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Thread: Claymore 117- The nicknames Origin

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    Claymore Claymore 117- The nicknames Origin

    Claymore Chapter 117- The Nickname's Origin

    Well hi again everyone. It's time for my review of this months Claymore chapter. Before we begin, I'd just like to give thanks to Gernot, for their translation of the chapter. It helped a lot that I had that to check some of the characters names with. Now on to the poll results. Last month I asked who everyone's favorite Number 1 was. Well perhaps unsurprisingly Teresa won in a landslide, with fourteen votes. Although she's never been a rank 1, Galatea came in second with 5 votes. The Dead trio each got one vote. And it seems that Black Alicia isn't very popular, as she got no votes at all.

    The beginning of Love and Hate-
    This months chapter is mostly flashbacks focused on Roxanne Once she was only rank 35. But then she was sent on an awakened being hunt, led by number 5, Elizabeth. And also on this team was number 31, the somewhat unfortunately named Uranus. Uranus had a lot of experience fighting AB's, and despite her number had managed to survive. It seems she did this by being willing to use all of the parts of her blade in a fight. Most Claymores didn't like this brutal style, but Roxanne wanted to learn it. So she befriended Uranus, and began to learn her fighting style. The two became good friends. And then Roxanne surpassed Uranus. From that point on, Roxanne became disgusted with Uranus style. And shortly after Roxanne got promoted to rank 24, Uranus died.
    Well this gives us a bit of set up for Roxanne. We learn that originally she was a pretty low number, starting out at rank 35. Makes it quite the accomplishment that she was able to climb all the way to number one, doesn't it? However this climb was accompanied by a series of deaths. I'll talk more about that at a later point. Uranus may have an unfortunate name, but her fighting style is interesting. She compensates for being rather weak with combat pragmatism. In a life or death struggle, if you have to hit the other person with the swords pommel to survive, you should, irregardless of how it looks. Otherwise you may have a pretty fighting style, but you'll also be dead.

    The Path To The Top-
    The next major Claymore in Roxanne's life was number 9, Neideen, the pirate Claymore. Okay, she wasn't a pirate, but she did have the eye-patch. As a result of her missing eye, she specialized in Yoki perception. To her, missing both eyes would be no problem. During an AB hunt, Roxanne also lost an eye. Neideen and Roxanne became friends, and Roxanne began to learn Neideen's Yoki sensing skills. Then in a standard AB hunt, Neideen lost her life. And suddenly Roxanne's eye was fine... And then it was number 5, Elizabeth... And finally Roxanne decided to become friends with number 1, Cassandra. Cassandra was the rare left handed Claymore. And she was a loner, who never went on an AB hunt with anyone else. So no one knew just how she fought. But gradually, Roxanne managed to befriend Cassandra, becoming quite close. However even with that Cassandra would never take Roxanne on an AB hunt with her, and never showed her true strength. But Roxanne had a secret as well. Her original skill was Yoki synchronization, and that enabled her to learn the techniques of others. And in addition, she could completely hide her Yoki. And by doing so, she followed Cassandra on an AB hunt. And after-wards she had the perfect nickname for her...
    And a pattern emerges. Roxanne will find a Claymore with a skill she admires. She becomes enamored of them, and befriends them in order to learn their skill. And once she's mastered the skill, she becomes disgusted with them. Oh, and the Claymore dies soon after. That part's rather suspicious don't you think? And when you factor in that Roxanne was good an yoki synchronization, and thus probably Yoki manipulation, it starts to paint a picture. I think that once she got their skills, Roxanne killed them. Perhaps she began to hate those she once admired, once they no longer had anything for her to learn. Or perhaps she's just a manipulative sociopath. It might seem odd that the organization didn't seem to care that she was doing this, but remember, the Organization has never cared about the lives of the Claymores. Heck, they may have wanted to see if a Claymore that could pick up skills would work for their weapons development. It also seems like Roxanne is the one who gave Cassandra her nickname. And I think that's the moment love turned to hate.

