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Thread: Hunter x Hunter 314 Discussion

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 314 Discussion/315 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado View Post
    Pitou actively participated in the transformation.
    Oh, that! But She needed the brain most sane to be able to do what Pufu and Him intended in the first place with those soldiers. Also, Pitou had no reason to suspect, since Palm died trying to look like someone normal with just a protective aura around her. There was no reason to believe that there was an intruder and an infiltrator and therefore no reason to examine her brain.
    Quote Quote:
    I don't think there were many opportunitie for this. Her clarvoyance-cache was emptied when she underwent the transformation (as she was unable to detect Gon at first) and the only people she got to see during the transformation were Pitou and Pouf (the latter which she was able to track). And Pouf was still a fair portion away from Netero and the king when the bomb exploded leaving a very short timespan for her to witness the distinctive cloud while watching Pouf (if it was possible at all since she only seems to be able to watch a very narrow surrounding around the tracked person).
    And I think that it was seen with her previous ability and when completely healed her emotions She could see Netero or the King future.
    Otherwise it could be that her ability involves something more we don't know.
    The Sky is pouring
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    'Perfect', the captain said.

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 314 Discussion/315 Predictions

    I went back and checked part 311 and here's what my version says:

    "Even if one survives the initial explosion, the poison from the Rose will quickly destroy one's body from within..."
    "The body of the poisoned becomes a source to release new poison before dying. The poison dosage and the time it takes to die is nearly perfect."
    "Ultimately you have a large number of poison by the chain reaction."

    Now the 'perfect' part I assume is either that Togashi doesn't get bio warefare, or that he's handwaving this part. If you want make a contagious, deadly bio weapon, it cannot possibly kill its host very fast, because otherwise if that weapon goes off all you have to say is everyone stay at home for a day, after that anyone who didn't die must not have the poison. Right now the Rose is described as killing within a matter of hours, and even if you assume Meryem has better physique than the average human, it seems pretty clear he's not expected to live past a day.

    At any rate, unless the translation is horrendously off, it's clear the ones infected by the Rose becomes a source to spread it. Anyone in contact with Meryem, Pufu, or Yupi must have the Rose as well, and given how packed the capital was, it's almost for sure the entire population is now poisoned as well.

    I'm guessing Palm knows about the poison because it's supposed to be something everyone should know about the Rose, though then that brings the question how would Pufu and Meryem not know about it if this is meant to be something everyone in the world of HXH would know.

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