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Thread: The Record of War in Crodia

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    The Record of War in Crodia

    Title:The Record of War in Crodia a.k.a. 크로디아 전기, Crodia, Crodia Jeon-Gi
    Genres: Manwha, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical
    Author: Kim Joon-Hyung
    Artist: Gwon Yong-Wan
    Publication: 아이엠닷컴 (Korean Jump Comics)
    Start Date: 4/4/2008
    End Date: Ongoing
    Number of chapters at review: 10
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 10

    General Overview:
    The Knights of Strapen were created by the Ancients with God-like powers. However, even the Ancient themselves decided to seal away their creation. Open hostility between two countries, Rohaman and Tiroko, has forced the Queen of Rohaman to take desperate measures. In a decision she might later regret, a knight of Strapen, named Habok, was unsealed. Habok has proven indispensable to Rohaman, but there are still doubts whether his revival will bring victory or destruction?

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 10

    Gwon Yong-wan's artwork is superb. It has this RPG-esque impression to it. I suppose it does remind me of the Breath of Fire 3, 4 and 5 artworks. The lineart is thick and distinct. There isn't a lot of work done on background art but it's fine. When there is background art to accompany characters, it's superb. The utilization of white space make it so that the characters' presence are more pronounced.

    The attention to detail is amazing. The ears are drawn well and is not passed off with a few lines. The finger nails are also drawn. Bodily motion doesn't seem odd or exaggerated. Whereas there is less effort on background art, there is more effort on characters. That is a decent tradeoff.

    Gwon Yong-wan is truly a great artist!

    Plot: 8

    Rohaman's Queen decided to awaken a dreaded Knight of Strapen named Habok. His humble appearance as a man doesn't fully capture his destructive nature. Able to slaughter his enemies with ease, he stalled Tiroko's advancement in a bid to take over all of Crodia.

    The most surprising thing is that Habok was not even at full powers yet seemingly slaughtered an entire army with ease. I'm sure that blood ran knee deep seeing how Habok returned all bloodied. Even incomplete, the powers of Habok are still devastating. But, in order to complete his powers, the Queen of Rohaman has sent out a small party to gather "segments of sentence" that will enable the fullness of Habok's powers.

    This party, led by Kai De Reis, must find all of the "segments of sentence" in order to fully restore Habok's full power. Everyone is betting that Habok will be the one to save Rohaman, but the Queen and her advisor Sir Rhot seems to have their doubts.

    After reading a couple chapters, I realize that the war between Rohaman and Tiroko is magic (Rohaman) versus science (Tiroko). This is quite an interesting set-up. At first, the impression that was given was that Tiroko's science was winning. Yet, with the release of a strapen, a magical being, Rohaman was able to turn the tides of the war. Seeing a brief glimpse of battle between normal soldiers of both sides fighting, one could assume that Tiroko's ambition was held at bay by powers like Rohaman. Only when Tiroko's technology allowed them to buff themselves against magic well enough was it possible for Tiroko to realize her ambitious goal: conquer Crodia.

    Of course this is all nothing more than assumptions. But from just a couple chapters, the contrast between these two warring nations are quite stark. Even where each nation places their faith and hopes seems to set the tone for that individual nation. Each country seem to reflect its' leader. This difference then set the policies and course of actions that each nation takes.

    Characters: 7

    There are a couple of interesting characters. Habok, a Knight of Strapen, is a weapon of destruction. Even though his powers are incomplete, he is oppressively strong. He's a weapon of attrition that only knows carnage and havoc. This was proven when Habok presented himself before the Queen of Rohaman to report of his victory against Tiroko main army drenched in blood. My personal impression was that Habok seems to be biding his time until the fullness of his powers are restored. I'm not sure if Habok has his own agenda or if he'll just go on a homicidal rampage through the land?

    Kai De Reis seems to have an important role in the story as well. I'm not sure if he's a berserker, but he sure has an interesting ability that increases his battle prowess tremendously. When he's not berserk, Kai is just a low ranking knight with highly honed sword skills. Even Kai was able to make the impression on the Queen of Rohaman that he'll be able to save Rohaman. He is very loyal to the nation of Rohaman and Queen Raila just as a knight should be.

    The Queen of Rohaman, Queen Raila, seemed like she is quite beloved by her country. She even entered battle alongside her men. My impression was that Queen Raila is not physically strong but is quite well verse in enchantment and magic. She also seems to deeply care about the lives of her subjects which must've moved the hearts of her subjects.

    Theme: 8

    Desperate times requires desperate measures, and for Rohaman, the revival of a Knight of Strapen was necessary to safe guard its' continuity. Seeing how the Queen and her adviser questioned the deployment of Habok, they are seemingly stalling the destruction of Crodia itself. I'm not sure if they even have a contingent plan if Habok became unruly? From my impression, it's kind of like "we'll deal with it when it comes" mentality.

    Of course the men who witnessed the oppressive powers of Habok would agree that if Habok was the enemy, we'll all die. They're thankful for that and most especially hopeful that Habok won't turn renegade. If such a twist were to come when Habok does indeed goes renegade, Kai De Reis will have to save the day somehow.

    And that's another odd thing. It's such a coincidence that such a person like Kai De Reis is living in the same age that the Strapens are being unsealed. It's as if the Divine foresaw that much devastation will occur, and if a champion does not rise up, everything will be consumed by the powers of the Knights of Strapen.

    Originality: 7

    I can't really recall any manga or works at the moment that has a similar plot to Crodia. All I could remember is that inviting great powers with haste also invites quick destruction. The real problem is one of disposal. How does one dispose of a great weapon once it's no longer needed? By observing the interactions between Queen Raila and Sir Rhot, it's a question that they don't want to realize yet. It's like they are pushing it until the very end when perhaps Habok is running loose. Once Habok is running loose at 100% power, it's going to be an extremely large mess that any mere mortal could handle save, perhaps, for Tiroko's scientific abilities.

    Overall: 10

    The art is superb for those that are critical of good art assets. The story isn't really hard to comprehend either. For those that like adventure stories, the Record of War in Crodia is a promising read.

    Spoiler: Scenes from the first chapter show
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