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Thread: Zhan Long by Shi Luo Ye & A Fei, Lin Jie

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    Zhan Long by Shi Luo Ye & A Fei, Lin Jie

    Name : Zhan Long
    Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Martial Arts, Novel Adaptation, Romance, RPG, Virtual Reality
    Status: onging
    Synopsis : Li Xao Yao was kicked out of the army's special forces unit, ending up as an ordinary, poor security guard despite his skills. Due to a twist of fate again he ended up becoming body guard of a girl with a rich daddy and his job is to protect her in real life as well as in the virtual reality game.

    My verdict: Art and story is decent however its not the best thing ever like say you can say for Gamer or TOG or Breaker from time to time. However one doesnt need the best thing ever to enjoy a good piece of work and that description i think fits the series.
    Give it a try if its your cup of tea
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