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Thread: Saviour by Benjamin

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    Saviour by Benjamin

    Title: Saviour (救世主)
    By: Benjamin
    Original Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House (2008)
    Target Group: Men, Adults
    Genre: Drama, Horror, Mature, Psychological
    Chinese Release: 1 volume (complete)
    MH DB-Entry:
    Scanlated By: Colourful Abyss

    Sample Pages:

    Description by MU:
    In the middle of an infinity of worlds, which respect the rule of non-interference, there lives a Savior in the city, who protects the people. Holding his guitar, he has a mission: save each world from its own crisis. Almost every time he succeeds, but always feels a little more gloomy. One day, a shooting star brings an illness to the city which turns people into zombies...
    Note: Chinese zombies and Western zombies are quite different.

    Eni's Mini-Review: A stunning art&story-book again, from my favorite Chinese artist. I still cry crocodile tears when I think about my lost chance to get his autograph when he visited European manga conventions. This book too is just pure eye-candy, a colored delirium in pink and blue. And with merely 62 pages way too short to review the quite interesting, yet a bit weird story. See for yourself~!
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