Ctrl Alt Elite Scanlations Thread...of Dooommm....


We are a new scanlation group founded by me.. Cutie Honey (AKA Chao_Sweetie..someone is using my chao_sweetie name so I am stuck using Cutie Honey )

Our staff is mostly in the USA, however we do have two people in China, a random person in Germany, someone from Middle Earth and a proofreader from Omicron Persei 8. At least I think we do.. Forgive me..I preceive things like that movie Inception.. so I am not sure if our group is like a soft taco inside of a hard taco, inside a KFC wrapper, thats in a trash can, near that one tree... yea you know the one I'm talking about.. yea that one, at the crosswalk of my mind. Hmmmm.. and I turn up the volume of my internal radio station to ponder this.

<Jepordary theme playing >

Yea I got nothing...

So yea.. Ctrl Alt Elite.. Cool name huh ? It's a very famous Guild in the World of Warcraft... but I am not geek enough to know that.. <cough.. Don't judge me..cough>

Website: http://ctrlaltelitescans.wordpress.com/

Our projects:
1. Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
2. Kigata Ga Kita

Future Projects:
1. Eighth - maybe dropping this one... none of the translators want to translate this
2. Hired Gun - maybe dropping this one... becoming impossible to translate
3. Sugarless
4. The Strings Dolls
5) Misc 1 volume stuff

We are only looking for translators (freelance or not freelance)at the moment..There are a few big projects that we are looking to acquire and we need a translating demon from heck..<evil laugh> You do not have to join our group if you do not want to..

If you want to help us out or if your group need help with cleaners etc. Please email us..


Ch.. uh.. Cutie Honey (AKA Chao_Sweetie )