Hey everyone,

I just created my account on here and am about to submit my request to become a translator, but it's 1:40am... so I might wait till the morning so I'm a little more coherent. haha

I've been teaching myself Japanese for about 3 years now and this past January and February I lived in Japan and worked, but I had to return because I am trying to finish my B.S. degree in Computer Science. I only have one class left. Yay!

Almost everyday I practice Japanese to some extent and I occassionally write journal entries in Japanese, translate my dreams into Japanese, or try to write short stories into Japanese, but all this is on my own free will and I feel if I had a pressing date for things that others wanted (translating manga) then I would learn more faster.

I hope to make some new friends and learn some new Japanese. I'm not much of a forum person, but I think if I have translations I'm working on then I'll be around.


My Japanese friends either call me hosoi or DanDan and I'm ok with people calling me either of those.