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Thread: Holyland

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    Title: Holyland
    Genres: Action, Seinen, psychological, martial arts
    Author: MORI Kouji
    Artist: MORI Kouji
    Publication:Young Animal
    Start Date:2000
    End Date:2008
    Number of chapters at review: 128
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 128

    General Overview: Yuu is a high schooler who doesn't really fit anywhere. He's looking for a place where he belong, where he can be accepted: his holyland. looking for this place, the night he roam in the downtown streets.

    Art: 9
    i have nothing to say for the art except that it's a very realistic style like the majority of the seinen. The fighting panels are perfectly understandable, the decors and the characters are very realistic. You're getting used to the art really fast and the style perfectly fit the story.

    Plot: 7
    Yuu is a scaredy-cat and weak-looking high schooler. However the night, he like wanderings the downtown streets. In those place filled with gangs and thugs, it's hard for a normal boy to walk there without being provoked but Yuu don't wanna leave this place that he call his holyland and is ready to do anything to defend his place. One thing lead to another and before being aware of it, Yuu will be dragged in the world of street fights. How Yuu will manage to fight those thugs? will he be accepted? will he be able to stay and defend his place?

    Characters: 7
    this manga is principally focused on the main char and his evolution, there is a great char development when it come to him. However you can't say the same about the secondary characters but this isn't the kind of manga where people will ask you who's your favorite characters? the story turn around the main char and is made in a way where you'll be principally interested on him.
    Also everything in this manga is realistic, the characters and their background feel real.

    Theme: 8
    The story deal principally with 2 themes: street fight and the psychological state of main char, who's visibly a troubled boy.

    Originality: 5
    well if you look at the setup of the story: a weak bullied boy, street fight etc... you can tell that this story isn't really original. there is alot of similarity with Shamo.

    Overall: 8
    Holyland is one of the best fighting manga, a must read even for those who aren't into martial arts manga.It's a slice of life about street fighters. It ain't very original but it's very entertaining. The storytelling and the action will never bore you. Once you get into it, it become really hard to stop.The art is very realistic and the fighting techniques are very detailed and accurate, that could be a bad point for the lazy readers but i highly recommend this manga, it's not just about fighting but it's also about the life of a troubled boy.

    some pics
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