    The Dust Eater-
    Back in the present, Rachael has had enough. She decides it's time to finish Cassandra off. But Cassandra has had enough herself. She begins swinging her head back and forth, and end up going very low, cutting Rachael's legs off. Nina tries to fight her next, but fares no better. And then it's Audrey's turn. As Roxanne explains, it's a technique that uses the momentum of the head to swing low to the ground, and attack from an unusual angle. And the reason she gave Cassandra the nickname Dust Eater.
    Well Cassandra finally gets serous, and takes down her three opponents with ease. It's a strange looking technique, and I can understand why Cassandra didn't want others to see it. It looks very undignified, and gets the user dirty. It also works. Most foes aren't prepared to deal with attacks coming in from that low. That might also be another reason Cassandra kept it from others though. Once you see it, you can start working out how to deal with it. But for now only Miria is able to fight. The reinforcements had better arrive soon, as Audery, Rachael, and Nina are at Cassandra's mercy. Now you might assume that Roxanne killed Cassandra means Roxanne is stronger. But Cassandra went down in a fight with a large number of Claymores, so I don't think we can give Roxanne sole credit.

    Winner of the Month-
    Roxanne, for her rather chilling means of gaining strength.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Re: Claymore 117- The nicknames Origin

    1. Uranus' and Roxanne's (copied) use of the entire sword, is/was called/titled Deadly Weapon/Blade (I can't remember which and too lazy to look it up at the moment), which is quite the name/title... for such a "low rank sword style"... why was it called deadly? It must have been extremely effective... especially for rank 31 Uranus to be able to kill Awakeneds with it, as most ranks 30-47 NEVER battle an Awakened in their entire lives.

    2. Neideen = could fight with no eyes = Galatea

    (however, Roxanne's copy method is mysterious, whereas Galatea+Neideen "naturally" improved their Yoki Sensing Ability)

    (as can be seen, Claymore follows real life, as when you don't have whatever sense, your other 4 senses are enhanced/trained, except in this case, it's their "6th sense", their Yoki usage of the Yoki Sensing Ability)

    3. an interesting point, that I just realized just now:

    Rank 1 (actually ranks 1-5) Claymores never go on team Awakened hunts, as they're powerful enough to solo most Awakeneds.

    Yet, the way the manga said it, it sounds like this isn't the case during Cassandra's Era, as it sounds as if Cassandra normally would go on team AB hunts even as a rank 1, if it wasn't for her desire to keep her unique Ability secret.

    This suggests that:

    A. rank 1's during and however further back from Cassandra's Era (Cassandra and whoever before her in earlier Eras) were much much much weaker, needing a team's help for an AB Hunt, a rank 1 needing help !!!!
    B. they fought much more powerful ABs (single digit ABs, especially ranks 2-5) or maybe even AOs (rank 1 Awakeneds), and thus needed a team's help.
    C. It's just a policy difference by the Organization for whatever the reason, and doesn't neccessarily have anything to do with A and B.

    4. my guess:

    A. due to the restoration of the eye, it's a "magical" Copying-Yoki-Synchronization Ability, similiar somewhat to Hidan's Jutsu in Naruto possible (I wonder what would happen if the "befriended" Claymore kills herself, would Roxanne die too? hehe) or maybe somekind of combination of Shikamaru's Shadow Jutsu, Uchiha's Eye Genjutsus, Naruto's Shadow Clones (as seen by the AFs sharing their combat experiences as some form or version of the Soul Link), and/or Hidan's Jutsu.
    B. Roxanne creates an Illusion of herself without an eye (like seen by Raftela and maybe the Destroyer - I'm still trying to figure this out, now after learning that most of the "imagery" was from Clare's own mind creating it, I have to re-think this a bit, lol), which the other Claymores and Neideen see, and thus Neideen feels kindred to Roxanne, sympathizing her as they share the same burden of not being able to see in depth, which Roxanne uses for her own ends, as we know.

    5. my understanding of the "Love and Hate" :

    Roxanne "Loves" superior Claymores (as she can "steal"-copy their superior abilities), but once Roxanne becomes superior to them (and/or once she has their superior abilities), then she see's them and their abilities with the same disgust-"Hate" that other superior Claymores have towards that Claymore and her Abilities.

