When Orihime went back to school after the conflict with Yammy and Ulq, it was said she missed school for 5 days. Alright so the fight with yammy and ulq took place after school on Sep 3rd. So with her missing 5 days of school after that it could at least put her going back to school on the 9th, but i'm not even counting possible weekends so it could go higher, plus i'm not sure if they go to school on saturday or not, so it could go even higher.

this has been bugging me. all the big bleach timelines have the date hitsu and co come to ichigo's school as sep 7th and i'm like 0_0. what?

please clarify me on this, the accuracy of my fanfic depends on it lol.

Also here are some of the timelines I've been looking at.