Hello everyone, this is kdowns with my review of chapter 149 of Bakuman, and as this being my first review any feed back at all will be much appreciated.

In the last chapter we ended off with the Ashirogi pair deciding to reread PCP from the beginning to the end in hopes of defeating Nanamine with a "Stand alone story that isn't a stand alone story."

In 149 we open up with Shuujin and Kaya om nom noming on what I am assuming is their dinner, when Kaya is upset about not having a holiday because of Shuujin's massive work load...

Spoiler:  What Kaya should of said... show

And once again Kaya saves Shuujin's ass, it really make me wonder what their dirty buisness life is like

Hattori's meeting with Azuma beins where Azuma wants to retire from being a mangaka and live an easy going life. When Hattori comes up with a brilliant idea to compare the original names from Nanamine's comepany to Azuma's finished manuscripts. He discovers Azuma has a talent of perfectly transcribeing emotions to his work due to him having a Pure heart. He tells Azuma that this will be his secret weapon.

Nanamine and Kosugi's meeting isn't going as well with Nanamine just dropping his Manuscript in front of Kosugi and disregarding Kosugi telling him that this is breaking off the shounen manga path and this could be bad from him in the end.... He claims that it will be first and he is sure that it will work and says if it's second or third he will do whatever Kosugi tells him to do.

Everyone is busting their asses off to beat Nanamine when we get hit with a sudden reapperence of Miho... and then with a snap of a finger she is gone again...

Aoki asks Hiramaru to beat Nanamine and if he does she would call him Kazu-tan, he jumps with excited and breaks his hips... If he can't get his manuscript done in time who'll take his place?

It's results time with Ashirogi getting the call with them finding out they got 2 while Mikata of Justice got first with Ohba troll leaving us with a third place cliffhanger... Then we find out that 3rd place went to Hirapara Paradise by Mikihiko Azuma... Wait... Azuma?!?!? ... Oh the Irony, Nanamine... An Author you threw away kicking you off your high horse... And if you only listened to Kosugi, you probably would of made it into the top three but nope it wasn't until after the fact you listened and found out your weakness was that you don't give the characters any real feelings...

Overall this Chapter was amazing in which we had a brief return of a beloved character, the ever sporadic comedic relief from Aoki and Hiramaru, to the butt kicking of the manga it's self that left the overwhelming fuzzy feeling when you find out Azuma did this for Saiko's Uncle... :33333