    6. Cassandra's "Dust Eater" Ability: (my understanding of it)

    A. it is a real life basic martial art combat move (albiet at inhuman rank 1 Claymore quickness, lol): dodge-duck head in same direction as the attack, as this puts them off balance, while you turn your head dodge-ducking into a spin (spinning away from opponent), and come back around with a counter attack (such as an elbow to the head/temple or a kick wherever, hehe). However, usually instead of merely dodging+ducking your head, if they were to punch, you grab their wrist pulling them hard in the same direction that are already going, and then spin around with whatever your counter attack.

    B. It is extremely powerful/effective/unstopable. It boosts Cassandra from a rank 5 in power to a rank 1 in power. It makes Cassandra near impossible to hit (extremely high level agility-dodging), and due to it being fluidly transitioned into a counter attack after putting them off balance, it's impossible to avoid it, as every AB, Audrey (despite having seen it twice), Rachel, and Nina were unable to avoid it, getting sliced by it. In fact, Cassandra with it, dispatches all her opponents without a single scratch to herself... we've seen this level of agility-dodging way back in the manga... with Teresa herself, never getting touched either, hehe

    7. to me it sounds as though Roxanne got a "cheap shot" final blow upon Cassandra, letting the other Claymores wound/exhaust Cassandra, and "cheap shot'edly" Roxanne strikes at the worst possible time at Cassandra, killing Cassandra. It sounds similiar to Priscilla's victory over Teresa.

    I think the question is this:

    If Roxanne has the "Dust Eater" copied, then she could possibly be more powerful than Cassandra (though this isn't certain, as Cassandra may never have released her yoki, and if she were to do so now, Roxanne may not have any chance even with Cassandra's "Dust Eater", as Cassandra might be simply too powerful for Roxanne, much like Teresa was towards Priscilla, hehe).

    If Roxanne doesn't have the "Dust Eater" copied, than she probably can't defeat Cassandra, unless another "opportunity" happens again...

    -yes, Cassandra was seen struggling against Audrey+Rachel+Nina, however she hadn't released her Yoki, and these 3 as indidivuals and/or as a team could actually be quite powerful instead of weak as most people* want to (and do) think, lol.

    -yes, According to Roxanne, Cassandra herself is only at a rank 5 power level... but does Roxanne really know that for certain? But regardless, Cassandra has her "Dust Eater", and thus Cassandra *IS* a rank 1 in power level. As her "Dust Eater" allows her to vanquish (slice to pieces, though this may have been done after the kill to cover-hide her "Dust Eater", however I can certainly see Cassandra spinning multiple times around after slicing off the legs, slicing up her opponent in a "Talon Frenzy Fatality in the Primal Rage^tm game", hehe) any foe she has battled without ever getting touched. Yes I'm biased, as I favor Cassandra over the otehr two, hehe. I think Cassandra is the most powerful and most superior one of the 3 of them.

    *because Cassandra was struggling against Audrey+Rachel+Nina, many people seem to think that Cassandra must be weak, as Audrey+Rachel+Nina "ARE" weak...**

    **but I'm not so sure that they are weak... at least in terms of Audrey, ~Rachel (she is a rank 5 after all), and the 3 of them as a team. Well, Rachel is pretty weak (not her Sword Technique, but she herself) as she did go all out against Miria and still got easily disabled by Miria, or at least Rachel is stupid anyways lol, but Rachel makes an interesting comment about-that Audrey didn't fight Miria at her full extent (Is Audrey actually superior to Miria?), and I feel that Audrey knew what Miria was up to (Audrey is the same as Miria, pretending to be hardcore loyal to the Org when really she's very suspicious of the Org, hence Audrey saying -lying- that they were still enemies even after she was saved by the Ghosts from Riful and we see the same with Miria saying -lying- that she'd report Clare's disobient behavior to the Org as well), that Miria wasn't going to kill them, and so Audrey went easy and let Miria cut her. Now Nina is quite weak however, as remember that she was the "laughing stock" of Alphonse, walking right into an AB ambush and needing to get saved by the Ghosts, with herself "re-located" to a "desk job" near the Org HQs, and getting replaced by Anastasia's group being sent to Alphonse. her Shadow chaser/Hunter isn't though, Nina is like Helen and Jean, as both themselves aren't that powerful, but they Sword Techniques (Drill/Rotary Sword) is probably the most deadly/destructive of all sword techniques, hehe.
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