This is a manga that i wrote and it's still ongoing i already wrote 9 chapters

Chapter 1: The thunder strikes!
It's a beautiful morning in the city Nishimora, Akira wakes up and heads for the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator in hopes of finding something: WHERE IS THE MILK!?
Akira ran to the living room and sees the milk into the hand of his brother: You do not even think about your brother?
Akimitsu: Oh, you're finally awake.
Akira: Shut up! How can I start my day without a little milk?
Akimitsu (Smiles): I was so hungry.
Akira: Eat something else!
Akimitsu: There is no food.
Akira: buy something!
Akimitsu: I have no money.
Akira (enraged): You look for me!
Ayoki: Stop!
Ayoki comes on his wheelchair: Akira, I left a little milk for you.
Akira: Really my cousin? Thank you! Akimitsu you'll be late.
Akimitsu takes his schoolbag and heads for the door: Akira, I love you.
Akira: I hate you, stupid brother!
He exit, Ayoki looks with a worry face: I hope nothing bad happens.
Akira: There is something?
Ayoki: No, it's just a bad feeling.
Akira: Well, we must be prepared to go to school.
Akimitsu arrives at school, he met his best friend Toshiro.
Toshiro: Yo! You look fit.
Akimitsu: Yes.
Toshiro: Get ready for hours of math.
Akimitsu: Not true! I hope that our teacher has been killed by a monster! (He cries)
Toshiro: Ha ha ha, I do not think so.
Both are in Class, Akimitsu sees his teacher, he walks near him and said: You didn't need to come.
Prof: If you repeat it you're in a big problem.
Akimitsu: Yes, yes, sorry.
Toshiro think: He looks for problems.
The teacher begins the lesson, Akimitsu look out from the window.
Akimitsu: The wind became too strong on the outside, yet it was fine earlier.
Prof: Akimitsu!
Akimitsu: What?
Prof: what I was about to explain?
Akimitsu: How should I know?
Teacher: You are in a big problem!
Akimitsu: This is the first time you say something good.
Prof: You...!
The time is over, students leave, Akimitsu looks to his professor: What are you saying? Mr. big problem?
He leaves with his friend, but the sky begins to rain, both protect themselves with their schoolbags.
Toshiro: It was fine just now!
Akimitsu: Yes, it rains suddenly, it's not normal!
A little boy runs, he falls, Akimitsu sees a light from heaven: A thunder?
Toshiro: Akimitsu?
Akimitsu throws the bag and push the child, he looks at his friend: Sorry, Toshiro.
Toshiro: No!
Akimitsu thunder struck, he falls, his friend ran to him and hugs him: Hold on! Akimitsu!
Akimitsu does not move: Akimitsu! Do not die!
The phone in Akimitsu's house sounds, Akira responds: Yes?
Toshiro Akira!
Akira: There is a problem? Akimitsu is with you? I must speak with him.
Toshiro: You can not.
Akira: Why?
Toshiro: Akimitsu is ...
Akira: What? He goes well? What happened?
Toshiro: He is in the hospital!
The phone fell from his hands: I see my brother!
Akira and Ayoki arrive at the hospital, Toshiro is sad, he did not look to them.
Ayoki: Tell us!
Toshiro: It's a thunder ...
Ayoki: A thunder? What do you mean?
Toshiro: He saved a child from a thunder and he got hit instead of the boy.
Ayoki: How is he?
The doctor leaves the room: I did my best, his heart stopped beating.
Akira: It's not fair!
Toshiro: Damn! I was with him and I could not do anything!
The nurse comes out: Doctor! The boy is alive! His heart beats again!
Doctor: What? It's a miracle! His heart stopped 15 minutes ago!
Nurse: He is awake.
Toshiro and Akira come running into the room, Akimitsu greets them, Akira gives him a hit on the head: Idiot! You caused many problems you no good!
Akimitsu: You did not need to hit me!
