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Thread: Fallen Vizards (Ginjou)

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    Re: Fallen Vizards (Ginjou)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cez
    I agree that Ginjou possibly might have lost his spirit powers, that is a good possible theory too, although we don't know yet, it's a possible outcome.
    I wonder how if that is the case though.. Rukia said that shinigami powers wells up from deep within, one might assume that it's impossible to remove shinigami/hollow powers unlike fullbring, but you can maybe sterilize shinigami/hollow powers though..

    We have seen Byakuya and Ishida cut away shinigami powers for good apparently. Zangetsu confirmed this if I remember correctly, said something along the lines that Byakuya was careless and didn't realize that Ichigo had his own shinigami powers.. So he cut Ichigo's soul differently and only removed the powers Ichigo had from Rukia..
    So there are more ways to violate a soul... Great More to the mystery
    Yeah,from what I remember that way(striking one's spirit points,I forgot how they're called) is used to seal a Shinigami's powers,not to completely destroy them.Basically it makes you lose your power,but as shown in the manga they can be restored.Also,there are not too many ways to make a Shinigami lose his powers,it's either by attacking those spirit points(sakketsu ? ),either by sealing them by a kido,either by using a technique(FGT).

    Also,Ginjou really is stupid.He clearly did not know that Shinigami powers can be restored.Even after seeing Ichigo in Shikai,he didn't believed it and told to Rukia that those aren't Shinigami powers.It's clear he has no information regarding the possibilities of restoring one's Shinigami powers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cez
    Just given these 2 issues, you seemingly can't remove shinigami powers permanently, and fullbring would have to be fuel'ed by reatsu even though it's still a mystery..
    That's really not known,I mean Yukio and co. are not Shinigami,they don't have reiatsu but still use Fullbring,I kinda doubt Fullbring requires reiatsu because basically Fullbringing something draws out it's soul right?Oh,Ginjou already said what it is required to use Fullbring : a helluva lot of stamina.My thought is that you need tons of stamina in order to use Fullbring,and humans themselves do not have reiatsu,mainly because reiatsu = spiritual pressure and from what we know humans do not have reiatsu(that's why Ichigo has to get out of his human body and into his spiritual body).

    Quote Originally Posted by Cez
    So how would Ginjou have lost his powers...? and by who..?
    Well,it's just a thery that Ginjou lost his powers(based on the fact that he hasn't gone Shinigami when facing a Shinigami like Ichigo),but it's been said by Hitsu that he gave up on his position and makes me wonder why he gave up his position and ran away...this really is something I can't think of,Kubo better gives a flashback or a background check on Ginjou.

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    Re: Fallen Vizards (Ginjou)

    To some earlier points:

    I don't think urahara's training gave ichigo hollow powers. How does that even begin to make sense? We have seen plenty of examples of human souls who turn into hollows and then go to SS as regular human souls once slain. Are vizards common in SS? Of course not and that would pretty much be the case if transforming into a hollow would result in a soul acquiring hollow powers in the future. As far as we saw, there is no clear moment from when we can in fact say that ichigo started having hollow powers. IMO ichigo had his hollow powers for as long as he has had shinigami powers.

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