I figured I could make some thread here, but first I'm going to introduce myself.

I'm Yagami1211, part time translator on Bleach and Naruto.
I'm french ( Yes, neither english or japanese are my 1st languages )
You might know me from spoilers translated from time to time.

I learned Japanese in three steps.
1 ) Alone, but I could only do so much myself.
2 ) A friend of mine knew japanese like I know french. So he taught me.
3 ) Went one year in college learning japanese.

I helped a Naruto french sub team back in the days when the fillers hell started in the original Naruto.
I changed so much stuff in their team ( they were translating from english, and they sucked at it ) that they even questioned what I was doing.
I was soo pissed that I retired and started my own sub team ALONE ( Yagasub ) and subbed Naruto from 50 ish to 130. I wasn't that good in japanese back then, but I learned a lot. You can't probably find anything about this since there wasn't any big ad or anything.

Then I practiced at translating. And got interested in translating the spoilers and some chapters. But I suck at finding good quality raws.

I accept requests from Naruto & Bleach chapters ( Chapters you think were poorly translated or something ).

I'm posting mainly on NF but I come here from time to time.