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Thread: Legend of Maian

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    Legend of Maian

    Title: Legend of Maian a.k.a 마이언 전기, Mayan Chronicles
    Genres: Manwha, Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Tragedy
    Author: Im Dal Young
    Artist: Jeong Soo Cheol
    Publication: Haksan; serialized in Chance
    Start Date: 2007
    End Date: as of 10-19-11, on going
    Number of chapters at review: 62
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 62

    General Overview:
    Legend has it that Felicia Rand Philistine rule Shuitria with absolute power. Her rule was halted with the sudden appearance by Maian the Brave. Being defeated, the legendary witch was sealed in a stone monument erected to the glory of the legendary hero who defeated her. A thousand years later, Felicia Rand Philistine was unsealed by a descendent of Maian the Brave, Felix Maian. Her release into a world on the brink of war isn't a good omen. For an arrogant tyrant of ages past, Felicia's main concern is gathering her forces to retake the world.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 8
    The art is superb. It's well drawn for the most part. There are a few scenes that bothered me particularly the costumes that some of the characters wear. Anyway, I loved how the humor was also presented by deformation of the body (i.e. nose) which added great effect for the scenes.

    One thing I do have to say is that I'm surprised that some of the women's breast doesn't fall out of their tops. The costumes are also skanky for the better well endowed women. Then again, when you're all powerful, you could afford to be skanky and don't give a damn. Then again, Im Dal Young's manwhas tend to feature heroines with very large assets. It was just with Onihime VS that a flat-chested heroine was also side-by-side a heroine with large assets. Well, I haven't checked out much of his other works. Im Dal Young must have a thing with women that has very large assets. Hey, but who am I to complain?

    Plot: 5

    The actual plot plays out quite contrary to the original summary. Great power was needed by Felicia Rand Philistine for conquest. Conquest paved a way for Felicia to accomplish what she truly desired. Maian the Brave saw that there was something that Felicia didn't understood nor believed in. In order for Felicia to learn what "that" was, Maian the Brave devised a clever plot in hope that Felicia might gain what he thought she lacked. It seems that the basis of the story is for Felicia to gain a deeper understanding of what Maian the Brave wanted?

    The real quest for Felicia started when Felix Maian unsealed her from her slumber. (I don't really think it was a slumber but more of an annoyance. She wasn't actually asleep but sounded more as if she was conscious the whole entire time. The journey starts there anyway.)

    Characters: 7

    The main character, Felix Maian, is depicted as a young male but he's clearly older. He has a weak and frail body compared to his grandfather, father and younger brother. It's a personal disgrace considering he was born to a family that descended from Maian the Brave. Over the course of the manwha, Felix's good heart is portrayed more and more. By this, Felicia starts to get influenced by it though she tries hard to deny it.

    The heroine, Felicia Rand Philistine, is an extremely powerful sorceress who has been sealed for hundreds of years. She was recently awoken by Felix Maian. Her character isn't what Shuitira history said it was. Felicia is actually kind and desired to build an ideal world. Maian the Brave saw that Felicia's ideal world lacked a very important aspect that Shurians have. In order to reveal this, Maian had Felicia sealed away until a proper time.

    The Regis Knights have an interesting relationship with Felicia. They are her servants while she is their Lord. Felicia commands absolute loyalty and trust. The powers that each Regis Knight wield is tremendous. Due to the Rivland, each knight is basically immortal and it seems that their natural abilities and powers are also bolstered incredibly. The Regis Knights also hold Felicia Rand Philistine in high regards too. I'm not sure what kind of past each one had but it seems that they have great faith in Felicia. Over the span of time that Felicia was sealed, each one had to continue their life. Personally, it's intriguing to imagine what kind of things each Regis Knight had to endure or lived through until Felicia was unsealed. The Regis Knights are just their as supporting characters, but I'm sure some of their back story would make for an interesting side story.

    Theme: 10

    Without love, everything is vain, pointless and nothing. It is the greatest shame to not understand love. I know it sounds cheesy but love is a wonderful thing. For Felicia, her ideal world lacked the depth of love that Shurians wanted. Because of that vacuum, Maian the Brave rose to challenge Felicia's absolution.

    Originality: 7

    Typically where there is a weak male that has an unusual power and an overpowered female protagonist, there should be a harem. Considering Im Dal Young's works, the male protagonist is paired up with a female protagonist. The contrast between Im Dal Young's other works is that Felicia's powers are absolute in comparison to say Bridget L. Satellizer of Freezing, and Kana and Rena of Onihime VS.

    Whereas Bridget, Kana, and Rena are looking to gain something, Felicia is looking to regain something she lost. Of course, Felix's role is quite an interesting one where he serve one role that is extremely critical support role to Felicia and then plays another one else. In a way, there's greater character development for Felix.


    I would recommend it for those just looking for something to read. That's basically how I started reading it. It's a good enough adventure story with an easy plot to follow. Out of all of the works by Im Dal Young that I have read, Legend of Maian was the most enjoyable read.

    Spoiler: Scenes from the first chapter show
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