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Thread: Berserk 324 Discussion

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    Re: Berserk 324 Discussion

    Now, we patiently wait for the next chapter...because they are on a boat sailing over the sea filled with mermaids......going to who god knows where...argh!

    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado View Post
    ~Berserk view of religions~

    Christianity = Satan worshippers
    Japanese natural religions = good

    I agree so much on this.
    But it isn't really saying that Christianity is false religion...
    Ok, maybe it is... but I still feel like it is aimed mostly at Catholics & people who pray to the cross or something like that.

    I think this is the only thing I dislike about the manga. It shuns Christianity. So, in a way, I could call this a devil's worship manga.
    And just in case someone decides to post a huge biased Religion statement, here is my message to them:
    Spoiler show
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    Re: Berserk 324 Discussion

    I feel lonely, anyone want to chat?

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