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Thread: One Piece 643 Discussion

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    Re: One Piece 643 Discussion / 644 Prediction

    In this chapter Brook's sword was still his own but it was sharpened by the long arm tribe (Although it was probably obvious to everyone, I may have confused some people with my previous post? So I thought I would point it out).

    Cnet's translation of this chapter has been released, the things to be noted is that Brook's power is a lot clearer
    Spoiler show

    Ussop's lines sound a lot better
    Spoiler: page 10 show

    Spoiler: page 11 show

    And the last page seemed better too
    Spoiler show

    Robin's pun seemed to be missed from the translation her attack is called "W clutch" but is pronounced "Double Clutch" (it might be because her three sets of arms look like a W, or maybe she bends her opponent into a W shape?)

    The way Brook says "Its Soul" the katakana for the character is spelled in a rough-sounding way that distorts the sound of the term. It doesn't seem to come across like this in any of the translations.

    And mangastream seemed to be the only one to pick up on "cookie-cutter shark" being a pun with "Ball shark"

    credits - Rubia_ryu for the last three points.
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    Re: One Piece 643 Discussion

    animu and mango are for nerds xdddd

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