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Thread: Number by TSUBAKI Kawori

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    Number by TSUBAKI Kawori

    Number (ナンバー)
    By TSUBAKI Kawori[/sizept]

    In an organization of professional killers called Thanatos, there exists an elite assassin. Fighting for the ranking of No. 1, the curtain rises on a battle fought with blood over blood!!

    My Thoughts:
    Assassins, revenge and BL?!

    Yea, I know that some of you right off the bat won't be interested and that is OK. We can't please you all! But for all of the Shoujo and Shounen - ai lovers out there... this isn't a bad series as far as I am concerned. Though, this is only the second or third one that I have ever read.

    The art work sort of reminds me of Tegami Bachi for some reason. Its just that very crisp style that uses a lot of black tones and is pleasing on the eyes. Each character has their unique style and appearance. Not to mention, that all of the characters have unique and eccentric personalities as one might expect from highly skilled assassins.

    It can get a bit confusing and seemingly disorderly from time to time in my opinion. But the style and the story keep me drawn to it. So if you are looking for an action packed BL series or to broaden your horizons, this might not be a bad series to pick up.

    ------ Manga information --------

    Demographic: Shoujo
    Status in Japan: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Serialized in: Comic Avarus (Mag Garden)
    Manga Details Page: Here

    All Images Copyright © 2008 TSUBAKI Kawori
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