Akira gives him another hit: Yes! I needed to do! You're an idiot! Why should I have a brother like you? Stupid!
Toshiro: You could die! What did you think about?
Akimitsu: But I saved the life of a child, it is good. (Smiles)
Akira gives him a hit in the face: Idiot!
Akimitsu: Okay, just leave me in peace.
Students of the second year meet in a building of the second street.
One of them hits the table: This Akimitsu! He destroyed our street! And you Ken! How could you be so calm? "
Ken: Shut up, I want to sleep Hatsu, you get nervous for nothing.
Hatsu: And you what are you doing? You sleep all the time!
Someone: Enough!
A boy sitting on a chair talking. He has white hair, a scar in the face, and green eyes: It's a waste of time!
Hatsu: But master Hiro!
Hiro: Do what you want, this boy is too weak, he does not interest me.
Hatsu: I understand! I'll send two of the second year.
Hiro: I do not care.
The next day, Akimitsu is back to high school, a girl greets Akimitsu and Toshiro: Hi! I was worried for both of you after what happened yesterday.
Toshiro: We're fine.
Akimitsu: That's nice of you, Ayumi.
Ayumi: We're friends, it's normal that I am worry, Toshiro and Akimitsu.
Toshiro: I think you're right.
Two boys from the second year come toward them: You are Akimitsu?
Akimitsu: Yes, that's me.
"You come with us.
Akimitsu: Why?
One of them grabs Ayumi: If you don't your friend will be in danger.
Akimitsu: Ayumi! Leaves!
Toshiro: Leaves!
Toshiro runs towards him, but the other grabs his hand and hits with the knees in the stomach and then discarded.


Toshiro rises: It's not over!
The boy hits again and again, but he continues to stand: I will not give up!
Akimitsu: Enough, I'm coming with you, but leave my friends.
Toshiro: Are you crazy? They are dangerous!
Akimitsu: But I do not want to see my friends suffer! Never!
Toshiro stops: This is nonsense!
Akimitsu advance, the boy leaves Ayumi.
Ayumi: I'm sorry Akimitsu.
Akimitsu: This is nothing.
The other boy injured Toshiro: You think it will be easier? Ridiculous!
Akimitsu: How dare you?
"What will you do now? You'll cry little one? Ha ha ha, after all you're just a kid from the first year, you can not do anything against us!
Akimitsu: Unforgivable.


The wind gets stronger, his body looks electrified, he is angry: It's unforgivable!
The ground shakes, the lightning is coming out of his body: I can forgive anyone for anything, but the only thing I can not forgive is that someone hurts my friends!
Ayumi: Akimitsu ...
-W ... wait!
Akimitsu: You're going to pay! To have touched my dear friends!
He jumps over him and hit him with his leg then throws him away then jumps and hits the other then gives the final hit in the stomach.
Akimitsu looks at his hands with surprise: What was that?
His two friends ran toward him, Toshiro pounces on him: You were awesome my friend!
Ayumi: You were too cool!
Akimitsu: Thanks, I think it was because of thunder that struck me.
Toshiro: Possibly.
Ayumi takes his hand and rises it to the sky: Akimitsu is victorious!
The three friends are laughing.

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Chapter 2: The player from hell.
In high school Noshimora, Akira enters the classroom, all students speak only of football:
"Tomorrow is the match between the first and second years!
Yes! Our class will play! I look forward to it!
"I'm sure we'll win! After all Hatsu is with us!
Akira: What are you talking about?
Boy: You forgot? Each year there is a match between a class of the first and the second one, it is interesting, is it not it?
Akira: And what is this class?
Boy: I think that's your little brother's class.
Akira: Really? You sure?
Boy: Yes, I'm sure of it.
Akira ignites: Good! I'll show Akimitsu which is the strongest!
The whole class looks: It's your brother ...
Akira: The strongest will win! Do you agree?
Whole class: Yeah!
Hatsu enters the class, everyone is happy to see him.


-How are you?
-We rely on you tomorrow!
