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Thread: Who are your favorite characters?

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    Who are your favorite characters?

    Out of all manhua and manhwa series you have read, who are your most favorite characters? They can be heroes or heroines, but they can also be a minor character but plays a great and interesting role in the story. They can be counted as a small hero/heroine. XD So don't hesitate to share your opinions!

    From manhwa, I like Raizel from Noblesse, Baam from Tower of God, and Ga Yeon from Song of the Cloud. They have this strength to persevere in doing things they believe in and do not hesitate to protect those they love.

    As from manhua, I'm actually quite interested with Kapshilia Ailide from Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu. She wanted to break free from her usual life, and she got it; but then she couldn't adapt to the outside world. But lately it seems that she had found the motivation to change and start anew, doing things she hadn't done before, and that left quite an impression to me.

    What about you?

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    Re: Who are your favorite characters?

    Hmm my fav characters are :
    9AD and Shioon from The Breaker , Rai and Franky from Noblesse, Koon and Baam from Tower of God . They all are amazing characters whom i like . I'm glad i found out about manhwas

    As for manhua , unfourtunately i haven't read any till now . Maybe in the future ..

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