Tokage (とかげ)

Tokage, a soul cursed to forever wander the world, unable to rest nor to join the reincarnation cycle, is now looking for its release.

This time Tokage enters the body of a newly dead girl named Yuuka, a shrine maiden. This body requires continual recharging from a highly spiritual person, whom the dead person must have had an attachment to. This person is Shinobu, a younger boy, who also lives in that shrine.

Thus starts the adventures of Tokage and Shinobu in a world gone mad, amidst the chaos and carnage that gravitates to an unsent soul draw. [mangaupdates]

------ Manga information --------

Demographic: Josei
Status in Japan: 3 (complete)
Serialized in: Comic Zero-Sum (Ichijinsha)
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