Akira: H ... hello ...
Hatsu: ... Hi.
Akira looked at him and thinks: He's always like that. He does not speak to other and stay angry. What is his problem?
Hatsu: Listen up! We have to win at all costs!
Akira: Ha ... Ha ... Hatchouuum!
Hatsu: You called me?
Akira: No ... No, I just caught a cold.
Hatsu takes his place, Akira approaches his friend: Why is he always like this? It is weird.
Boy: I do not know, he does not talk to others, but what I know is that he always follows the king of this school.
Akira: H ... Hiro Flame the King? That's impossible!
Boy: The rumors say. The rumors also say he has the legs of a devil, we call them the legs of hell. His shots have a strength and incredible speed! He is strong!
Akira: I see, I think it's great, I look forward to the game so I can crash Akimitsu.
Boy: We don't need you, you idiot.
Akira: What? Who's the idiot?
Boy: I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, so shut up.
In Akimitsu's class, the three friends speak of the same subject.
Toshiro: I do not like that I'm forced to be the guardian!
Ayumi: What's the problem? This is important in football, there is nothing wrong.
Toshiro: But everyone speaks about the legs of hell and I do not understand anything, my head hurts!
Akimitsu: The legs of hell?
Ayumi: You mean Hatsu the player from hell.
Akimitsu: What's the story of hell?
Ayumi: He's one of the guards of the king of the school Hiro, he will play in the match, he never lost before. He is too hard, dangerous, and merciless.
Akimitsu: How do you know all this? You have precise information, you are hiding something from us, Ayumi?
Ayumi: I ... I ... I ... It's just a coincidence!
Akimitsu: You okay? You're pale.
Ayumi: Yes, yes, yes, I'll ... well, nothing! I'm just tired! No need to worry!
Akimitsu: You sure?
Ayumi: Or ... yes! I'm fine! What's wrong with you?
Toshiro: I think you fell on your head in the morning.
Akimitsu: Maybe she went crazy and she needs a doctor.
Ayumi: My head is still there! I told you I'm fine!
She leaves the class and run.
Toshiro: What's her problem? She is angry for nothing.
Akimitsu: Who knows? Well, I'm starving! I must eat.
Akimitsu comes home, Akira grabs him by the hair: You're in a problem my dear brother!
Akimitsu: I am sorry to have eaten your cake! Let my hair!
Akira: You ate my cake? So it was not a mouse species thief!
Akimitsu: Damn! Q ... who said that? I love you!
Akira: I hate you! If you win the game tomorrow, your life will end, and even if you lose you die for my cake do you understand or not?
Akimitsu: Understand! Let my hair! It is precious to me!
Akira leaves his hair and bites the hand of his brother.
Akimitsu: No! Why is it always me? This is not true!
The next day the two classes meet in the field. The match starts the second year marks several goals, Hatsu hits the ball, Toshiro prepares to block, but the ball is already in goal: It is not possible! How does he do that?
Akimitsu: This is not true, it is always the same result.
Hatsu attack again, he hits the ball burning.
Akimitsu: Toshiro! Be careful!
Akira: The ball is burning!
Toshiro: Damn!
Toshiro grabs, but the blow is stronger than him, he goes into the goal with the ball and loses consciousness. Akimitsu and others run toward him: He does not wake up.
Player: It's bad! It is our only goalkeeper.
Player: What to do? It's a big problem!
Ayumi enters the field: It's good, I will take his place. I can block these attacks.
Everyone bursts out laughing, Ayumi is serious: A problem?
Players are scared: No, do what you want, ma'am.
Ayumi: Okay! We will win this game!
Hatsu looks: Ayumi ... Princess. That's interesting.
Akira: What are you whispering?
Hatsu: Nothing. Nothing.
Akira: We do not have time to talk, we must win match.
Hatsu: Yes, yes, you do not need to tell me, and then the match is already won but ...
Akira: But what?
Hatsu: Since this girl came into the game, there will be some problems.
