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Thread: Chao Lihshen says what now?!?

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    Chao Lihshen says what now?!?

    Please take a look at the picture linked to 28 days:

    What do you think this has to do with about Chao Lingshen? Does she come back to say "thank you," "I need your help desperately Negi," or "I am going to kill Negi-kun"? Or is is just fan work?

    It's a little small for me to read well.

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    and visit , she has some inspiring pics. esp. "Yummy-75464373".

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    Re: Chao Lihshen says what now?!?

    sorry, cant help you here; its too small to make out the kanji.

    as for what this could have to do with Chao... well, u gotta remember that Poyo-Zazie hinted (more like declared, amirite) that the actions Negi was
    taking would lead to the future Chao wanted to avoid so its not like she is completely unrelated to this whole Mundus Magicus thing.

    also, Akamatsu recently tweeted that all the 3-A girls appeared in the movie, so maybe Chao does show up for a while too.

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