allen radiation belts (via the magnetic fields) - with the north and south "lights" (northern and southern lights, aurora bolialis and whatever the other is called - too lazy to look it up lol) as the trash bin, hehe.

    Also, UV light (ultra violet radiation) from the sun GOES RIGHT THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE (CLOUDS), you need your sunscreen on yourself on a cloudy overcast cold day just as much as you do when there's no clouds and the big hot sun is blazing down on you. UV radation causes cancer (mainly skin cancer, or if lucky you just get "sun-burned" instead).
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