Akira: Stop dreaming. She is a girl.
Hatsu: Little mad.
Akira: What? Are you looking for problems!
They continue the match, Hatsu strikes with all his might the ball, the other can not block because of the speed of the shot.
Ayumi thinks: I have to focus on the ball, but in following it with my eyes I will not succeed.
Ayumi close her eyes the players are surprised: She closes her eyes!
-What does she thinks?
-All is lost.
Akimitsu: Ayumi? What is she thinking about?
Ayumi catches the ball without a problem, everyone is surprised.
Akimitsu: Seriously?!
Ayumi: What's your problem? You should attack! It is too early to give up!
Player: But Hatsu is with them.
Ayumi: You want to abandon it? What do you know when you have not tried?
Akimitsu: She's right! It is a simple player! This must be done!
They work together and they keep moving the ball: Akimitsu! It's your turn to play!
Akimitsu takes the ball: Yeah!
Lightning comes out of his leg and he scored the first goal.
Akira: WHAT?
Hatsu: Wow. It is not bad.
Players: Well done!
Akimitsu think: I.... I used it again? I do not know how but I must try again to win! They count on me! I have a name for this attack.
Akimitsu brand and brand goals, both teams are tied: 5-5.
Akimitsu: Good! The time will soon end! A final goal and we win!
Everyone: Yeah!
Hatsu: Stop dreaming! Boy!
Hatsu Akimitsu takes the ball and hits to Ayumi.
Hatsu: What will you do now princess?
Akimitsu: Princess?
Ayumi: It's nothing special!
Ayumi catches the ball and throws it on top of Akimitsu: Akimitsu It's your turn!
Akimitsu jumps and hits the ball with lightning in his leg: "lightning shot! He scores the goal, the match is over, and players jump on him.
Akimitsu, I can not breathe! Leave me!
Akira: I'll kill him! It's on!
Akira sees Hatsu go and smile: "What's his problem? »Hatsu passes near Ayumi: I knew you're princess Ayumi. I wonder why you have abandoned your role.
Ayumi: If you mention that to someone ...
Hatsu: I know, but you will speak soon.
Later, Akimitsu is the only one there, Hatsu comes to the place: What are you doing? You have classes now.
Akimitsu: It does not matter, I hate math.
Hatsu: I see. Then yesterday two boys attacked? You know who sent them?
Akimitsu: No.
Hatsu: That's me.
Akimitsu: Why have you sent them?
Hatsu: You destroyed our street.
Akimitsu: It was a thunderbolt that struck me! It's not my fault!
Hatsu: Your fault or not it tells me nothing.
Akimitsu: It's not my fault! I told you!
Hiro on the top of the school: Hatsu If what said is true, it means that the princess will come.
Hatsu takes a ball and hits "Hell shot" The ball is fired towards Akimitsu: I will not do it at the right time, it is not good.
Toshiro is in the class, he is worried, he raises his hand: Sir, I can go to the toilet?
Teacher: Yes, but faster.
Toshiro goes out: Akimitsu and Ayumi didn't come, I hope they go well. I have to look fast!
Hiro looks forward: Where is she? She should come to help, otherwise I'll be very disappointed.
Ken is behind him: I do not think she will come, the princess has already abandoned her role, she is not strong, she is an ant.
Hiro: I would like to see it! The power of an ancient princess!
The ball disappears and appears before Akimitsu: It's bad!
Toshiro sees everything behind: Akimitsu look out!
Hatsu: Good bye, brother of Akira.
"Not so fast! »Everybody hears a voice, the ball is caught with one hand.
Hatsu: So you came!
Ken: It's not possible!
Toshiro: What happens? I do not understand!
Hiro: I knew it! She has finally come to the princess Noshimora! Ayumi!
Akimitsu: A ... Ayumi?
Ayumi looks at Hatsu: You are not fun, Hatsu player from hell. Come on, let's fight!
Hatsu: With pleasure!