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Thread: Noblesse: Chapter 197 Discussion/198 Predictions

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    Re: Noblesse: Chapter 197 Discussion/198 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    I can't be sure if he could pass it on to a human or not but i think if you consider that "mutants", as the nobles call them, can infect humans. Then it would stand to reason the nobles, whom if i'm not mistaken are what the mutants are derived from, would have a similar ability.

    But perhaps instead of resulting in stuff like the unstable bloodthirsty vampires that the organization ends up with, they can produce something more stable. Like a new Noble. Then, if you take into account how often with vampire type stuff the strength of the creator establishes the strength of the creation, so whoever Raizel sired would end up being an absolute beast.

    Raizel did stabilize M-21 right? So it seems he, at least, can influence another person's physiology. Though there is no telling what the limits of that are.
    I guess so, considering that even mutants could turn humans into vampires with such great lust of blood. What I'm curious about is the background of where they come from. Being nobles, I imagine them to be people who care so much about dignity and stuffs like that. I don't think they would 'infect' someone -- a human -- just to make him/her their descendant. Possible, but doesn't sound like graceful to me. I wonder, though, if there would be a situation where that kind of action has to be done. That would be interesting. :3

    Yeah, Rai did pointed out M-21's real ability. He revived that potential from his deepest self. I wonder what kind of ability is that, and what is its real usage. It's related to his skill to control blood, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by White Silver King View Post
    But I don't want Rai to die!!! He is the only main character of any series that I don't want to die!
    Quote Originally Posted by goldb View Post
    He won't die. Not if Frankenstein has anything to say about it. Plus it would take one heck of an enemy to hit him, let alone defeat him. Only people I see being able to challenge or pose a threat to him are the executives of the union and the Noble Clan leaders that betrayed the nobles. But i have a suspicion they are one of the same...Dunno why but I just have a feeling....
    LOL, I think none of us want to see Rai gone. He's the star of the series after all. I agree with goldb; there is little chance that there is an enemy at least as strong or stronger than him (I think Crombel might be the one closest in term of power, but still, they are not on the same level to begin with). I tend to think that his power would consume his life and that would probably be the cause of his 'death' or 'eternal sleep' or just another long round of sleep, even longer than 820 years, maybe.

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    Re: Noblesse: Chapter 197 Discussion/198 Predictions

    Where's the new Boku no Hero Academia forum?

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