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Thread: Anime Preview: Fall 2011

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    Re: Anime Preview: Fall 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by raptor02_2001 View Post
    i wonder who will answer of my question about Persona 4 anime ? that is first series or fourth series ... mean i need to watch season 1-3 Persona 4 or Persona 4 will first season series ? because i seen so games have more than one game... i am new to Persona 4 since i seen lot of posted Persona 4 pulll my attention ...

    and I don't have to download and watch huhu ... that is great for me ..
    Each Persona has completely different plot, with completely different story. Like, as far as I heard, Persona 2 was something about alien and stuff (never played P2 before). Persona 3 is about a group of students in one dormitory who has an ability to use Persona to fight with the Shadows which only appear during the Dark Hour, which is the hidden time between each day. Persona 4 is about a group of students pursuing after the culprit behind the case of mysterious serial kidnapping and murdering that happens after the fog in their town. There's no real big connection between them as far as the plot and characters go, excluding some little cameo which shouldn't be any problem even if you only watch Persona 4 (like there's this one time in the game where you get to go to the city where Persona 3 takes place on a short exchange trip sorta thing...If you don't know if that's a cameo, you can still enjoy the gag during the pub scene and the scene at the ramen shop, but if you know that that's a cameo, then it only makes you LOL even more, that's all...Do SERIOUSLY hope the anime has that as well though, since I just love the pub event...>.>")...and Igor (doesn't matter anyway).

    Not to mention, as people already said, the only Persona anime preceding this P4A is the spin-off of Persona 3, Trinity Soul, which tbh, sucks. There's actually nothing for you to watch before you can have your go at P4A anyway...unless you want to play the game, but I don't think it'll contribute any better to your understanding of P4A's storyline as it'll be different anyway. -_-"
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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member raptor02_2001's Avatar
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    Re: Anime Preview: Fall 2011

    riki, susanoo13 ,Ju-da-su Thank you for clear my misunderstanding ... i will watch P4 .. i hope it is good show ...

    I hope this Fall 2011 will good time to watch anime ... I can't wait for next season for Working anime ...

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