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Thread: Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

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    Re: Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

    Quote Originally Posted by SerenePhenix View Post
    Then you and my friend would get along pretty well.
    Why the Arlong arc though?
    I thought arlong was super annoying lol ruined the whole arc.

    Can someone message me an anime that's similar to d grayman or claymore or deathnote?

    Ive seen Deathnote, deadman wonderland, fairytale, shigurui, ao no exorcist, beelzebub, samurai champloo, code geass, devil may cry, Hakuouki, monster, blood plus, gantz. Basically, something with demons and gore.

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    Re: Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

    Quote Originally Posted by danzouismadara View Post
    I thought arlong was super annoying lol ruined the whole arc.
    So true but that's just the reason why I am so glad Luffy beat him up.
    His never-ending speech about what species is better can grate on ones nerves.

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    Registered User 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member Jabman's Avatar
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    Re: Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

    I am one of those people who forced himself to watch one piece because I know it gets good later on. So my views on SOME earlier arcs are pretty negative with the exception of a certain few. Even when one piece got good. I still found certain episodes horrible even though they weren't filler. I understand Oda's style and I think it is important to play things slow sometimes and not to rush and I hope he doesn't change his ways ever. But I am easily bored by a lot of stories that are crusial and must be told.

    Captain Morgan 6/10
    Buggy the Clown 3/10
    Captain Kuro 3/10
    Baratie 10/10 (Up until water 7 this was my favourite arc and what kept me hooked to One Piece. Hwak eyes was a huge part of it as well)
    Arlong 2/10 (was bored to death by this arc but like every other episode I sat through and watched it from start to finish)
    Loguetown 9/10 (loved this one too)

    Laboon 7/10
    Whiskey Peak 5/10
    Little Garden 4/10
    Drum Island 3/10
    Alabasta 8/10 (Ace, smoker, epic zoro, epic snji, deser)

    Jaya 3/10
    Skypiea 7/10

    Davy Back Fight 5/10
    Water 7 10/10
    Enies Lobby 10/10
    Post-Enies Lobby 9/10

    Thriller Bark 4/10 (Could not stand this arc. If it wasn't for the comedy and Kuma I would rate it a 1/10)
    Sabaody Archipelago 6/10
    Amazon Lily 10/10 (the worst Generation was pretty awesome, Also introduction of Law and Reiyleg)
    Impel Down 4/10 (just wanted it to finish)
    Marineford 10/10 (best part of One piece thus far although Dressrosa is lookin pretty awesome)
    Post-War 10/10

    Reunion at Sabaody 9/10
    Fishman Island 1/10 (This arc felt like filler to me)
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    Re: Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

    EAST BLUE: - 7/10
    Captain Morgan - 6/10
    Buggy the Clown - 5/10
    Captain Kuro - 4/10
    Baratie - 6/10
    Arlong - 7/10
    Loguetown - 9/10 (who could forget Luffy on that execution stand? so epic and zoro's swords n smoker inro n the mystery of dragon)

    BAROQUE WORKS: - 8.5/10
    Laboon - 4.5/10
    Whiskey Peak - 8/10
    Little Garden - 6.5/10
    Drum Island - 6/10
    Alabasta - 9/10

    SKYPIEA: - 9/10 (enel my favorite villain so OP and yet so underrated, great saga)
    Jaya - 7/10
    Skypiea - 9/10

    CP9: - 9.5/10 Amazing saga davy arc underestimated but they forget that aokiji was introd into that arc or i consider it to be part of that arc.)
    Davy Back Fight - 8/10
    Water 7 - 8/10
    Enies Lobby - 10/10
    Post-Enies Lobby - 9/10 (garp hilarious ace n bb fight)

    Thriller Bark - 8/10 (underated not as epic all up as other sagas yohohohhohoh but it is the funniest one)

    WHITEBEARD WAR: - 10/10 (wb need i say more?)
    Sabaody Archipelago - 9.5/10 Tenrybuto luffy ray san it was very good
    Amazon Lily - 9.5/10 hancok lol
    Impel Down - 9/10
    Marineford - 10/10
    Post-War - 10/10

    Reunion Saga - 8/10
    Reunion at Sabaody - 8/10 (#7 and #1lol)
    Fishman Island - 8.5/10 (nose bleed and one eyes)

    Dressrosa saga
    Punk Hazard - 7/10 cc was a cunt
    Dressrosa 9/10 (so far) dofa is super awesome

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